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Available marks: 8
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Activity 1
Score: 8 out of 8 (100%)
Complete the table. Drag each example into the blank next to the correct description of form.
Form Examples of structures
1 Indefinite article + adjective + common noun + preposition + proper noun
2 Definite article + most + long adjective
3 Subject + relative pronoun + relative clause
4 Subject + to be + past participle (+ by + agent)
5 Subject + verb + gerund + object
6 Conjunction of reason + subject + finite verb
7 Subject + verb of command + indirect object + infinitive with to
8 Subject + modal verb + infinitive without to / bare infinitive

Activity 2
1.4 Follow-up activities
A cold day in Prague

The most expensive place of all

The girl who I saw last night

Newspapers are printed every day

She can't stand doing the shopping

As he didn't understand

He told them to keep quiet

You ought to hurry up

The TKT Course Modules
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TKT Online 1.4 Follow-up activities - The TKT Course Modules 1, 2 and 3
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Suggested answers
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Look at the example for fortune and then make new words from the base words decide, luck and able using suffixes and prefixes. Write them in the box.
You can compare your answers with the Suggested answers below.
fortune : fortunate, fortunately, unfortunate, unfortunately, misfortune
decide: decidability,, decidable, decider, decided
luck - luckless, lucky, luckily, luckiness
able - abler, ablest
Available marks: 9
1 Noun 2 Verb 3 Adjective 4 Adverb
5 Determiner 6 Preposition 7 Pronoun 8 Conjunction
9 Exclamation
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Activity 3
Score: 9 out of 9 (100%)
Drag each example to the correct category (19).
London turn on faster really
that on the left of his as
TKT Online 1.4 Follow-up activities - The TKT Course Modules 1, 2 and 3
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Activity 4a
Read the text and think about the uses of the underlined grammatical forms (110). Then do Activity 4b.
A: The most amazing thing happened to me yesterday. I (1) was leaving the house and I noticed that (2) it was going to rain, so I ran back inside for
my umbrella. (3) As soon as I got out of the door, it started to pour down. I tried to open the umbrella but it (4) wouldn't open. If (5) Id stood under
the bathroom shower with my clothes on, I wouldnt have got any wetter! Then I felt something land (6) on my head. It was (7) bigger and heavier
than a raindrop. I looked on the ground and (8) I couldnt believe my eyes. There were (9) lots of tiny frogs falling in the rain.
B: Oh no. Are you sure?
A: Absolutely!
B: (10) I've heard of it raining cats and dogs, but never frogs!
Available marks: 10
Activity 4b
Match the forms on the left with the correct grammatical uses on the right.
TKT Online 1.4 Follow-up activities - The TKT Course Modules 1, 2 and 3
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1 was leaving describing unwillingness
2 it was going to indicating exactly when something happened
3 As soon as describing an amount
4 wouldnt describing a background activity
5 If Id stood comparing two things
6 on my head making a prediction
7 bigger and heavier describing inability
8 couldnt describing an impossible event
9 lots of referring to an event that happened at an unspecified time in the
10 Ive heard describing where something happened
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