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1.0 Introduction of system

Secret Recipe is a company that sells moist cake and delivering it directly to the respective
customer. The cakes include Cheese Cake Meleleh, Moist Chocolate Cake, Oreo Cheese
Cake and Red Velvet Cake. In order for the company to deliver the cake to the customer
efficiently, customer, inventory, staff and supplier information need to be saved and
organized by company. To avoid misleading the order from the customers, database system is
the best solution for the company.

Database management system is a collection of programs that enables to store, to modify and
extract information from a database. It specially designed applications that interact with the
user, other applications, and the database itself to capture and analyze the data. By using the
system, company is able to find, add and edit the record with a simple click. It will bring a lot
of benefit for company to search the overview records.

2.0 Objective of system

The main objective for the Secret Recipe Company to create database management system as
i. Improve the efficiency way of recording and searching the data through the
ii. Organize data in a flexible way that allows fast and easy access to the data.
iii. Store the important data safety and permanently for each transaction.

3.0 Illustration and description of the system

The database management system of the Secret Recipe Company business use is created.
Every table has a primary key to identify each record in the table uniquely. It can either be a
normal attribute that is guaranteed to be unique or it can be generated by the database
management system. The table and primary key of the Fairy database management system as

Table Primary Key
Customer Customer ID
Inventory Cake ID
Staff Staff number
Suplier Supplier ID

It consists of several forms in the system, which are customer form, inventory form, login
form, staff form, supplier form and switchboard form. Every form consists of the ‘go to first
record’, ‘go to last record’, ‘go to next record’ and ‘go to previous record’. Besides that, the
command button such as ‘go to add’, ‘go to save’, ‘go to delete’, ‘go to main menu’, are uses
for making the administrator of company easy to view the record.

4.0 Table and relationship

In the table, we have 4 tables that connected with each other which are customer, staff,
inventory, and supplier.
i. Relationship between customer and gender (female)
- We link the customer table only. When staff want to know the detail female
customer, we record the customer ID, customer name and customer gender.

ii. Relationship between customer and gender (male)
- We link the customer table only. When staff want to know the detail male
customer, we record the customer ID, customer name and customer gender.

iii. Relationship between customer order (> 2)
- We link the customer table and inventory table. When staff want to know which
customer order the cake more than 2, we record his/her name and total item they
order the cake.

iv. Relationship between Order and Customer
- We link the customer detail table and inventory detail table by using Cake ID.
When customer want to order, we can record the data of customer name, type
of cake, total item and price per unit.

v. Relationship between Staff and Customer
- To link these two tables, we use Staff ID. When staff key in her ID, we will
know which customer will be handle by the staff.

vi. Relationship between Supplier and Customer
- We link the supplier table with the customer table using Supplier ID. When
customer ordering any cake, we can see the customer name along with their
type of cake and supplier name.

4.1 The 5 tables

a) Login table

b) Customer detail table

b) Inventory detail table

c) Staff detail table

d) Supplier detail table

4.2 The 6 forms

a) Login form

b) Switchboard form

c) Customer form

d) Inventory form

e) Staff form

f) Supplier form

4.3 The 6 reports

a) Customer = Female

b) Customer = Male

c) Customer order > 2

d) Customer & Order

e) Staff vs Customer

f) Supplier vs Customer

5.0 Summary

By using the database system, Secret Recipe Company gets to manage customer, inventory,
staff and supplier information. It gives many advantages for the company as it will save more
cost and avoid mistake in delivering the cake to the customer. Database enables the company
to store thousands of records in the safety mode and permanently. Therefore, the company
tends to use the system to estimate their sales, think of several ways to improve the sales in
future and make a best and suitable decision based on the historical data.

Moreover, company able to edit, save, and delete, and add the record in the form that
available. This is very easy way to add and complete the record in the short period. With the
same way, company also can search all the details with a simple click. Therefore, database
management system is better than the older traditional filling method.