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Quiz corner -1 (July 2

Q1 . Come July 27, London will become the first city to have officially hosted three Games. In which years did it previously play host?
Q2. hat do the colours on the symbol of the !lympic Games "five interloc#ed rin$s on a white bac#$round% represent?
Q3. India&s se'uence of winnin$ the field hoc#ey $old be$an in ()2* at +msterdam till it was bro#en in (),-. here and by which
Q4. Identify this recently deceased le$end who won three consecutive $old medals in$.
Quiz corner -2 (July 3)
Q1. hich celebrated General of the /0 +rmy competed in the first modern pentathlon at the ()(2 0toc#holm Games?
Q2. +t which iconic sportin$ venue would the archery events be held at the London Games?
Q3. hat distinction did 1rance&s 2rs. 3rohy and 2iss. !hnier "ta#in$ part in cro'uet% achieve in ()--?
Q4. 4ame this +frican marathoner "in pic% who won $old medals in the (),- and (),5 !lympics?
Answers to Monday’s quiz
A1. 3each 6olleyball.
A2. +7it 8al 0in$h
A3. 9he !lympic :ymn. 0amaras set to music 8alamas& lyrics.
A4. Larisa Latynina
Quiz corner -3 ( July 4)
Q1. ho won independent India&s first individual medal and at which !lympics?
Q2. In the conte.t of the 2-(2 London Games, what is common to 2oscow, 4ew ;or# City, 2adrid and 8aris?
Q3. hat feature of the Games was initiated by Germany&s Carl <iem in ()=,?
Q4. 4ame this multiple>$old medal winner (in pic)nic#named ?9he 9ornado& and ?9he 3lac# Ga@elle&?
Answers to Tuesday’s quiz
A1. Geor$e 0mith 8atton, Jr.
A2. Lord&s cric#et $round.
A3. 1irst women competitors at the modern 0ummer Games.
A4. +bebe 3i#ila of Athiopia.
Quiz corner -4 ( July 5)
Q1. In ()B,, what feat was India&s 4eville <& 0ou@a the first +sian to achieve?
Q2. 1orty years a$o, the 2unich Games saw the first official mascot. hat was its name?
Q3. 9he 2-(2 Games will see 2, sports followin$ the I!C&s decision to drop two sports that were part of the 3ei7in$
Games. 4ame the e.cluded sports.
Q4. 4ame this swimmin$ $reat who won the B-m and (--m freestyle in the ())2 Games and reprised the feat at +tlanta.
Answers to Wednesday’s quiz
A1. restler C.<. Jadhav at :elsin#i "()B2%
A2. 9he cities which lost to London in the votin$ to select the host for Games
A3. 9he tradition of the !lympic torch relay
A4. ilma Dudolph
Quiz corner -5 (July 6)
Q1. hich was the first city to host the 0ummer Games for the second time ?
Q2. James Connolly is considered the first champion of the modern !lympic Games. hich event did he win in (*),?
Q3. Cric#et has been a competitive sport only once at the !lympics. In which year?
Q4. 4ame the +merican "pic, on right% who holds the record for the most consecutive wins by a women in the same event.
Answers to Thursday’s quiz
A1. 0core a hat tric# in an !lympics football match. :e netted three a$ainst host +ustralia.
A2. aldi the dachshund
A3. 3aseball and softball
A4. +le.ander 8opov
Quiz corner -6 (July 7)
Q1. 4ame the German lon$ 7umper whose advice not only helped Jesse !wens win the $old medal but rele$ated him to second place in the ()=, !lympics
Q2. hich was the first non>national capital to play host to a 0ummer Games and in which year?
Q3. hich are the three road events in the athletics pro$ramme for men at the upcomin$ London Games?
Q4. hich Indian shooter too# part in five !lympics between (),- and ()*- "e.cept ()7,%.
Q5. 4ame the athlete who inadvertently tripped favourite 2ary <ec#er in the women&s =---m final In ()*5.
Answers to Friday’s quiz
A1. 8aris "()25%
A2. 9riple 7ump
A3. ()--
A4. Lisa Leslie "bas#etball ()),>2--*%
Quiz corner -7 (July 8)
Q1. hat was special about +lan ells&s $old in the (--m at the 2unich Games?
Q2. Gree# 0pyridon Louis was first winner of which event synonymous with a place in his country?
Q3.4ame the +merican who achieved more fame as ?!dd7ob& in the James 3ond flic# ?Goldfin$er& than as a wei$htliftin$ silver medallist in the ()5* Games.
Q4. 4ame the Aast German who swam to si. $old medals at 0eoul !lympics.
Answers to Saturday’s quiz
A1. Lu@ Lon$
A2. 0t. Louis in ()-5
A3. 2-#m wal#, B-#m wal# and marathon
A4. <r. Carni 0in$h
A5. Eola 3udd