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Accounts Payable (non product

Key business contacts: Elisabeth Nieuwenhuis, Joanna van Staalduine
Production support contacts at W!: "ressa Schuc#, $avid awley
%orrect short du&ps 'or (uantity values that are )ero in the purchase order
Transaction code ZMM_MIRO_BPMNG
*atches that are set up to release invoice bloc#s as in +,*,
Invoice block release
jobs. xls
Table to check the documents that are blocked in MRBR is ,*KP-*./%KE$0
lo1istics invoice veri'ication: bloc#ed invoices
2endor &aster set up:
The set up of endors is done at Nike !ithin the business b" a #roup called $%IG
&$ustomer %endor Information Group'
3445 pay&ents
(lmost all compan" codes are usin# )**+ for their automatic pa"ments,
The onl" e-ceptions are Russia &.intana /0*1/12 /1/13*'
4loenia &.intana /35005' and $roatia
The banks that !e hae an interface !ith are 64B$2 BO( and $itibank,
Most common issue that users hae is that the" ask !h" the pa"ment has not reached
the bank
4teps to check
*' 7as there an I8O$ created for the pa"ment run, This can be checked !ith
transaction code Z)I_P(94T(T
/' If no I8O$ !as created then most of time the" hae for#otten to fla# the
create pa"ment medium !hen the" ran the pa"ment or the" for#ot to add the
pa"ment medium ariant in the parameters,
In case of the pa"ment medium not bein# fla##ed the" :ust can do the printout
a#ain to create the I8O$ after the fact, It;s better not to use this option if onl"
after da"s this is discoered as the pa"ments !ill be then send to the bank !ith
an old alue date and the bank !ill chan#e the alue date at their side and !ill
char#e us e-tra cost for this, Best thin# to do is :ust reerse all the pa"ments
and create a ne! pa"ment run
If at Nike side the I8O$ has been created correctl" but the bank did not
process the pa"ments then !e can check the ackno!led#ments that !e receie
from the bank, &7e are receiin# onl" ackno!led#ements from BO(', <er"
compan" code has their o!n inbo- in !here the" receie the
ackno!led#ements, 4ee attached file belo! for the name of the inbo-2 the user
id and pass !ord,
acknowledgement s.xls
Most emplo"ee pa"ment runs and proposals are done automaticall" ia batch :obs,
)or the pa"ment proposal and pa"ment run :obs eer" "ear the calendars need to be
updated, The business should proide the updated calendars and production support
should send those calendars to batch team in 76= to update the autos"s calendars,
4ee belo! attached a file !ith all the calendars used b" the compan" codes for their
proposals and pa"ment runs, 4ee attached as !ell an e-ample of an email I hae send
to 76= in !here I;m askin# them to update a calendar,
AP payment
calendars. xls
update calendars
2010. htm
Accounts Payable ('orei1n trade)
.e" business contact: .im Martens
.e" production support counter part: 8aid 6a!le"
The current transaction code for postin# inbound frei#ht inoice is Z48I%$_IB
This transaction code !ill not e-ist an"more !hen !e up#rade to <$$3
The proposed solution is to hae >aakdal on the inbound frei#ht link solution, The
inbound frei#ht link is alread" used b" 4outh (frica2 $anada2 ?4 and some (sian
>aakdal can;t use the frei#ht link "et as some enhancements need to be made to the
link to meet their re@uirements &see email recap con'erence call for more info'
The kintana ticket for the inbound frei#ht link is /3*5A5 and it;s assi#ned to 8aid
<en thou#h the ticket !ill be !orked on b" 76= the <M<( team !ill be inoled
as !ell to coordinate testin# and understand the link as it !ill need to be supported b"
<6=, 4ee attachment 'rei1ht-duty-idoc2 'rei1ht-duty-lin#2 duty-'rei1ht for more
info on ho! the current link is set up and its functionalit",
recap con erence call
1!10200" .ht m
#reight$%ut y I %&'
processing$$t ecnical document ation (2).doc
#reight $%ut y link
Process lowchart .doc. ht m
*+'$,-A$#I $%.$,2
10$%ut y$#reight . xls. ht m
S,+ (Supplier ,elationship +ana1e&ent)
4RM rollout
To rollout 4RM to a countr" confi#uration needs to be done both in 4RM and 4(P
,67 con'i1uration:
T*3CP D &parameters2 inoice erification'
$op" the settin#s of an <M<( compan" code that is alread" lie !ith 4RM e,#,
compan" code EE+

T*3C% D &default alues2 inoice erification'
$op" the settin#s of an <M<( compan" code that is alread" lie !ith 4RM e,#,
compan" code EE+
OF+* D assi#n purchasin# or#aniGation to a compan" code
Onl" Russia &5*0+'2 Turke" &5*/+'2 4outh (frica &5**+' and ?MBRO &A+++' hae
their o!n purchasin# or#aniGation
The rest of the compan" codes should hae purchasin# or#aniGation 5*++
The lo#ic that !e hae used so far to determine if a compan" code should hae their
o!n ne! purchasin# or#aniGation or :ust 5*++ are based on if the compan" code has
its o!n !arehouse
OF+AH create purchasin# or#aniGation
This !ill be onl" applicable if the compan" code !ill need a ne! purchasin#
or#aniGation &see confi#uration of transaction code OF+* for more info'
OF*EHassi#n plant to purchasin# or#aniGation
(ll the indirect plants are named b" precedin# the compan" code !ith an <
)or e-ample the compan" code of $Gech is E1+ is the name of the plant !ill be <E1+
OM<1H create ne! purchasin# #roup
Belo! purchasin# #roups are set up alread" as place holders and can be used if a ne!
