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Maximum Permitted
Passenger Air Tariff (PAT) Guide
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Maximum Permitted Mileages
How to Use Maximum Permitted Mileages 1
Maxumum Permitted Mileages 3
Excess Mileage Table Inside back cover
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Which Books to Use
Quarterly editions (highlighted in grey) are published in full and do not have to be used in conjunction with other editions.
Update editions (not highlighted) are not published in full. Some sections are published with changes only. If the information you are looking for
is not included in the edition you are using then you must refer to the previous quarterly edition.
The table below shows which books should be used together. See also examples shown below the table.
Example 1:
You are looking for a Round the World fare in the September Worldwide Rules book. All Round the World fares are included within rules in the
R rule series and you are looking for the relevant R rule for the journey required. It is not published in the September book. That means that it
has not changed since the quarterly edition. Go to the July Worldwide Rules book to find the relevant R rule and fares.
Example 2:
You are looking for fares data (not IT fares) in the August Worldwide Fares book. This section is published in full. Use the information in the
August Worldwide Fares book.
NOTE: Find the current edition month in the far left column and follow the same line to determine which PAT books to use for each section of the PAT
(except IT's)
IT Fares Industry
Add-ons and
(including Round the World Fares published
in the R series rules)
Rules and
JANUARY Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Jan Apr 2013
FEBRUARY Feb Jan Feb Jan Feb & Jan Jan Apr 2013
MARCH Mar Jan Mar Jan Mar & Jan Jan Apr 2013
APRIL Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr Apr 2014
MAY May Apr May Apr May & Apr Apr Apr 2014
JUNE Jun Apr Jun Apr Jun & Apr Apr Apr 2014
JULY Jul Jul Jul Jul Jul Jul Apr 2014
AUGUST Aug Jul Aug Jul Aug & Jul Jul Apr 2014
SEPTEMBER Sep Jul Sep Jul Sep & Jul Jul Apr 2014
OCTOBER Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Oct Apr 2014
NOVEMBER Nov Oct Nov Oct Nov & Oct Oct Apr 2014
DECEMBER Dec Oct Dec Oct Dec & Oct Oct Apr 2014
1 © 2014 IATA/SITA
How to Use Maximum Permitted Mileages (MPM)
This book only includes mileages which are not published on the fares pages of the Passenger Air Tariff. If you cannot find an MPM in this book, refer to the corresponding
citypair on the fares pages of the Worldwide Fares book
This example illustrates how Maximum Permitted Mileages are shown
Maximum Permitted Mileages (MPM) reflect the distance limit between two specified international points within which passengers can travel at the direct fare, provided that
the sum of ticketed point mileage distance is not exceeded
Period of Application
The Maximum Permitted Mileage distances contained in this publication apply during the period 1 April 2014 through 31 March 2015
Use of Maximum Permitted Mileages
Maximum Permitted Mileages are to be used in conjunction with fares constructed by means of add-on amounts contained in Part VI of the Passenger Air Tariff Fares
How to Read Distances
Maximum Permitted Mileages are published in half alphabetical order (for example the MPM distance applicable between Nagoya and Abidjan is to be found under Abidjan
- Nagoya) and apply in the opposite direction as well
Global Indicators (GI)
The global indicator codes next to the MPM distances are defined in Sections 1.1.3 and 2.5.8 of the Passenger Air Tariff General Rules Book and are summarized below
for easy reference
AP between Area 2 and Area 3 via the Atlantic and the Pacific
AT between Area 1 and Area 2/Area 3 via the Atlantic (other than SA)
EH between Area 2 and Area 3 via Eastern Hemisphere (other than FE/RU/TS). Within Area 2 or within Area 3
FE between Russia (in Europe)/Ukraine and Area 3 with nonstop service between Russia (in Europe)/Ukraine and Area 3 other than Japan, Korea Dem. People’s
Rep. of), Korea (Rep.of)
PA - between Area 3 and Area 1 via Pacific (other than between SWP and South America via North America and North/Central Pacific);
