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4/3/2014 dengueprotector.

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1. Forgetting to cover pole holders after
removing bamboo poles, this doubles the
breeding of dengue as mosquitoes also
breeds in these covers themselves as well
as the HDB pole holders.

The automatic opening & closing solution,
ensures protection everyday, all 365 days a
year. Mosquitos� eggs can survive 5years
without water and hatch within 1 hour of
touching water.

2. Leaving mops or empty bamboo pole inside
the holder, also doubles the breeding of
dengue. If there is a pole in the holder
rainwater will collect in the HDB pole
holders as well as the covers that are

The water barrier inside the Dengue Protector
Cover will stop rainwater entering the pole
holder, and the water drainage gap inside the
Dengue Protector Cover will drain off all excess
rainwater entering the Dengue Protector Cover.
The forward protruding top, acting like a
baseball cap also helps to limit the amount of
rainwater entering the pole holder.

3. It�s made of plastic what if I dry heavy
wet blankets will it break?

The concave curve design at the bottom of the




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Problems associated with HDB�s old Bamboo
Holders, is that it�s design traps rain water, and with its
opening exposed to the elements, it is also a target for
insects especially mosquitoes, namely the dengue
carrying AEDES Mosquitoes.

All it takes is just one Bamboo Holder with the
�Right Conditions�
To start an Outbreak of Dengue.

The design of current Bamboo Holder covers, are
ill equip to solve the out breaks of dengue, which is namely
due to;

1. The current Bamboo Pole Holder Cover rubber
attachments usually breaks within 3 to 6 months,
leaving 1 or 2 uncovered for a long time or maybe
even never.

4/3/2014 2/6
The concave curve design at the bottom of the
Dengue Protector Cover ensures that all the
weight of the heavy wet blankets will rest on
the metal HDB pole holders.

4. What if there are already rainwater,
mosquitoes as well as mosquitos� eggs
inside the HDB pole holder before I fix on
the Dengue Protector Cover?

This is the best part of the design; it is also
acting like a trap. The Dengue Protector Cover
will prevent any mosquitoes from escaping
from the HDB pole holder; it has been tested
by the NEA and found to be an excellent trap,
the Dengue Protector Cover will ensure that
even if there are mosquitoes inside it will
never get out.

5. How long will it last before it cracks or
breaks and becomes ineffective?

There is a UV stabiliser mix inside the plastic,
which will ensure that the Dengue Protector
Cover does not crack, break or crumble so
easily, the 1
prototype is still as effective
after 3 years, only the colour has faded a bit.

even never.

2. The current Bamboo Holder plastic cover is not UV
protected; it cracks and crumbles under the sun
usually within 6 months, and broken covers need
replacement otherwise it won�t give the necessary
protection, hence leaving 1 or 2 uncovered for a long
time or maybe even never again.

3. Even when current Bamboo Holder Covers are new,
there are huge disadvantages especially when you
add in the �Human Element�.

a) Forgetting to cover the Bamboo Holder(using
the current Bamboo Holder cover), after
removing the Bamboo Pole with Clothes on
them. This can form into a bad habit, which
can be hard to break and in this case,
contributes to dengue.

b) Leaving Mops or empty Bamboo Poles still
inserted inside the Bamboo Holder out in the
elements 24 Hrs a day, will allow rain water to
enter and rest at the back, habits like this will
no doubt lead to the contribution and increase
in breeding dengue. Not commonly known is
that during a heavy downpour 65% of rainwater
entering the Bamboo Holder travels down on
top of the Bamboo Poles.

c) The most Dangerous and yet Common
occurrence is when, Current Bamboo Holder
covers if left uncovered or dangling is ironically
collecting rainwater to breed dengue, this
actually doubles the potential for breeding
dengue in these household, and the innocent
residents are not aware, when they are advised
to buy these covers. Imagine paying for a
product that doubles the possibility of breeding
dengue, when you forget to cover.

4. Within 5 years we are back at the beginning, people
giving up on a product that fails to deliver and stop
buying them, as confidence drops due to the
drawbacks on the current Bamboo Holder cover,
dengue will no doubt rise again.

