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(Total: 24:42:00)

Section 1 - Histology & Cytology: 3:37:44
Section 2 - Early Embryology: 56:16
Section 3 - Gross Anatomy & Organogenesis: 10:40:43
Section 4 - Neuroscience: 9:27:36

§ Behavioral Science
(Total: 24:13:27)

§ Biochemistry
(Total: 30:47:23)

Biochemistry: 17:43:46
Genetics: 5:59:44
Molecular biology: 7:03:52

§ Immunology
(Total: 8:48:37)

§ Microbiology
(Total: 16:23:30)

§ Pharmacology
(Total: 25:38:39)

§ Physiology
(Total: 34:06:47)
Total Kaplan 2010 Videos (without Pathology):

Hopefully, this can help new starters launch their plans on a solid base.
Calculate a rate (hours/day), so you can determine days needed to cover every single subject. Of course
many are familiar that pathology is not recommended from Kaplan, either do it from Goljan or Pathoma.
I do prefer Pathoma which is around 34 hours.
Remember every person is unique and a lot of factors come to play, so obviously rates differ from one

But for example, let's say you can do 3 hours/day (Notice you may divide them to 1.5 hr + 1.5 hr) take
the 1st 1.5 in the morning and read the lecture notes on covered topics, then take the other 1.5 in the
evening may be and so on.
So this leaves you with 8 days to cover Anatomy.
My advice, always divide what you have to finish into tiny pieces, so you evade getting overwhelmed by
what may seem to be enormous.
It's a mind-trick and it works, eventually you'll end up doing some progress!
Good luck all and prepare well.