- not applicable for routings on non-stop services between Canada/USA and South Asian Subcontinent;
- between TC1 and TC2 (via the Pacific) and via TC3
PN between South America and South West Pacific via North America but not via Area 3 except SWP
RU between Russia (in Europe) and Area 3 with nonstop service between Russia (in Europe) and Japan, Korea (Dem. People’s Rep. of), Korea (Rep. of);
not via another country (ies) in Europe
SA between Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and South East Asia, South Asian Subcontinent, via the Atlantic only via point(s) in
South East Asia, South Asian Subcontinent, South Atlantic Area, Central Africa, Southern Africa, Indian Ocean Islands or via direct transatlantic services
TS between Area 2 and Area 3 (Trans Siberian route) with a sector having nonstop service between Europe and Japan, Korea (Dem. People’s Rep. of), Korea (Rep.
of) (other than FE/RU)
WH within Area 1 (Western Hemisphere)
Excess Mileage Percentage Table
An Excess Mileage Percentage Table for use with these mileages is published on the inside back cover of this book
Boston MA US
Nantes FR 4304 AT
Nantes FR 13552 PA
Naples IT 5048 AT
Naples IT 12619 PA
N’Djamena TD 7305 AT
N’Djamena TD 13556 PA
Ndola ZM 9372 AT
Ndola ZM 13960 PA
Nejran SA 7941 AT
Nejran SA 11370 PA
Newcastle GB 3841 AT
Newcastle GB 13396 PA
Niamey NE 6331 AT
Niamey NE 14492 PA
Nice FR 4646 AT
Nice FR 13048 PA
Origin and Destination Cities
MPM distances are published from the
Origin city to the Destination city in
alphabetical order
Maximum Permitted Mileage (MPM)
The MPM distance applicable between
the Origin and Destination cities
Origin and Destination Country Codes
The country codes of the Origin and
Destination cities
Global Indicator (GI)
Indicates the global routing direction
applicable to the MPM distance
Abadan IR
© 2014 IATA/SITA
Yuma AZ US 12393 PA
Zacatecas MX 10735 AT
Zacatecas MX 12890 PA
Zagreb HR 2577 EH
Zanzibar TZ 3241 EH
Zhengzhou CN 15804 AP
Zhengzhou CN 4645 EH
Zhuhai CN 16666 AP
Zhuhai CN 4976 EH
Zurich CH 3212 EH
A b a d a n Aberdeen GB
Abha SA 4387 EH
Abidjan CI 4380 EH
Abu Dhabi AE 4712 EH
Acapulco MX 6819 AT
Acapulco MX 15384 PA
Accra GH 4292 EH
Adana TR 2706 EH
Addis Ababa ET 4784 EH
Adelaide SA AU 15846 AP
Adelaide SA AU 12891 EH
Adelaide SA AU 13404 TS
Aden YE 4864 EH
Agadir MA 2337 EH
Ahmedabad IN 5858 EH
Ahwaz IR 4273 EH
Ajaccio FR 1410 EH
Akita JP 11552 AP
Akita JP 10158 EH
Akita JP 7754 TS
Akron OH US 4552 AT
Akron OH US 13286 PA
Al Ain AE 4801 EH
Al Baha SA 4222 EH
Albany NY US 4124 AT
Albany NY US 13281 PA
Albuquerqu NM US 6108 AT
Albuquerqu NM US 13776 PA
Aleppo SY 3454 EH
Alexandria EG 2996 EH
Alexandria LA US 5568 AT
Alexandria LA US 14361 PA
Alghero IT 1526 EH
Algiers DZ 1728 EH
Alicante ES 1584 EH
Alice Spri NT AU 16201 AP
Alice Spri NT AU 12402 EH
Alice Spri NT AU 12900 TS
Allentown PA US 4252 AT
Allentown PA US 13389 PA
Almaty KZ 13782 AP
Almaty KZ 5473 EH
Almaty KZ 4134 TS
Almeria ES 1732 EH
Amami JP 12162 AP
Amami JP 10542 EH
Amami JP 8364 TS
Amarillo TX US 6105 AT
Amarillo TX US 13987 PA
Amman JO 3265 EH
Amritsar IN 5930 EH
Anchorage AK US 7248 AT
Anchorage AK US 12786 PA
Ancona IT 1423 EH
Ankara TR 2416 EH
Annaba DZ 2034 EH
Antalya TR 2503 EH
Antananarivo MG 7191 EH
Antigua AG 5391 AT
Antigua AG 15436 PA
Antofagasta CL 9385 AT
Antofagasta CL 18584 PA
Aomori JP 11647 AP
Aomori JP 10218 EH
Aomori JP 7849 TS
Apia WS 12030 AP
Apia WS 15446 EH
Apia WS 14488 TS
Appleton WI US 4898 AT
Appleton WI US 13497 PA
Aracaju SE BR 6255 AT
Aracaju SE BR 18952 PA
Arar SA 4808 EH
Arica CL 9276 AT
Arica CL 18475 PA
Aruba AW 6285 AT
Aruba AW 15574 PA
Asahikawa JP 11908 AP
Asahikawa JP 10779 EH
Asahikawa JP 8110 TS
Asheville NC US 4790 AT
Asheville NC US 13708 PA
Ashgabad TM 13815 AP
Ashgabad TM 4428 EH
Ashgabad TM 3687 TS
Asmara ER 4330 EH
Astana KZ 14354 AP
Astana KZ 5104 EH
Astana KZ 3517 TS
Asturias ES 1394 EH
Asuncion PY 8344 AT
Asuncion PY 18987 PA
Athens GR 2150 EH
Atlanta GA US 4987 AT
Atlanta GA US 13780 PA
Atlantic C NJ US 4279 AT
Atlantic C NJ US 13730 PA
Atyrau KZ 15274 AP
Atyrau KZ 4010 EH
Atyrau KZ 2841 TS
Auckland NZ 14126 AP
Auckland NZ 15187 EH
Auckland NZ 14011 TS
Augusta GA US 4894 AT
Augusta GA US 13770 PA
Austin TX US 5893 AT
Austin TX US 14478 PA
Ayers Rock NT AU 16449 AP
Ayers Rock NT AU 12650 EH
Ayers Rock NT AU 13148 TS
