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The day I sat in my first physics class we started off with the topic electricity.

From that
moment, my passion for electrical engineering had emerged. As I learnt more and more about
physics, I realized, this was my destiny. The fact that I am also good at math aided me in getting
decent grades in physics and math, which further enhanced my choice of becoming an electrical
As a child, many people have questioned me, “What would like to do after you finish
high school”? Unlike others, I had my mind set from when I was a youngster. I would
confidently reply, “Electrical engineer!”
I was inspired to become an engineer by my father, who himself is an electrical
engineer. Nevertheless, I have special interest in opening up gadgets and probing into them, to
see what they are made up of. In fact, I once opened up my phone to repair it!
As I moved onto high school, I joined various clubs and participated in several
extracurricular activities. One of the was young engineering club, in which we had to draw blue
prints of the object we were making then design it, then lastly test it. This allowed me to work
with electrical components. During high school there were also many opportunities for me to
play sports, as sports were very popular in my high school. The school also held afterschool
sports clubs in which I participated. Two of them were cricket club and basketball club. I also
got selected for the school team for these two sports.
Also in the community, during religious gatherings, I was given responsibility to handle
about ten to fifteen children of the age 5 to 14 and teach them religious ideas about our
religion and how to become a moral person.
These skills will allow me to take on challenges at University of Toronto and solve
problems with ease. Nevertheless, these skills will let me to share new ideas to University of
Toronto during group activities and clubs.
I am a Canadian citizen, so my primary choice of university was in Canada. There are
many engineering universities in Canada, but I prefer University of Toronto because it is a world
renowned university. Furthermore, it will also allow me to pursue my dream of becoming an
electrical engineer. Moreover, there are many learned supervisors as well as professors who
will enhance my knowledge and help me become a better engineer. Last but not least, there
are many courses on offer at University of Toronto which gave me a lot of choices on which
course to apply for. To conclude, by doing a course at University of Toronto will permit me to
succeed in pursuing my career as an electrical engineer.