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The Jewish Calendar of Seasons

The Jewish Calendar of Seasons

...portrays the Gospel Message by symbolising the history of Gods household
The Jewish civil year commenced in the seventh month which is Autumn in the northern hemisphere. The seasonal farming
activities from Autumn to Summer can be seen as symbolic of 3 years of the history of God!s household.

Autumn Autumn Preaching and Holy Spirit power in the first century
Symbolic of the ground preparation for the preaching of the word and the establishment of the first
century household of faith. John the baptist prepared the way for Jesus Ministry.
l The seed is the Word of God. Luke 8:
l I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase. !or.":#
$utumn planting is symbolic of the spiritual %seed sowing& in the first century' firstly by Jesus and the
$postles' followed later by other members of (ods household.
Former Rain
l For He has given ou the for!er rain faithfull, and He will cause the rain to co!e down for ou
" the for!er rain... Joel ":)"

*he outpouring of +oly Spirit power as' "the good word of God and the powers of the age to come#
,+eb.#:-./0. *his %rain& was on Jewish and (entile belie1ers in the first century in fulfillment of the word
of the prophet Joel. 2nly a light rain compared to the future latter rain.

Winter Winter

A remnant preserved the Resurrection
Slow growth
l The sun shall be turned into dar#ness, and the !oon into blood... Joel ):"
$ long period of spiritual darkness. 3ery slow growth in the true household of faith due to continued
persecution from power hungry religious leaders ,%the moon into blood&0.
Winter figs
4inter figs ripen at the first hint of spring. *his could represent an increase in the household of faith in
the last days. *his is fruit produced by %spiritual 5srael&. $lthough natural 5srael returns to their land
during this period' their spiritual fruit is produced after $rmageddon ,6ech.):7.-0.
Pulling the fla!
l And to her it was granted to be arraed in fine linen, clean and bright, for linen is the righteous
acts of the saints. 8e1.9:8 See also 1-
2therwise called %hoeing up the fla:&. ;la: is har1ested at the end of 4inter going into early Spring. 5t
is a good symbol of the resurrection. ;la: is used to make linen which is a symbol of righteousness
,8e1.9:8' -0. 5t is also the source of linseed oil and lamp wicks for light production.

Spring Spring Armageddon the nations hum"led and educated
#arley harvest
l $ut in the sic#le, for the harvest is ripe... Joel ":"
l Thrust in our sic#le and reap...for the harvest of the earth is ripe. 8e1.-:/

*he barley har1est is a good symbol of the $rmageddon period. *he +ebrew word for barley comes
from a root word meaning' afraid' to hurl as a storm' be tempestuous or' to be taken in a whirlwind.
See Strongs numbers' 88- and 8</.
$atter rain
l ...and the latter rain in the first !onth. Joel ":)" See also lsa."":/= >?ek."<:-' "9:)9
8epresents the second heavier outpouring of the +oly Spirit on natural 5srael after $rmageddon. *he
%first month& in the 1erse abo1e refers to %$bib& ,new name %@isan&0 which is first month of Spring. *he
"flashing clouds# ,6ech.7:0 of the latter rain are a good symbol of the saints who will be partly
responsible for administering (ods latter day Audgements on the nations ,Ban.<:8'))')<= !or.#:)0.
%eneral harvest
l These will !a#e war with the %a!b, and the %a!b will overco!e the!, for He is %ord of %ords and
&ing of &ings, and those who are with Hi! are called, chosen, and faithful. 8e1.<:-

Jesus and +is faithful followers e1entually humble of all the nations including those who are not directly
in1ol1ed in the battle of $rmageddon , !or./:)/0. See also 8e1.9:/
&ine tending
3ine tending is practiced in late Spring to ma:imise the Cuality of the yield. *his is a good symbol of the
educating of the nations in (ods law and ways ,5sa.):-= Mic.-:.-0.

Summer Summer %od's (ingdom esta"lished and the final )udgement
First ripe grapes
l 'o!e, and let us go up to the !ountain of the %()*, to the house of the God of +acob, He will
teach us His was, and we shall wal# in His paths. 5sa.):"
*hose first to recognise Jesus as Ding and the importance of regularly worshipping in Jerusalem.
Summer fruits
l And it shall co!e to pass that everone who is left of the nations which ca!e against +erusale!
shall go up fro! ear to ear to worship the &ing, the %()* of hosts, and to #eep the Feast of
Tabernacles. 6ech.-:#

*he Dingdom is now fully established with JesusE authority as the "Sun of $ighteousness# ruling o1er
a world at peace ,6ech.9:7= Mal.-:)0.
+live harvest
l Then co!es the end, when He delivers the #ingdo! to God the Father, when He puts an end to all
rule and authorit and power. For He !ust reign till He has put all ene!ies under His feet. The last
ene! that will be destroed is death. !or./:)-.)#
2li1e trees were beaten so that the ripe oli1es fell for har1esting. *his is a good symbol of the final
gathering of (ods people before death and all other rebellion is destroyed.
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