Bagdogra IN 6778 EH
Baghdad IQ 3720 EH
Bahrain BH 4393 EH
Bakersfiel CA US 6699 AT
Bakersfiel CA US 13260 PA
Baku AZ 3103 EH
Balikpapan ID 14954 AP
Balikpapan ID 10030 EH
Balikpapan ID 11156 TS
Baltimore MD US 4294 AT
Baltimore MD US 13318 PA
Bamako ML 3762 EH
Bandar Abbas IR 4712 EH
Bandar Seri B BN 14410 AP
Bandar Seri B BN 9506 EH
Bandar Seri B BN 10612 TS
Bangkok TH 14456 AP
Bangkok TH 8128 EH
Bangkok TH 10862 TS
Bangor ME US 4540 AT
Bangor ME US 13802 PA
Bangui CF 4588 EH
Banjarmasin ID 15208 AP
Banjarmasin ID 10189 EH
Banjarmasin ID 11410 TS
Banjul GM 3795 EH
Baotou CN 12408 AP
Baotou CN 7478 EH
Baotou CN 9415 TS
Barbados BB 5539 AT
Barbados BB 15820 PA
Barcelona ES 1339 EH
Barcelona VE 6100 AT
Barcelona VE 15981 PA
Bari IT 1675 EH
Barranquilla CO 6699 AT
Barranquilla CO 15687 PA
Barrow AK US 8164 AT
Barrow AK US 13702 PA
Basle CH 944 EH
Basrah IQ 4054 EH
Bastia FR 1387 EH
Batam ID 15454 AP
Batam ID 8956 EH
Batam ID 11679 TS
Baton Roug LA US 5524 AT
Baton Roug LA US 14253 PA
Beijing CN 11988 AP
Beijing CN 7825 EH
Beijing CN 8995 TS
Beira MZ 7238 EH
Beirut LB 3140 EH
Belem PA BR 6627 AT
Belem PA BR 17340 PA
Belgrade RS 1576 EH
B Horizont MG BR 7148 AT
B Horizont MG BR 18907 PA
Bengaluru IN 6602 EH
Benghazi LY 2511 EH
Bermuda BM 4620 AT
Bermuda BM 14260 PA
Bhubaneshwar IN 6892 EH
Biak ID 16747 AP
Biak ID 11823 EH
Biak ID 12949 TS
Biarritz FR 1240 EH
Bilbao ES 1227 EH
Billings MT US 5838 AT
Billings MT US 13160 PA
Binghamton NY US 4386 AT
Binghamton NY US 13522 PA
Birmingham AL US 5112 AT
Birmingham AL US 13898 PA
Bisha SA 4304 EH
Bishkek KG 13642 AP
Bishkek KG 5342 EH
Bishkek KG 4048 TS
Bismarck ND US 5406 AT
Bismarck ND US 14178 PA
Blantyre MW 6760 EH
Bloemfontein ZA 7509 EH
Bloomingt IL US 4902 AT
Bloomingt IL US 13525 PA
Bogota CO 6948 AT
Bogota CO 16153 PA
Boise ID US 6226 AT
Boise ID US 12844 PA
Bologna IT 1263 EH
Bordeaux FR 1041 EH
Boston MA US 3949 AT
Boston MA US 13455 PA
Bozeman MT US 5990 AT
Bozeman MT US 13015 PA
Brasilia DF BR 7030 AT
Brasilia DF BR 18541 PA
Brazzaville CG 5232 EH
Bremen DE 738 EH
Brindisi IT 1750 EH
Brisbane QL AU 14736 AP
Brisbane QL AU 13518 EH
Brisbane QL AU 12762 TS
Brussels BE 644 EH
Bucaramanga CO 7159 AT
Bucaramanga CO 16262 PA
Bucharest RO 1855 EH
Budapest HU 1396 EH
Buen Aires BA AR 8780 AT
Buen Aires BA AR 19604 PA
Buffalo NY US 4423 AT
Buffalo NY US 13353 PA
Bujumbura BI 5707 EH
Bulawayo ZW 6958 EH
Burbank CA US 6706 AT
Burbank CA US 13364 PA
Burgas BG 2088 EH
Burlington VT US 4396 AT
Burlington VT US 13658 PA
Busan KR 11959 AP
Busan KR 9510 EH
Busan KR 8161 TS
Bushehr IR 4521 EH
Cagliari IT 1645 EH
Cairns QL AU 15610 AP
Cairns QL AU 12673 EH
Cairns QL AU 11812 TS
Cairo EG 3092 EH
Calgary AB CA 5271 AT
Calgary AB CA 12740 PA
Cali CO 7162 AT
Cali CO 16258 PA
Calvi FR 1365 EH
Campinas SP BR 7513 AT
Campinas SP BR 19137 PA
Cam Grande MS BR 7682 AT
Cam Grande MS BR 19120 PA
Canberra AC AU 15153 AP
Canberra AC AU 13614 EH
Canberra AC AU 13431 TS
Cancun MX 5935 AT
Cancun MX 14822 PA
Cape Town ZA 7701 EH
Caracas VE 6259 AT
Caracas VE 15790 PA
Cartagena CO 6716 AT
Cartagena CO 15704 PA
Casablanca MA 2053 EH
Casper WY US 5982 AT
Casper WY US 13568 PA
Castlegar BC CA 5515 AT
Castlegar BC CA 12528 PA
Catania IT 1894 EH
Cayenne GF 6031 AT
Cayenne GF 16732 PA
Cedar Rapi IA US 5006 AT
Cedar Rapi IA US 13656 PA
Chah Bahar IR 5047 EH
Changchun CN 12297 AP
Changchun CN 8442 EH
Changchun CN 8586 TS
Changsha CN 12982 AP
Changsha CN 8204 EH
Changsha CN 9420 TS
Changzhou CN 12718 AP
Changzhou CN 8556 EH
Changzhou CN 9471 TS
Charleston SC US 4843 AT
Charleston SC US 13803 PA
Charleston WV US 4606 AT
Charleston WV US 13478 PA
Charlotte NC US 4725 AT
Charlotte NC US 13600 PA
Charlottes VA US 4438 AT
Charlottes VA US 13426 PA
Charlottwn PE CA 3998 AT
Charlottwn PE CA 13917 PA
Chattanoog TN US 4954 AT
Chattanoog TN US 13754 PA
Chengdu CN 13137 AP
Chengdu CN 7612 EH
Chengdu CN 9939 TS
Chennai IN 6776 EH
Chiang Mai TH 14155 AP
Chiang Mai TH 7959 EH
Chiang Mai TH 10803 TS
Chicago IL US 4766 AT
Chicago IL US 13416 PA
Chihuahua MX 6456 AT
Chihuahua MX 14406 PA
Chisinau MD 1939 EH
Chongqing CN 13100 AP
Chongqing CN 7802 EH
Chongqing CN 9812 TS
Christchurch NZ 14683 AP
Christchurch NZ 15072 EH
Christchurch NZ 14568 TS
Cincinnati OH US 4776 AT
Cincinnati OH US 13386 PA
Ciudad Juarez MX 6704 AT
Ciudad Juarez MX 14431 PA