The specifications and technical features of my
product the �DENGUEPROTECTOR�, will
address all of the problems previously touched on.

1. To solve the problem of the rubber attachments
breaking, is not to have them at all, no attachments
means no breakages, instead I have design the
Dengue Protector to be a non-removable, one time
fixed solution, one that fits exactly to the
circumference of the Bamboo Holder. This will
ensure that there will be no need of a rubber
attachment that continually breaks, instead my
design will have �BONES� or �RIBS� placed
around the inner circumference of the Bamboo
4/3/2014 3/6
around the inner circumference of the Bamboo
Holder covers, which is elevated from back-end to
front-end for a better fit when inserted, with this new
dimensional expansion system the DENGUE
PROTECTOR gets tighter as you insert it. Having
this system will also cater to HDB�s Bamboo
Holders that are painted over, sometimes over 5
layers of paint.

2. To ensure that my product last longer then current
Bamboo Holder covers, I will include in the material
a mixture of the latest UV Stabilizers for better
protection, that will help to prevent cracks or the
crumbling effect. If need be the whole Dengue
Protector can be made of stainless steel that will
last as long as the current HDB Bamboo Holders,
and for future HDB units the Bamboo Holder can be
made as 1 full piece with the Dengue Protector
already incorporated in the design of the HDB
Bamboo Holder.

3. To engage the biggest problem of the �Human
Element�, this is the, �forgetfulness effect�
forgetting to cover the Bamboo Holders with current
covers after removing the Bamboo Pole. I have
design it to be not only a non-removable, one time
fixed solution, but have also created a unique flip-in
lid attached to the top of the Dengue Protector and
secured shut by a stainless steel spring behind the
flip-in lid. This closes and opens automatically with
the removal or insertion of the Bamboo Pole by the
user respectively.

4. In addition, the flip-in lid has been specially design in
a concave shape to allow the Bamboo Pole to be
inserted with ease, if this is not done the flip-in lid
will eventually break by the shape of the Bamboo

This automatically closing lid will give 100%
protection against mosquitoes and rainwater
entering the front of the Bamboo Holder when the
Bamboo Pole is removed. As this is in my view the
most important feature of the Dengue Protector, I
have strengthen the stainless steel spring
attachment with a unique �J-Shape� design, to
not only give it strength but also a longer lasting
lifespan. The strength of the �j-shape� spring will
also ensure a tighter seal to prevent rainwater and
insects entering the front of the dengue protector.
Hence by eliminating both elements in the breeding
cycles, (rainwater and the Aedes mosquitoes), the
Dengue Protector will no doubt reduce the number
of breeding grounds for Dengue. (5 million HDB
Bamboo Holders in Singapore, not counting
current covers that are left dangling by residents)

5. To engage the next bad habit of the �Human
Element� that is, leaving mops and empty
Bamboo Pole inside the Bamboo Holder continually
4/3/2014 4/6
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Dengue Protector

Patent Granted
We hold the Patent for :

The World's 1st Automatic Pole Holder Cover.

The World's 1st Mosquitoe Trap for the HDB
Bamboo Pole Holder.

24Hrs a day everyday. I have design 5 features that
will help cut out rain-water entering the base of the
Bamboo Holder, even with a Bamboo Pole inserted
inside the HDB Bamboo Holders.

a) Firstly the design of the top front portion of
the Dengue Protector will be protruding
forward, hence limiting the amount of rain-
water entering from the front. (85% Protection)

b) Secondly there will be a 360 degree design
Water Barrier Feature that will fully ensure, any
water getting into the Dengue Protector Cover
will be stopped.

c) Thirdly there will be a Water Drainage Gap
at the bottom of the Dengue Protector that will
filter out and drain off any water that is stopped
by the water barrier. (100% Protection)

d) Fourthly there will be a mesh or gauze at the
bottom of the Water Drainage Gap that will
prevent any Aedes mosquitoes from leaving or
entering the Dengue Protector. Hence the
Dengue Protector serves as a trap for the
Aedes Mosquitoes that matures within the
holders, as the eggs of this mosquitoes can
last 6 months without water and if rainwater
enters the Bamboo Holders before deploying
the Dengue Protector these eggs will grow into
adult mosquitoes, these maturing adults will
now be trap within the newly deployed Dengue

e) Fifthly there will be a Rainwater Guard in
front of the flip-in-lid and around the top half of
the Dengue Protector; this will deflect any
rainwater traveling down the top of the Bamboo
Pole during heavy rain as my research has
shown that almost 65% of rainwater travels
down the top of the Bamboo Pole during heavy

