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Name: Rizham bin Rapidai
Matrix No: PM053/10
Date of Experiment: 3/8/2010
i& the 'hemi'a( form)(a for *()'o&e+ hi& form)(a &ho,& that the
*()'o&e ha& $ 'arbon atom&- 12 h.dro*en atom& and $ ox.*en atom&+ h)&- the
ratio of the&e three e(ement& i& $:12:$ or 1:2:1+ he empiri'a( form)(a of the *()'o&e
i& #%
!+ /ith thi& examp(e- ,e 'an &ee that the empiri'a( form)(a i& a't)a((. the
&imp(e&t ,ho(e n)mber ratio of atom& of ea'h e(ement ,hi'h i& pre&ent in a 'hemi'a(
'ompo)nd+ It doe& not &pe'if. the &tr)'t)ra( arran*ement or tr)e mo(e')(ar ,ei*ht+
he empiri'a( form)(a i& )&ed in 'hemi&tr. to &imp(if. 'omp(ex 'hemi'a( 'ompo)nd&
main(. or*ani' 'ompo)nd&+ he term empiri'a( refer& to the pro'e&& of e(ementa(
ana(.&i&- a te'hni0)e of ana(.ti'a( 'hemi&tr. )&ed to determine the re(ati1e amo)nt&
of ea'h e(ement in a 'hemi'a( 'ompo)nd+ Re*ardin* thi&- the experiment i& abo)t
findin* the empiri'a( form)(a of ma*ne&i)m oxide+ he on(. ,a. ho, to determine
the empiri'a( form)(a for ma*ne&i)m oxide i& b. b)rnin* ma*ne&i)m ribbon ,ith
ox.*en to form the ma*ne&i)m oxide+
o determine the empiri'a( form)(a of ma*ne&i)m oxide+
 Ma*ne&i)m ribbon 6abo)t 3'm (on*7
 8a(an'e
 8)n&en b)rner
 #r)'ib(e ,ith (id
 /ire *a)ze / '(a. pipe trian*(e
 ripod &tand
 5andpaper
 on*&
1+ 3 'r)'ib(e and (id i& obtained+ 3 ti&&)e paper i& )&ed to ,ipe it dr.+
2+ he empt. 'r)'ib(e ,ith the (id i& ,ei*hed and the ,ei*ht i& re'orded+
3+ 3 3'm (on* ma*ne&i)m ribbon i& obtained and po(i&hed )&in* &andpaper ti(( it i&
9+ he ma*ne&i)m ribbon i& ro((ed into a (oo&e 'oi( and p(a'ed in the 'r)'ib(e+
5+ he 'r)'ib(e i& ,ei*hed a*ain ,ith the ma*ne&i)m ribbon in&ide+ he ,ei*ht i&
$+ 3 ,ire *a)ze or '(a. pipe trian*(e i& p(a'ed on a tripod &tand and the 8)n&en
b)rner i& p(a'ed be(o, thi& &et )p+ he ,ei*hed 'r)'ib(e ,ith the (id i& p(a'ed on
the '(a. pipe trian*(e or ,ire *a)ze+
:+ he 'r)'ib(e i& heated &tron*(. and the (id m)&t be (ifted at inter1a(& to a((o,
ox.*en from air to enter for the 'omb)&tion of the ma*ne&i)m+
8+ /hen the ma*ne&i)m i& 'omp(ete(. b)rnt- the 'r)'ib(e i& 'oo(ed and i& ,ei*hed
a*ain ,ith it& (id+ he ,ei*ht i& re'orded+
;+ he b)rnt ma*ne&i)m ribbon i& di&po&ed in the de&i*nated d)&tbin and the
'r)'ib(e i& ,a&hed+
10+ he ,or< ben'h i& '(eaned and a(( r)bbi&h and ,a&te materia( i& di&po&ed
Ma&& of empt. 'r)'ib(e and (id 128+500*
Ma&& of 'r)'ib(e- (id- and ma*ne&i)m 128+538*
Ma&& of 'r)'ib(e- (id- and ma*ne&i)m oxide 128+5:5*
Ma&& of ma*ne&i)m = 0+038
Ma&& of ma*ne&i)m that 'ombined ,ith ox.*en = 0+0:5
Elements M* !
Mass (g)
128+538 > 128+500
= 0+038
128+5:5 ? 128+538
= 0+03:
Number o moles
0+038 / 29
= 0+0158
0+03: / 1$
= 0+0213
Rat!o "al"ulat!on
0+0158 / 0+0158
= 1
0+0213 / 0+0158
= 1+35
S!m#lest rat!o 1 @1
he empiri'a( form)(a i& MgO+
$% &'( )e must ma*e sure t'e )'!te smo*e +oes not es"a#e rom t'e
"ru"!ble )'en burn!ng t'e magnes!um r!bbon,
/hite &mo<e that i& prod)'ed ,hen b)rnin* the ma*ne&i)m i& ma*ne&i)m
oxide ,hi'h i& in the form of ,hite f)me&+ If the ,hite &mo<e e&'ape& from the
'r)'ib(e- there ,i(( be error in the fina( readin* of ma*ne&i)m oxide& and the
'a(')(ation of the empiri'a( form)(a of ma*ne&i)m oxide&+ h)&- thi& i&
a't)a((. the rea&on ,h. the abo1e ratio 'a(')(ation i& not exa't(. a'')rate
be'a)&e &ome of the ,hite f)me &ti(( e&'aped o)t&ide e1en tho)*h the
'r)'ib(e i& '(o&ed 0)i'<(.+
-% &'at )!ll 'a##en ! (ou use a "ru"!ble t'at !s not "om#letel( +r(,
If ,e )&e a 'r)'ib(e that i& not 'omp(ete(. dr. .et- the time ta<en for the
ma*ne&i)m ribbon to b)rn ,i(( in'rea&e&+ hi& ,i(( a(&o 'a)&e a rea'tion to
o'')r bet,een ma*ne&i)m oxide and ,ater ,hi'h affe't& the o)t'ome
.% &'( !s !t ne"essar( to #ol!s' t'e magnes!um r!bbon )!t' san+ #a#er
beore us!ng,
he ma*ne&i)m ribbon i& 'oated b. oxide ( 5o- b. po(i&hin* the
ma*ne&i)m ribbon ,i(( remo1e the oxide ( on it+ Remo1a( of oxide& (
,i(( p)rif. the ma*ne&i)m ,hi'h i& read. to be b)rned in 'r)'ib(e+
/% Name t)o ot'er elements t'at "an rea"t )!t' o0(gen to orm o0!+es,
Bin' 6Bn7- Iron 6Ce7- 3()mini)m 63(7
he empiri'a( form)(a for the Ma*ne&i)m !xide& i& M*!+
 Ra.mond #hen*- 620107+Chemistry International Students+ 5in*apore: M'Dra,>
%i(( #ompanie&
 4on*man E&&entia( Re1i&ion D)ide for Exam 5)''e&& #hemi&tr. 5PM- Pear&on
Ma(a.&ia 5dn+ 8hd+ P)b(i&her 200;