Ciudad Obrego MX 6944 AT
Ciudad Obrego MX 14203 PA
Cleveland OH US 4524 AT
Cleveland OH US 13123 PA
Cochabamba BO 8953 AT
Cochabamba BO 18152 PA
Coimbatore IN 6688 EH
Colombo LK 7046 EH
Colorado CO US 5782 AT
Colorado CO US 13636 PA
Columbia SC US 4813 AT
Columbia SC US 13707 PA
Columbus OH US 4648 AT
Columbus OH US 13256 PA
Com Rvdvia CB AR 9861 AT
Com Rvdvia CB AR 20546 PA
Conakry GN 4080 EH
Constantine DZ 1803 EH
Cordoba CD AR 9267 AT
Cordoba CD AR 19327 PA
Cordova AK US 7342 AT
Cordova AK US 12966 PA
Cork IE 658 EH
Corpus Ch TX US 6012 AT
Corpus Ch TX US 14671 PA
Cotonou BJ 4260 EH
Cozumel MX 5991 AT
Cozumel MX 14881 PA
Cucuta CO 7232 AT
Cucuta CO 16335 PA
Cuiaba MT BR 7684 AT
Cuiaba MT BR 18688 PA
Culiacan MX 6825 AT
Culiacan MX 14482 PA
Curacao CW 6195 AT
Curacao CW 15620 PA
Curitiba PR BR 7771 AT
Curitiba PR BR 19255 PA
Cuzco PE 8743 AT
Cuzco PE 17949 PA
Dakar SN 3661 EH
Dalaman TR 2540 EH
Dalian CN 12111 AP
Dalian CN 8155 EH
Dalian CN 8670 TS
Dallas/Ftw TX US 5725 AT
Dallas/Ftw TX US 14326 PA
Damascus SY 3219 EH
Dammam SA 4333 EH
Da Nang VN 13993 AP
Da Nang VN 8728 EH
Da Nang VN 10296 TS
Dar Es Salaam TZ 6003 EH
Darwin NT AU 16700 AP
Darwin NT AU 11427 EH
Darwin NT AU 12902 TS
Dayton OH US 4718 AT
Dayton OH US 13317 PA
Daytona B FL US 5226 AT
Daytona B FL US 14101 PA
Deer Lake NF CA 3559 AT
Deer Lake NF CA 14274 PA
Delhi IN 5940 EH
Denpasar-Bali ID 15384 AP
Denpasar-Bali ID 10183 EH
Denpasar-Bali ID 11586 TS
Denver CO US 5702 AT
Denver CO US 13556 PA
Des Moines IA US 5128 AT
Des Moines IA US 13778 PA
Detroit MI US 4537 AT
Detroit MI US 13136 PA
Dhaka BD 6992 EH
Dibrugarh IN 7304 EH
Dili TL 17238 AP
Dili TL 11965 EH
Dili TL 13440 TS
Dinard FR 721 EH
Djerba TN 2072 EH
Djibouti DJ 4832 EH
Dnipropetrovs UA 2008 EH
Doha QA 4496 EH
Dortmund DE 930 EH
Douala CM 4485 EH
Dresden DE 1023 EH
Dubai AE 4729 EH
Dublin IE 367 EH
Dubrovnik HR 1630 EH
Durango CO US 5989 AT
Durango CO US 13843 PA
Durango MX 7162 AT
Durango MX 14670 PA
Durban ZA 7594 EH
Easter Island CL 12214 AT
Easter Island CL 18093 PA
East London ZA 7806 EH
Edmonton AB CA 5076 AT
Edmonton AB CA 12838 PA
Elmira NY US 4402 AT
Elmira NY US 13522 PA
El Paso TX US 6250 AT
El Paso TX US 14112 PA
Entebbe UG 5317 EH
Erie PA US 4546 AT
Erie PA US 13240 PA
Esfahan IR 4287 EH
Eugene OR US 6028 AT
Eugene OR US 12646 PA
Eureka CA US 6716 AT
Eureka CA US 13258 PA
Evansville IN US 4986 AT
Evansville IN US 13585 PA
Fairbanks AK US 7561 AT
Fairbanks AK US 13099 PA
Fargo ND US 5210 AT
Fargo ND US 13982 PA
Faro PT 1732 EH
Fayettevil AR US 5403 AT
Fayettevil AR US 14014 PA
Flint MI US 4602 AT
Flint MI US 13201 PA
Florence IT 1316 EH
Florianopo SC BR 7898 AT
Florianopo SC BR 19382 PA
Fortaleza CE BR 5776 AT
Fortaleza CE BR 18190 PA
Ft Lauder FL US 5367 AT
Ft Lauder FL US 14355 PA
Ft Myers FL US 5371 AT
Ft Myers FL US 14319 PA
Ft St John BC CA 5490 AT
Ft St John BC CA 12825 PA
Ft Smith AR US 5680 AT
Ft Smith AR US 14474 PA
Ft Wayne IN US 4704 AT
Ft Wayne IN US 13303 PA
Foz do IguaPRPR BR 8133 AT
Foz do IguaPRPR BR 19536 PA
Frankfurt DE 795 EH
Fredericto NB CA 4074 AT
Fredericto NB CA 13719 PA
Freetown SL 4150 EH
Fresno CA US 6648 AT
Fresno CA US 13162 PA
Friedrichshaf DE 992 EH
Fuerteventura ES 2486 EH
Fukuoka JP 11898 AP
Fukuoka JP 9666 EH
Fukuoka JP 8100 TS
Fukushima JP 11960 AP
Fukushima JP 10299 EH
Fukushima JP 8162 TS
Funchal PT 2312 EH
Fuzhou CN 12846 AP
Fuzhou CN 8670 EH
Fuzhou CN 9102 TS
Gaborone BW 7428 EH
Gainesvil FL US 5192 AT
Gainesvil FL US 14067 PA
Gassim SA 4210 EH
Gdansk PL 993 EH
Geneva CH 1022 EH
Genoa IT 1236 EH
George ZA 7964 EH
Gibraltar GI 1892 EH
Gladstone QL AU 15061 AP
Gladstone QL AU 13342 EH
Gladstone QL AU 12552 TS
Goa IN 6236 EH
Goiania GO BR 7152 AT
Goiania GO BR 18662 PA
Gold Coast QL AU 15484 AP
Gold Coast QL AU 13622 EH
Gold Coast QL AU 12920 TS
Goose Bay NF CA 3894 AT
Goose Bay NF CA 14355 PA
Granada ES 1700 EH
Grande Pr AB CA 5372 AT
Grande Pr AB CA 13135 PA
Grand Jct CO US 5943 AT
Grand Jct CO US 13443 PA
Grand Rap MI US 4668 AT
Grand Rap MI US 13267 PA
Graz AT 1249 EH
Great Fal MT US 6004 AT
Great Fal MT US 12979 PA
Green Bay WI US 4886 AT
Green Bay WI US 13485 PA
Greensboro NC US 4626 AT
Greensboro NC US 13617 PA
Greenville SC US 4814 AT
Greenville SC US 13669 PA
Guadalajara MX 6750 AT
Guadalajara MX 14944 PA
Guangzhou CN 13281 AP
