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Learn more about express settings

When you set up Windows, youll be offered recommended settings that will make your PC connect to services that give you a
more personalized experience, help make your PC more reliable and secure, and help make Microsoft services better !f you
choose to use the recommended express settings, you can change these settings later !f you would prefer to customize your
settings instead of selecting the recommended settings, click Customize "he following information tells you more about each
#utomatically install important and recommended updates
Windows Update. Windows will automatically install important and recommended updates for your PC as Microsoft
releases them !f youre on a metered !nternet connection $for example, a network that charges you for data on a mobile
broadband network%, Windows &pdate will only download the most critical updates, such as updates to stop severe PC
viruses and updates that help ensure that update services continue to work on your PC When youre connected to a network
that isnt a metered !nternet connection, Windows &pdate will provide all the updates youve chosen to receive !mportant
updates provide significant benefits, such as improved security and reliability 'ecommended updates help address non(
critical problems or enhance your software
Automatically get device drivers, apps, and info for new devices. )rivers enable hardware and devices $for example,
printers or keyboards% to work with your PC When a new device is installed on your PC, Windows automatically searches
for, downloads, and installs its driver software from Windows &pdate Windows can also download info about a device,
such as a description, picture, and manufacturer logo !f this info indicates that the device manufacturer has provided an app
for the device through the Windows *tore, Windows automatically downloads and installs that app +ou can uninstall device
apps at any time without uninstalling the device
,elp protect your PC from unsafe files and websites
Turn on Windows martcreen !ilter to c"ec# files and apps wit" $icrosoft Windows *mart*creen helps keep your
PC safe by checking files and apps with Microsoft to help protect you from potentially unsafe files and apps Windows will
ask you what you want to do if the file or app is unknown or potentially unsafe before its opened
Turn on %nternet &xplorer martcreen !ilter to c"ec# U'Ls and downloads wit" $icrosoft !nternet -xplorer
*mart*creen .ilter is designed to help warn you about unsafe websites that are impersonating trusted websites $phishing% or
contain threats to your PC !t can also help protect you from downloading or installing malicious software. !t sends
Microsoft the &'/s of some of the websites you visit to check them against a fre0uently updated list of webpages and
downloads that have been reported to Microsoft as unsafe or suspicious, and warns you if youre visiting a site thats on the
potentially unsafe list !nternet -xplorer *mart*creen .ilter also sends Microsoft some information about files you
download, and warns you when files are unrecognized or known to be malicious "his setting does not affect the default
browser on your PC, your ability to choose the browser that you use, or whether !- is enabled on the PC, but it only works
in !nternet -xplorer
"urn on )o 1ot "rack in !nternet -xplorer
end a (o )ot Trac# re*uest to websites you visit in %nternet &xplorer. When you visit a website in any browser, you
automatically share information with that website, such as cookies, your !P address, and other standard computer
information !f the website contains content provided by a third(party website, some information about you may
automatically be sent to the third(party content provider "his can impact your privacy, as third(party content providers can
use this information to track you across multiple websites #s you browse the web, !nternet -xplorer will send a )o 1ot
"rack re0uest to the websites you visit, and to the third parties whose content is hosted on those sites ,ow the websites you
visit choose to respond to or interpret the )o 1ot "rack re0uest is sub2ect to their privacy practices "his setting does not
affect the default browser on your PC, your ability to choose the browser that you use, or whether !- is enabled on the PC,
but it only works in !nternet -xplorer
,elp improve Microsoft software, services, and location services by sending us info
+elp improve Windows tore wit" info by sending U'Ls for web content t"at apps use. "his feature helps Microsoft
diagnose potentially unsafe behavior in Windows *tore apps Windows will send Microsoft information about the types and
&'/s of content that your apps access Microsoft uses this information to identify if apps are receiving content from
harmful or unsafe websites We may use this information to remove an app from the Windows *tore.
