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Yi Sa : Hi, How are you?
Nevin : I’m fine excluding the climate and the pollution that happens around us
Yi Sa : I agree, let’s ta!e the ha"e which occurred some time ago It causes ris! for
multiple health conditions including respiratory infections, heart disease and lung
Nevin : Yes, the health effects caused #y air pollution may include difficulty in #reathing,
whee"ing, coughing, asthma, and aggravation of existing respiratory and cardiac
Yi Sa : $esides, air pollutants such as sulfuric acids com#ines with water droplets that
ma!e up clouds, forming acid rain which is lethal to organisms and #uildings
Nevin : Yes, there is no smo!e without a fire %he causes of these air pollutants are
exhaust from com#ustion engines, uses of coal and fossil fuels, &'&s, open
#urning and mining operations
Yi Sa : %hese culprits contri#utes to the thinning of o"one layer, glo#al warming, green
house effects, health pro#lems and even death
Nevin : %hat is horri#le
Yi Sa : 'ear not, all road leads to (ome %here are many ways to reduce air pollution
such as car pooling, planting more plants and avoid using &'&s products
Nevin : How a#out water pollution?
Yi Sa : )ater pollution is caused #y sewage from domestic households, factories and
commercial #uildings which are disposed into rivers, la!es and oceans, oil spills
from tan!ers and oil from ship travel contri#utes to water pollution too
Nevin : So that is why eutrophication occurs in rivers and depletion of flora and fauna?
Yi Sa : Yes, #esides diseases li!e cholera, typhoid infections, diarrhea, heart pro#lems
!idney ailments occur due to the toxic su#stance which pass through the food
chain So we must remem#er the saying you are what you eat and #e cautious
whenever we eat
Nevin : $ut we can prevent it #y cleaning up #eaches and waterways, avoid using plastic
when possi#le, use reusa#le #ags, opt for glass over plastic, limiting usage of
chemical fertili"ers and pesticides and legistation
Yi Sa : $ut prevention is #etter than cure )hy #e penny wise and pound foolish while
the cost of prevention is lower than restoring?
Nevin : You are right, #y prevention we can !ill two #irds with one stone %he pro#lems
of pollution and restoration is solved $esides, air pollution and water pollution,
land pollution poses a ma*or pro#lem too
Yi Sa : Yes, agricultural waste matter produced #y crop, animal manure and farm
residues which includes chemical leftover of pesticides and fertili"ers are highly
toxic and poses a dangerous treat to our health
Nevin : %he ashes produced #y incerators are non+#iograda#le and very toxic which
easily lea! into the soil and water ta#les causing land and water pollution
Yi Sa : ,iles of coal refuse and heaps of slag and underground de#ris #y mining and
forestry activities that clear the land surfaces and using -s!id trails’ often leave
the land unrestored
Nevin : .s a result, the surface is exposed to erosion which destroys the /uality of the
land and the ecosystem
Yi Sa : .dditionally, iron and other chemicals such as copper, mercury and lead from
mining practices leach into the soil, polluting it and leaving it exposed to water
#odies as well
Nevin : %hese land fills will start to emit landfill gases produced due to anaero#ic
conditions that organic wastes decomposes in %his gas is ha"ardous and
explosive when it interacts with our atmosphere and the methane contri#utes to
glo#al warming
Yi Sa : 0n top of that, human greed for economical purposes, mining farming and
construction leads to deforestation &onse/uently, soil erosion, desertification
and land degradation occurs
Nevin : Yes, all rivers run into the sea 1and pollution can #e stop #y proper solid waste
disposal, using limited amounts of fertili"ers and pesticides and avoiding
polythene #ags
Yi Sa : So we shouldn’t exploit the environment for selfish purposes (emem#er, short
pleasure, long lament %here are un#eara#le conse/uences #ehind these selfish
Nevin : I agree, as a man sows, so he shall reap
Yi Sa : )e can contri#ute to the environment #y applying the three (s which is (euse,
(educe and (ecycle 2any a little ma!es a mic!le, we should wor! together for
the good of the environment since united we stand divided we fall
Nevin : %owards success we wor! together It’s late, I need to go $ye
Yi Sa : See you