Guangzhou CN 8437 EH
Guangzhou CN 9606 TS
Guatemala Cty GT 6556 AT
Guatemala Cty GT 15427 PA
Guayaquil EC 7668 AT
Guayaquil EC 16698 PA
Guilin CN 13300 AP
Guilin CN 8259 EH
Guilin CN 9712 TS
Guiyang CN 13317 AP
Guiyang CN 8010 EH
Guiyang CN 9913 TS
Gulfport MS US 5409 AT
Gulfport MS US 14203 PA
Gurayat SA 4837 EH
Guwahati IN 7024 EH
Gwangju KR 11960 AP
Gwangju KR 9469 EH
Gwangju KR 8493 TS
Haikou CN 13627 AP
Haikou CN 8575 EH
Haikou CN 9944 TS
Hail SA 4545 EH
Hakodate JP 11726 AP
Hakodate JP 10177 EH
Hakodate JP 7928 TS
Halifax NS CA 3879 AT
Halifax NS CA 13886 PA
Hanamaki JP 11940 AP
Hanamaki JP 10340 EH
Hanamaki JP 8142 TS
Hangzhou CN 12500 AP
Hangzhou CN 8493 EH
Hangzhou CN 8866 TS
Hanoi VN 13741 AP
Hanoi VN 8276 EH
Hanoi VN 10176 TS
Harare ZW 6698 EH
Harbin CN 12406 AP
Harbin CN 8595 EH
Harbin CN 8608 TS
Harrisburg PA US 4263 AT
Harrisburg PA US 13243 PA
Hartford CT US 4209 AT
Hartford CT US 13365 PA
Haugesund NO 562 EH
Havana CU 5811 AT
Havana CU 14617 PA
Hefei CN 12560 AP
Hefei CN 8229 EH
Hefei CN 9085 TS
Helena MT US 6036 AT
Helena MT US 13060 PA
Helsinki FI 1359 EH
Hermosillo MX 6777 AT
Hermosillo MX 14036 PA
Hilo HI US 9008 AT
Hilo HI US 11888 PA
Hiroshima JP 11714 AP
Hiroshima JP 9763 EH
Hiroshima JP 7916 TS
Hobart TS AU 15752 AP
Hobart TS AU 13716 EH
Hobart TS AU 14005 TS
Ho Chi Minh C VN 14427 AP
Ho Chi Minh C VN 8671 EH
Ho Chi Minh C VN 10666 TS
Hong Kong HK 13314 AP
Hong Kong HK 8520 EH
Hong Kong HK 9607 TS
Honiara SB 14275 AP
Honiara SB 13344 EH
Honiara SB 12249 TS
Honolulu HI US 8901 AT
Honolulu HI US 11629 PA
Horta PT 2797 EH
Houston TX US 5778 AT
Houston TX US 14437 PA
Huntington WV US 5008 AT
Huntington WV US 13884 PA
Huntsville AL US 5050 AT
Huntsville AL US 13807 PA
Hurghada EG 3386 EH
Hyannis MA US 4022 AT
Hyannis MA US 13528 PA
Hyderabad IN 6478 EH
Ibiza ES 1537 EH
Idaho Fal ID US 6244 AT
Idaho Fal ID US 13411 PA
Indianapo IN US 4818 AT
Indianapo IN US 13417 PA
Indore IN 6104 EH
Innsbruck AT 1071 EH
Iquique CL 9118 AT
Iquique CL 18318 PA
Irkutsk XU 13218 AP
Irkutsk XU 6751 EH
Irkutsk XU 4958 TS
Islamabad PK 5498 EH
Istanbul TR 2187 EH
Ithaca NY US 4296 AT
Ithaca NY US 13548 PA
Ixtapa/Zihuat MX 6828 AT
Ixtapa/Zihuat MX 15218 PA
Izmir TR 2241 EH
Jackson MS US 5368 AT
Jackson MS US 14096 PA
Jackson WY US 5988 AT
Jackson WY US 13430 PA
Jacksonvil FL US 5077 AT
Jacksonvil FL US 14001 PA
Jaipur IN 6114 EH
Jakarta ID 15552 AP
Jakarta ID 9490 EH
Jakarta ID 11754 TS
Jayapura ID 17085 AP
Jayapura ID 12162 EH
Jayapura ID 13287 TS
Jazan SA 4473 EH
Jeddah SA 4010 EH
Jeju KR 12091 AP
Jeju KR 9446 EH
Jeju KR 8360 TS
Jerez De La F ES 1772 EH
Jinan CN 12271 AP
Jinan CN 8014 EH
Jinan CN 8976 TS
Johannesburg ZA 7224 EH
Jouf SA 4717 EH
Juneau AK US 6838 AT
Juneau AK US 13456 PA
Kabul AF 5223 EH
Kagoshima JP 11938 AP
Kagoshima JP 9819 EH
Kagoshima JP 8140 TS
Kahului HI US 8863 AT
Kahului HI US 11750 PA
Kalamazoo MI US 4683 AT
Kalamazoo MI US 13282 PA
Kaliningrad RU 1072 EH
Kalispell MT US 6170 AT
Kalispell MT US 12819 PA
Kamloops BC CA 5608 AT
Kamloops BC CA 12422 PA
Kano NG 4194 EH
Kansas Cit MO US 5251 AT
Kansas Cit MO US 13898 PA
Kaohsiung TW 13006 AP
Kaohsiung TW 8929 EH
Kaohsiung TW 9208 TS
Karachi PK 5490 EH
Kathmandu NP 6547 EH
Kazan RU 2308 EH
Kelowna BC CA 5492 AT
Kelowna BC CA 12442 PA
Kerkyra GR 1918 EH
Kerman IR 4635 EH
Ketchikan AK US 6561 AT
Ketchikan AK US 13179 PA
Key West FL US 5523 AT
Key West FL US 14486 PA
Khabarovsk XU 12325 AP
Khabarovsk XU 8349 EH
Khabarovsk XU 6406 TS
Khartoum SD 4300 EH
Kiev UA 1716 EH
Kigali RW 5571 EH
Kilimanjaro TZ 5679 EH
Kimberley ZA 7557 EH
Kingston JM 6039 AT
Kingston JM 15037 PA
Kinshasa CD 5245 EH
Kish Island IR 4650 EH
Klagenfurt AT 1416 EH
Knoxville TN US 4849 AT
Knoxville TN US 13677 PA
Kochi IN 6673 EH
Kochi JP 11689 AP
Kochi JP 9890 EH
Kochi JP 7891 TS
Kolkata IN 6919 EH
Komatsu JP 11470 AP
Komatsu JP 9925 EH
Komatsu JP 7672 TS
Kona HI US 8930 AT
Kona HI US 11833 PA
Kota Kinabalu MY 14352 AP
Kota Kinabalu MY 9632 EH
Kota Kinabalu MY 10554 TS
Kotzebue AK US 7905 AT
Kotzebue AK US 13443 PA
Kozhikode IN 6572 EH
Krakow PL 1344 EH
Krasnodar RU 2535 EH
Krasnoyarsk XU 13856 AP
Krasnoyarsk XU 6138 EH
Krasnoyarsk XU 4304 TS
Kristiansand NO 492 EH
Kuala Lumpur MY 15200 AP
Kuala Lumpur MY 8702 EH
Kuala Lumpur MY 11425 TS
Kuching MY 14887 AP
Kuching MY 9434 EH
Kuching MY 11089 TS