+elp $icrosoft respond to malicious apps and malware by ,oining $icrosoft Active -rotection ervice. When enabled,
Windows )efender, the antimalware program in Windows, will periodically scan your PC for malware and potentially
unwanted software Microsoft #ctive Protection *ervice helps Microsoft improve antimalware technology by sending
Microsoft some information about malware detected by Windows )efender "his information includes details about where
the malware came from, what actions were taken after the malware was detected, and whether the actions were successful !f
a M#P* report includes details about malware or potentially unwanted software that Windows )efender may be able to
remove, M#P* will download the latest signature to address it
+elp improve $icrosoft services by sending some location data w"en location.aware apps are used. When you use
location(aware apps, Windows will periodically send 3P* and other location information to Microsoft "he information we
collect wont be used to identify or contact you !ts only used to help improve Microsofts location services, which helps
make your location(aware apps better /ocation information is sent to Microsoft only when you use location(aware apps
+ou can choose to stop sending this information to Microsoft at any time in /ocation *ettings in PC settings.
-articipate in t"e Customer &xperience %mprovement -rogram to "elp improve $icrosoft software and services. "he
Customer -xperience !mprovement Program $C-!P% helps Microsoft improve our software and services C-!P collects
information about how our customers use their Microsoft software and about some of the problems they encounter
Participation in the program is voluntary, and the end results are software improvements to better meet the needs of our
customers When you participate in the program, we collect basic information about how you use your software, your PC or
device, and connected devices We also collect information about how each is set up and performing "hese reports are sent
to Microsoft to help improve the features our customers use most often and to create solutions to common problems
+elp improve Windows +elp content by sending info to t"e +elp &xperience %mprovement -rogram. "he ,elp
-xperience !mprovement Program $,-!P% can help improve the 0uality and relevance of your ,elp experience ,-!P
collects the words and phrases you type into the ,elp search box, any feedback you type into the feedback boxes, and the
help content you view "his information helps us improve search results in ,elp and the content in online ,elp.
Check online for solutions to problems
Use Windows &rror 'eporting to c"ec# for solutions to problems. !f problems occur in Windows or programs designed
to work with the Microsoft -rror 'eporting *ervice, Windows will automatically send information to Microsoft to help
identify each problem and check for a solution !n some instances, reports might unintentionally contain personal
information !f a report is likely to contain this type of information, youll be asked if you want to send the report Microsoft
wont use the information in these reports to identify or contact you When a solution is available, youll see the steps you
need to follow to solve the problem or you might see an update to install 1ot every problem has a solution, but the
information you send will help Microsoft create new solutions
Use Windows %nternet &xplorer Compatibility lists to "elp improve my experience on some sites !n order to improve
your browsing experience, Microsoft provides Compatibility /ists, which ad2ust the behavior of !nternet -xplorer to adapt to
changing websites and PC hardware !nternet -xplorer will periodically download an updated set of Compatibility /ists
from Microsoft "hese lists include lists of websites and PC hardware for which !nternet -xplorer should ad2ust its settings
to help improve compatibility "his setting does not affect the default browser on your PC, your ability to choose the
browser that you use, or whether !- is enabled on the PC, but it only works in !nternet -xplorer
/et apps give you personalized content based on your PCs location, name, and account picture
Let apps use my name and account picture. #pps will be able to re0uest your name and account picture from Windows
"hey could use this information to provide personalized content.
Turn on Windows Location -latform so apps can as# users for t"eir location When the Windows /ocation platform is
enabled, the apps youve authorized may use your PCs location to give you personalized content #dministrators can
choose to turn the location platform off for all users in /ocation *ettings in Control Panel -ach user can separately control
location settings for their apps in Privacy in PC settings
"urn on sharing and connect to devices on this network
!f your PC is connected to a local network when you choose express settings, the network will be marked as a trusted network
1etwork discovery will be enabled, which lets your PC discover and communicate with other PCs and devices on the network
Certain devices connected to the network, such as shared printers, will be automatically installed on your PC .iles, folders, and
network(connected devices that you choose to share will be made available to other PCs on the network