These 5 special features will ensure that the
Dengue Protector is as effective in keeping out rainwater
as it is mosquitoes. Hence, removing the second cause
(water) in the cycle of the AEDES Mosquitoes, there will
be no more breeding ground for the AEDES Mosquitoes
coming from the Bamboo Holder protected by the Dengue

Further to this, there are 3 Additional Special
Features in the design of the Dengue Protector, which
ensures the smooth functionality of the Dengue Protector.

One being the protruding front, it is design to be at
a 37 degree angle from the front side of the Dengue
Protector to counteract HDB�s Bamboo Holders� 10
Degree angle of elevation, this design will help cut down
4/3/2014 5/6

We hold 2 Patents for our Invention:
1 Granted 1 Pending on;

Degree angle of elevation, this design will help cut down
85% of rain water entering the Bamboo Holder during a
downpour, especially when the water splashes on the
Bamboo Pole if it is left inside the holder, hence the
remainder of the rainwater that enters the Dengue
Protector is deflected by the Rainwater Guard then
stopped by the Water Barrier and drained off by the Water
Drainage Gap, giving it 100% protection even with the
Bamboo Pole inserted and left in the Bamboo Holder.
Notice that unlike current covers, there are no covers left
dangling when a Bamboo Pole is inserted to collect
rainwater and doubling the possibility of breeding dengue.

The second special feature is in the design of the
front face of the Dengue Protector, where the
circumference is made thicker and stronger to cater to the
force that is applied to the Dengue Protector when it is
being inserted, whether by using your bare hands or any
hard object including a hammer. This is especially so
when the HDB Bamboo Holders have 5 or more layers of
paint on them.

The third special feature is in the design of the
bottom front portion of the Dengue Protector, it is made to
be shorter then the top front portion, when measured from
the back end. The reason for this is to ensure that there is
no stress being placed on the Dengue Protector when the
Bamboo Pole with clothes on them is inserted into the
Dengue Protector. Hence it will allow the weight of the
Bamboo Pole to rest on the fixed HDB�s Bamboo
Holders. With no stress being placed on the Dengue
Protector it will allow the Dengue Protector to remain
intact and hence last longer.

Hence as there are more then 872,000 HDB
homes (Multiplied by the number of Bamboo Holders
which is normally 6, there are around 5 Million potential
breeding ground) still susceptible to the Aedes mosquitoes
breeding dengue within the HDB Bamboo Holder, current
covers are ill equip to help stop the breeding cycle,
because if the current covers are left uncap or dangling it
will double the chances of the residents breeding dengue
"That's almost 10 Million".(they don�t know that they are
actually doubling their chances of breeding dengue when
they leave their holders uncovered), for we all know that
rain water is always found in uncapped holders after it
rains, my survey has shown that in every block of flat
more then 60% of homes have 1 or more Bamboo
Holders uncovered especially when it rains, as they
usually carry in their cloths but usually forget to cover the
Bamboo Holders. All it takes is just 1 uncovered Bamboo
Holder with the right conditions to start the breeding cycle.
Let us listen to the endorsement by the World
Health Organization, Key strategy: Tackle the root of the
problem (i.e. source reduction) to deny Aedes mosquitoes
the place to breed, as we cannot control factors like the
temperature and circulating virus. This approach has been
endorsed by the WHO

4/3/2014 6/6
The world's 1st Automatic Bamboo Pole Holder

The world's 1st Mosquitoe Trap for the HDB
Bamboo Pole Holder.

What this means is that the moment you buy our
product and install it you are protecting your family
immediately, even if there is water within the HDB
pole holder, or even if there is mosquitoes breeding
inside the pole holder, you are immediately

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