Kumamoto JP 11899 AP
Kumamoto JP 9751 EH
Kumamoto JP 8101 TS
Kunming CN 13550 AP
Kunming CN 7870 EH
Kunming CN 10201 TS
Kushiro JP 11883 AP
Kushiro JP 10232 EH
Kushiro JP 8085 TS
Kuwait KW 4092 EH
Labuan MY 14437 AP
Labuan MY 9717 EH
Labuan MY 10639 TS
La Coruna ES 1802 EH
La Crosse WI US 5032 AT
La Crosse WI US 13642 PA
Lafayette LA US 5590 AT
Lafayette LA US 14384 PA
Lagos NG 4218 EH
Lahore PK 5676 EH
Lamezia-Terme IT 1820 EH
Langkawi MY 15188 AP
Langkawi MY 8677 EH
Langkawi MY 11460 TS
Lansing MI US 4632 AT
Lansing MI US 13231 PA
Lanzarote ES 2446 EH
Lanzhou CN 12883 AP
Lanzhou CN 7260 EH
Lanzhou CN 9860 TS
La Paz BO 8773 AT
La Paz BO 17972 PA
La Paz MX 7046 AT
La Paz MX 14382 PA
Larnaca CY 2757 EH
Las Palmas ES 2554 EH
Las Piedras VE 6538 AT
Las Piedras VE 16070 PA
Las Vegas NV US 6433 AT
Las Vegas NV US 13416 PA
Launcesto TS AU 15660 AP
Launcesto TS AU 13612 EH
Launcesto TS AU 13902 TS
Leipzig/Halle DE 943 EH
Leon/Guanajua MX 6685 AT
Leon/Guanajua MX 14964 PA
Lewiston ID US 6061 AT
Lewiston ID US 12679 PA
Lexington KY US 4797 AT
Lexington KY US 13502 PA
Lianyungang CN 12480 AP
Lianyungang CN 8317 EH
Lianyungang CN 9067 TS
Libreville GA 4777 EH
Lille FR 855 EH
Lilongwe MW 6584 EH
Lima PE 8314 AT
Lima PE 17521 PA
Lincoln NE US 5322 AT
Lincoln NE US 13971 PA
Linz AT 1130 EH
Lisbon PT 1592 EH
Little Ro AR US 5383 AT
Little Ro AR US 13995 PA
Ljubljana SI 1250 EH
Lome TG 4275 EH
London ON CA 4399 AT
London ON CA 12998 PA
Londrina PR BR 7849 AT
Londrina PR BR 19333 PA
Los Angel CA US 6718 AT
Los Angel CA US 13378 PA
Los Mochis MX 7078 AT
Los Mochis MX 14349 PA
Louisville KY US 4863 AT
Louisville KY US 13488 PA
Luanda AO 5578 EH
Lubbock TX US 6069 AT
Lubbock TX US 14102 PA
Lucknow IN 6255 EH
Lusaka ZM 6396 EH
Luxembourg LU 762 EH
Luxor EG 3472 EH
Lviv UA 1440 EH
Lyon FR 1027 EH
Macao MO 13333 AP
Macao MO 8546 EH
Macao MO 9631 TS
Maceio AL BR 6096 AT
Maceio AL BR 18793 PA
Mackay QL AU 15332 AP
Mackay QL AU 13063 EH
Mackay QL AU 12272 TS
Madinah SA 3860 EH
Madison WI US 4906 AT
Madison WI US 13518 PA
Madrid ES 1423 EH
Mahe Is SC 6562 EH
Makassar ID 15338 AP
Makassar ID 10414 EH
Makassar ID 11540 TS
Malabo GQ 4572 EH
Malaga ES 1743 EH
Male MV 6825 EH
Malmo SE 728 EH
Malta MT 2005 EH
Manado ID 15658 AP
Manado ID 10735 EH
Manado ID 11860 TS
Manaus AM BR 7556 AT
Manaus AM BR 17281 PA
Manchester NH US 4322 AT
Manchester NH US 13584 PA
Manila PH 13473 AP
Manila PH 9374 EH
Manila PH 9675 TS
Manzini SZ 7472 EH
Maputo MZ 7558 EH
Maracaibo VE 6487 AT
Maracaibo VE 15776 PA
Marquette MI US 4974 AT
Marquette MI US 13573 PA
Marrakech MA 2191 EH
Marseille FR 1207 EH
Marthas V MA US 4033 AT
Marthas V MA US 13539 PA
Mashhad IR 4542 EH
Matsuyama JP 11743 AP
Matsuyama JP 10060 EH
Matsuyama JP 7945 TS
Mauritius MU 7711 EH
Mazatlan MX 6778 AT
Mazatlan MX 14649 PA
Medan ID 15272 AP
Medan ID 8761 EH
Medan ID 11544 TS
Medellin CO 6942 AT
Medellin CO 16045 PA
Medford OR US 6170 AT
Medford OR US 12788 PA
Melbourne VI AU 15524 AP
Melbourne VI AU 13267 EH
Melbourne VI AU 13556 TS
Melilla ES 1867 EH
Memanbetsu JP 11948 AP
Memanbetsu JP 10246 EH
Memanbetsu JP 8150 TS
Memphis TN US 5227 AT
Memphis TN US 13868 PA
Mendoza MD AR 9507 AT
Mendoza MD AR 19468 PA
Menorca ES 1482 EH
Merida MX 6158 AT
Merida MX 15045 PA
Metz/Nancy FR 958 EH
Mexicali MX 7197 AT
Mexicali MX 14456 PA
Mexico City MX 6600 AT
Mexico City MX 15164 PA
Miami FL US 5390 AT
Miami FL US 14378 PA
Midland TX US 6100 AT
Midland TX US 14229 PA
Milan IT 1135 EH
Milwaukee WI US 4801 AT
Milwaukee WI US 13400 PA
Mineralnye Vo RU 2816 EH
Minneapol MN US 4942 AT
Minneapol MN US 13714 PA
Minsk BY 1497 EH
Miri MY 14562 AP
Miri MY 9734 EH
Miri MY 10764 TS
Missoula MT US 6156 AT
Missoula MT US 12831 PA
Miyazaki JP 11890 AP
Miyazaki JP 9823 EH
Miyazaki JP 8092 TS
Mobile AL US 5349 AT
Mobile AL US 14143 PA
Mombasa KE 5822 EH
Monastir TN 1926 EH
Moncton NB CA 4003 AT
Moncton NB CA 13827 PA
Monroe LA US 5524 AT
Monroe LA US 14318 PA
Monrovia LR 4443 EH
Montego Bay JM 5941 AT
Montego Bay JM 14985 PA
Monterey CA US 6576 AT
Monterey CA US 13066 PA
Monterrey MX 6265 AT
Monterrey MX 14772 PA
Montevideo UY 8947 AT
Montevideo UY 19755 PA
Montgomery AL US 5163 AT
Montgomery AL US 13957 PA
Montpellier FR 1178 EH
Montreal QC CA 4251 AT
Montreal QC CA 13317 PA
Moroni KM 6501 EH
Moscow RU 1822 EH
Mount Isa QL AU 15908 AP
