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As an impact of the latest technological advances, choosing a monitor for your p

c has become quite a difficult challenge. After i spent some time with the ASUS
VS248H-P, part of the VS series monitors from Asus, i decided to make an experie
nced review of this product.
First of all, when you want to buy a monitor, you have to know what's its purpos
e : office, gaming or multimedia? Whether it's office or mid to high end gaming,
the ASUS VS248H-P will fit the job perfectly. You could say it's suited even fo
r multimedia tasks, but for a true professional multimedia environment, you shou
ld go for a bigger monitor or even TV's. This monitor has a display area of 24",
more than enough for office applications and games. With its TFT LCD with Edge-
lit LED backlight wide screen, this monitor offers a better quality of the image
than a LCD monitor, and the difference can be seen in more vivid colors and a b
etter brightness.
The VS series incorporates a built-in wall charger into a slim chassis for added
space-saving conveniencs, so they can securely adhere to walls. This monitor ha
s a native resolution of 1920x1080, also known as a FULL HD (1080p) resolution,
with a 16:9 aspect ratio. This is one of the most common resolution that can be
found in modern monitors for gaming systems with mid range or high to end config
The refresh rate indicates how fast the monitor redraws the image it has to disp
lay. A low refresh rate can cause the monitor to flash, and on the large monitor
s it will cause headaches. The ASUS VS248H-P has a refresh rate of 76hz and hasn
't given me a single headache since i first bought it. Another crucial aspect th
at has to be taken in consideration is the response time. That's the amount of t
ime (in miliseconds) a pixel goes from active (black) to inactive (white) and ba
ck to active again. This monitor has a response time of 2 ms, so it makes the tr
ansitions very fast and has fewer visible image artifacts.
The ASUS VS248H-P also benefits of the Twisted Nematic (TN) panel technology and
a 16.7 million colors, offering a very realistic image display. It also has a g
lossy panel coating, which was designed specifically for relatively low lighting
, so the colors are more vivid. The only problem is that, if the monitor is plac
ed in a fairly bright spot or faced with a source of light, it will reflect the
light beams in an unpleasant way.
A very important aspect is the contrast ratio, which is the ratio between the br
ightest white and the darkest black that the monitor can reproduce. The ASUS VS2
48H-P is part of the VS series, meaning it has the 50,000,000:1 ASUS Smart Contr
ast Ratio technology, which offers the darkest blacks and the brightest whites f
or lifelike image clarity, optimized for the finest image.
e aici trebuie pornita decizia de cumparare. Pentru ce vom folosi monitorul? Off
ice, gaming sau multimedia? Daca e office ce fel de aplicatii vom rula pe calcul
ator, programe office uzuale sau aplicatii pentru grafica avansate, proiectare a
sistata, editare foto/video la nivel profesional? Bineinteles ca fiecare destina
tie din cele amintite va putea intr-o oarecare masura sa se regaseasca in folosi
rea unui monitor, insa importanta este destinatia primordiala.