countr" !ill be rolled out,
The onl" thin# that needs to be done is :ust chan#e the description of the purchasin#
#roup, )or e-ample if $Gech !ill be rolled out then the description should IIndirect
3/1 IP $4$PRO$ 0
3/5 IP $4$PRO$ 1
3/3 IP $4$PRO$ 5
3/E IP $4$PRO$ 3
3/A IP $4$PRO$ E
3/C IP $4$PRO$ A
OM78Haccount determination for aluation areas
>ook for the aluation area of the compan" code that "ou are rollin# out and enter the
alue 5+++ in the al #rp# code field
$reate 0 ariants that need to run in batch :ob
Pro#ram: 4(P)*/1 &this pro#ram is used to clear items that net to Gero Goods
receiptKInoice receipt'
%ariants: 4(P)*/1_E*AGIR &"ou can use this ariant as an e-ample'
Pro#ram: RM+AR<><(4< &this pro#ram is used to release inoices that are blocked
for pa"ments !hen there is no @uantit" or price difference an"more'
%ariant: E*AHIN%R<> &"ou can use this ariant as an e-ample'
Pro#ram: RMMMP<RI &this pro#ram is used to open the Material Mana#ement
%ariant: RMMMP<RI_E*A &"ou can use this ariant as an e-ample'
SRM configuration
Business contacts: Niels van Gelderen en Andrea Casella
US production support contact: Brad Beier
Note: ZT<B_P?R$6ORG$)G is not a transaction code and needs to be accessed ia
table 4M0+
"his table needs only to be con'i1ured i' a new purchasin1 or1ani)ation has been
ZT<B_P?R$6GRP$)GH purchasin# #roup confi#uration
Note: ZT<B_P?R$6GRP$)G is not a transaction code and needs to be accessed ia
table 4M0+
)or ne! countr" rollouts "ou can cop" the alues of a countr" that is alread" rolled
out e,#, purchasin# or#aniGation 5*++ and P#roup 3*5
ZT<B_$O_$)GH compan" confi#uration
Note: ZT<B_$O_$)G is not a transaction code and needs to be accessed ia table
9ou can cop" the e-istin# alues of a compan" code that is alread" rolled out e,#, E*A
but make sure to replace the copied alues !ith the compan" code specific alues of
the compan" code that is bein# rolled out,
ZT<B_$TR9_$)GH countr" confi#uration
Note: ZT<B_$TR9_$)G is not a transaction code and needs to be accessed ia table
(dd the ne! countr" that !ill be rolled out on 4RM
ZT<B_4$R_$)GH inoice customer field settin#s
Note: ZT<B_4$R_$)G is not a transaction code and needs to be accessed ia table
$op" a compan" code that is alread" rolled out e,#, E*A
ZT<B_$(T>G_P(RMH catalo# specific parameters
Note: ZT<B_$(T>G_P(RM is not a transaction code and needs to be accessed ia
table 4M0+
$op" a compan" code that is alread" rolled out e,#, E*A
(dd ta- code 8I for the ne! countr" that is bein# rolled out,
This needs to be done for both domestic and international
4ee print screen belo! for an e-ample
4ee print screen belo! on !here the ta- confi#uration can be found in 4PRO
%all structure con'i1uration:
This t"pe of confi#uration is done !hen a ne! catalo# is needed or e-istin# catalo#
that needs to be chan#ed,
4ee belo! print screen on !here to find the confi#uration,
The catalo# details are proided b" the business, &see attached file for the #lobal
4ince <$FB**+ is a not a nice enironment to !ork !ith since it doesn;t hae
accurate and up to date data in <M<( I hae a#reed !ith m" 4RM contact in the
business that I lo#in for him in <$8B**+ and <B8B**+ and he can do the
confi#uration of the alues he receies from the supplier and once eer"thin# is in he
#ies me a si#n and I !ill make sure the transport re@uests are released and
confi#uration documents are updated,
Brad Beier from ?4 is !orkin# on #ettin# the catalo# confi#uration to be treated as
master data so that the business can maintain it directl" in production s"stem,
'at alog
conigurat ion. ht m
<M4 &<-pense Mana#ement 4"stem'
This is tool is used for the interface of emplo"ee e-penses from e-ternal s"stem
T<(M into 4(P
The batch bo- that does this is N4$)I<_*E/
/.+ Admin
I nst allat ion o /.+
on your pc. doc
/.+ I no or
support desk. doc
Installat ion o /.+
t raining system. doc
+upport &verview
/.+. doc
Batch :obs links
)older: Global Master batch,-ls
This Global list has all batch :obs #loball", This sheet al!a"s needs to be maintained
!ith the :obs that "ou create,
5his is used to view the calendars the jobs are running on
5his is used to view the job history
5his is the autosys page to view batch jobs
This has all batch related links