Mount Isa QL AU 12394 EH
Mount Isa QL AU 12398 TS
Muan KR 12213 AP
Muan KR 9568 EH
Muan KR 8482 TS
Mukalla YE 4968 EH
Multan PK 5654 EH
Mumbai IN 6015 EH
Munster DE 675 EH
Muscat OM 5002 EH
Mwanza TZ 5840 EH
Myrtle Bea SC US 4732 AT
Myrtle Bea SC US 13716 PA
Nadi FJ 12710 AP
Nadi FJ 14533 EH
Nadi FJ 13575 TS
Nagasaki JP 11949 AP
Nagasaki JP 9711 EH
Nagasaki JP 8151 TS
Nagoya JP 11449 AP
Nagoya JP 9986 EH
Nagoya JP 7651 TS
Nagpur IN 6388 EH
Nairobi KE 5503 EH
Nakashibetsu JP 11943 AP
Westcheste NY US
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Zanzibar TZ 13237 PA
Zhengzhou CN 11476 AT
Zhengzhou CN 8906 PA
Zhuhai CN 12168 AT
Zhuhai CN 9918 PA
Zurich CH 4760 AT
Zurich CH 13028 PA
W e s t c h e W Palm BeFL US
Windhoek NA 10110 AT
Windhoek NA 16040 PA
Wroclaw PL 6230 AT
Wroclaw PL 13593 PA
Wuhan CN 12880 AT
Wuhan CN 10057 PA
Wuyishan CN 13447 AT
Wuyishan CN 10219 PA
Xiamen CN 13429 AT
Xiamen CN 10442 PA
XiAn' CN 12373 AT
XiAn' CN 9945 PA
Xining CN 11896 AT
Xining CN 10249 PA
Yanbu al Bahr SA 8916 AT
Yanbu al Bahr SA 12296 PA
Yangon MM 12508 AT
Yangon MM 11668 PA
Yanji CN 13246 AT
Yanji CN 9674 PA
Yantai CN 12788 AT
Yantai CN 9559 PA
Yaounde CM 8358 AT
Yaounde CM 15151 PA
Yerevan AM 8013 AT
Yerevan AM 11700 PA
Yibin CN 13023 AT
Yibin CN 10491 PA
Yogyakarta ID 14761 AT
Yogyakarta ID 13282 PA
Yonago JP 14184 AT
Yonago JP 9339 PA
Zagreb HR 6369 AT
Zagreb HR 13419 PA
Zahedan IR 9734 AT
Zahedan IR 10562 PA
Zanzibar TZ 10861 AT
Zanzibar TZ 14079 PA
Zhengzhou CN 12638 AT
Zhengzhou CN 9728 PA
Zhuhai CN 13329 AT
Zhuhai CN 10740 PA
Zurich CH 5922 AT
Zurich CH 13870 PA
W P a l m WhitehorseYT CA
Windhoek NA 12559 AT
Windhoek NA 16740 PA
Wroclaw PL 7135 AT
Wroclaw PL 12849 PA
Wuhan CN 14100 AT
Wuhan CN 8240 PA
Wuyishan CN 14666 AT
Wuyishan CN 8229 PA
Xiamen CN 14648 AT
Xiamen CN 8452 PA
XiAn' CN 13592 AT
XiAn' CN 8140 PA
Yanbu al Bahr SA 10135 AT
Yanbu al Bahr SA 13040 PA
Yangon MM 13728 AT
Yangon MM 9864 PA
Yanji CN 14466 AT
Yanji CN 7677 PA
Yantai CN 14007 AT
Yantai CN 7562 PA
Yaounde CM 10549 AT
Yaounde CM 15906 PA
Yerevan AM 8848 AT
Yerevan AM 11953 PA
Yibin CN 14242 AT
Yibin CN 8686 PA
Yogyakarta ID 15980 AT
Yogyakarta ID 11149 PA
Yonago JP 15403 AT
Yonago JP 7186 PA
Zagreb HR 7417 AT
Zagreb HR 13154 PA
Zahedan IR 10953 AT
Zahedan IR 11306 PA
Zanzibar TZ 12027 AT
Zanzibar TZ 14779 PA
Zhengzhou CN 13857 AT
Zhengzhou CN 7923 PA
Zhuhai CN 14548 AT
Zhuhai CN 8786 PA
Zurich CH 7050 AT
Zurich CH 13387 PA
W h i t e h o Wichita KS US
Windhoek NA 10448 AT
Windhoek NA 15858 PA
Wroclaw PL 6208 AT
Wroclaw PL 13411 PA
Wuhan CN 13021 AT
Wuhan CN 8973 PA
Wuyishan CN 13587 AT
Wuyishan CN 8962 PA
Xiamen CN 13569 AT
Xiamen CN 9186 PA
XiAn' CN 12513 AT
XiAn' CN 8874 PA
Xining CN 12037 AT
Xining CN 9177 PA
Yanbu al Bahr SA 9056 AT
Yanbu al Bahr SA 12114 PA
Yangon MM 12649 AT
Yangon MM 10597 PA
Yanji CN 13387 AT
Yanji CN 8410 PA
Yantai CN 12928 AT
Yantai CN 8295 PA
Yaounde CM 8694 AT
Yaounde CM 14968 PA
Yerevan AM 7922 AT
Yerevan AM 11517 PA
Yibin CN 13164 AT
Yibin CN 9420 PA
Yogyakarta ID 14901 AT
Yogyakarta ID 11882 PA
Yonago JP 14324 AT
Yonago JP 7920 PA
Zagreb HR 6453 AT
Zagreb HR 13237 PA
Zahedan IR 9874 AT
Zahedan IR 10380 PA
Zanzibar TZ 10971 AT
Zanzibar TZ 13897 PA
Zhengzhou CN 12778 AT
Zhengzhou CN 8656 PA
Zhuhai CN 13470 AT
Zhuhai CN 9519 PA
Zurich CH 6025 AT
Zurich CH 13688 PA
W i c h i t a Wilkes-BarPA US
Windhoek NA 8996 AT
Windhoek NA 15184 PA
Wroclaw PL 5142 AT
Wroclaw PL 12738 PA
Wuhan CN 11792 AT
Wuhan CN 9114 PA
Wuyishan CN 12358 AT
Wuyishan CN 9334 PA
Xiamen CN 12340 AT
Xiamen CN 9583 PA
XiAn' CN 11284 AT
XiAn' CN 9002 PA
Xining CN 10808 AT
Xining CN 9306 PA
Yanbu al Bahr SA 7827 AT
Yanbu al Bahr SA 11440 PA
Yangon MM 11420 AT
Yangon MM 10635 PA
Yanji CN 12158 AT
Yanji CN 8841 PA
Yantai CN 11700 AT
Yantai CN 8676 PA
Yaounde CM 7264 AT
Yaounde CM 14295 PA
Yerevan AM 6900 AT
Yerevan AM 10844 PA
Yibin CN 11935 AT
Yibin CN 9548 PA
Yogyakarta ID 13672 AT
Yogyakarta ID 12440 PA
Yonago JP 13095 AT
Yonago JP 8607 PA
Zagreb HR 5281 AT
Zagreb HR 12564 PA
Zahedan IR 8646 AT
Zahedan IR 9706 PA
Zanzibar TZ 9774 AT
Zanzibar TZ 13224 PA
Zhengzhou CN 11550 AT
Zhengzhou CN 8785 PA
Zhuhai CN 12241 AT
Zhuhai CN 9796 PA
Zurich CH 4834 AT
Zurich CH 13015 PA
W i l k e s - B a r P A U S WilmingtonNC US
Windhoek NA 9466 AT
Windhoek NA 15447 PA
Wroclaw PL 5612 AT
Wroclaw PL 13000 PA
Wuhan CN 12262 AT
Wuhan CN 9489 PA
Wuyishan CN 12829 AT
Wuyishan CN 9710 PA
Xiamen CN 12811 AT
Xiamen CN 9937 PA
XiAn' CN 11755 AT
XiAn' CN 9378 PA
Xining CN 11278 AT
Xining CN 9681 PA
Yanbu al Bahr SA 8298 AT
Yanbu al Bahr SA 11703 PA
Yangon MM 11890 AT
Yangon MM 11101 PA
Yanji CN 12628 AT
Yanji CN 9182 PA
Yantai CN 12170 AT
Yantai CN 9051 PA
Yaounde CM 7711 AT
Yaounde CM 14558 PA
Yerevan AM 7370 AT
Yerevan AM 11107 PA
Yibin CN 12405 AT
Yibin CN 9924 PA
Yogyakarta ID 14143 AT
Yogyakarta ID 12790 PA
Yonago JP 13566 AT
Yonago JP 8932 PA
Zagreb HR 5751 AT
Zagreb HR 12826 PA
Zahedan IR 9116 AT
Zahedan IR 9969 PA
Zanzibar TZ 10244 AT
Zanzibar TZ 13486 PA
Zhengzhou CN 12020 AT
Zhengzhou CN 9160 PA
Zhuhai CN 12711 AT
Zhuhai CN 10172 PA
Zurich CH 5305 AT
Zurich CH 13278 PA
W i l m i n g t o n N C U S Windhoek NA
Winnipeg MB CA 10423 AT
Winnipeg MB CA 15766 PA
Wrangell AK US 12673 AT
Wrangell AK US 15922 PA
Wroclaw PL 6499 EH
Wuhan CN 17863 AP
Wuhan CN 9054 EH
Wuyishan CN 18084 AP
Wuyishan CN 9381 EH
Xiamen CN 18332 AP
Xiamen CN 9202 EH
XiAn' CN 17751 AP
XiAn' CN 8774 EH
Xiangyang CN 17784 AP
Xiangyang CN 9075 EH
Yakutat AK US 13088 AT
Yakutat AK US 15498 PA
Yanbu al Bahr SA 4546 EH
Yanji CN 17590 AP
Yanji CN 10128 EH
Yantai CN 17425 AP
Yantai CN 9634 EH
Yibin CN 18297 AP
Yibin CN 8487 EH
Yogyakarta ID 19543 AP
Yogyakarta ID 8330 EH
Yonago JP 17418 AP
Yonago JP 11295 EH
Yonago JP 13934 TS
Yuma AZ US 11634 AT
Yuma AZ US 17067 PA
Zacatecas MX 11784 AT
Zacatecas MX 17452 PA
Zahedan IR 5872 EH
Zhengzhou CN 17534 AP
Zhengzhou CN 9075 EH
Zhuhai CN 18546 AP
Zhuhai CN 8947 EH
W i n d h o e k N A WinnipegMB CA
Wroclaw PL 6026 AT
Wroclaw PL 13131 PA
Wuhan CN 12807 AT
Wuhan CN 8522 PA
Wuyishan CN 13374 AT
Wuyishan CN 8511 PA
Xiamen CN 13356 AT
Xiamen CN 8659 PA
XiAn' CN 12300 AT
XiAn' CN 8422 PA
Yanbu al Bahr SA 8842 AT
Yanbu al Bahr SA 12022 PA
Yangon MM 12435 AT
Yangon MM 10146 PA
Yanji CN 13173 AT
Yanji CN 7959 PA
Yantai CN 12715 AT
Yantai CN 7844 PA
Yaounde CM 8448 AT
Yaounde CM 14877 PA
Yibin CN 12950 AT
Yibin CN 8968 PA
Yogyakarta ID 14688 AT
Yogyakarta ID 11259 PA
Yonago JP 14110 AT
Yonago JP 7296 PA
Zahedan IR 9661 AT
Zahedan IR 10288 PA
Zanzibar TZ 10768 AT
Zanzibar TZ 13806 PA
Zhengzhou CN 12565 AT
Zhengzhou CN 8205 PA
Zhuhai CN 13256 AT
Zhuhai CN 9051 PA
W i n n i p e g M B C A Wrangell AK US
Wroclaw PL 7272 AT
Wroclaw PL 12792 PA
Wuhan CN 14264 AT
Wuhan CN 7161 PA
Wuyishan CN 14830 AT
Wuyishan CN 6996 PA
Xiamen CN 14812 AT
Xiamen CN 6726 PA
XiAn' CN 13756 AT
XiAn' CN 7669 PA
Xining CN 13280 AT
Xining CN 8157 PA
Yanbu al Bahr SA 10299 AT
Yanbu al Bahr SA 12668 PA
Yangon MM 13892 AT
Yangon MM 8539 PA
Yanji CN 14630 AT
Yanji CN 7611 PA
Yantai CN 14172 AT
Yantai CN 7496 PA
Yaounde CM 10718 AT
Yaounde CM 15514 PA
Yerevan AM 8985 AT
Yerevan AM 11895 PA
Yibin CN 14407 AT
Yibin CN 7909 PA
Yogyakarta ID 16144 AT
Yogyakarta ID 9448 PA
Yonago JP 15567 AT
Yonago JP 7104 PA
Zagreb HR 7574 AT
Zagreb HR 13096 PA
Zahedan IR 11118 AT
Zahedan IR 11042 PA
Zanzibar TZ 12188 AT
Zanzibar TZ 14055 PA
Zhengzhou CN 14022 AT
Zhengzhou CN 7448 PA
Zhuhai CN 14713 AT
Zhuhai CN 7118 PA
Zurich CH 7209 AT
Zurich CH 13329 PA
W r a n g e l l A K U S Wroclaw PL
Wuhan CN 13396 AP
Wuhan CN 7419 EH
Wuhan CN 8524 TS
Wuyishan CN 13386 AP
Wuyishan CN 8032 EH
Wuyishan CN 8409 TS
Xiamen CN 13609 AP
Xiamen CN 7968 EH
Xiamen CN 8512 TS
XiAn' CN 13297 AP
XiAn' CN 6912 EH
XiAn' CN 8810 TS
Xiangyang CN 13329 AP
Xiangyang CN 7213 EH
Xiangyang CN 8698 TS
Xining CN 13600 AP
Xining CN 6435 EH
Xining CN 9266 TS
Xuzhou CN 13102 AP
Xuzhou CN 7599 EH
Xuzhou CN 8390 TS
Yakutat AK US 7687 AT
Yakutat AK US 12679 PA
Yanbu al Bahr SA 3470 EH
Yangon MM 6956 EH
Yangon MM 10269 TS
Yanji CN 12834 AP
Yanji CN 7926 EH
Yanji CN 8061 TS
Yantai CN 12718 AP
Yantai CN 7467 EH
Yantai CN 7946 TS
Yaounde CM 4574 EH
Yibin CN 13843 AP
Yibin CN 7471 EH
Yibin CN 9259 TS
Yichang CN 13454 AP
Yichang CN 7276 EH
Yichang CN 8744 TS
Yiwu CN 13526 AP
Yiwu CN 7804 EH
Yiwu CN 8936 TS
Yogyakarta ID 16252 AP
Yogyakarta ID 9090 EH
Yogyakarta ID 11113 TS
Yonago JP 12289 AP
Yonago JP 9769 EH
Yonago JP 7149 TS
Yuma AZ US 7213 AT
Yuma AZ US 13177 PA
Zacatecas MX 7928 AT
Zacatecas MX 15006 PA
Zagreb HR 681 EH
Zahedan IR 4288 EH
Zanzibar TZ 5260 EH
Zhanjiang CN 14167 AP
Zhanjiang CN 7790 EH
Zhanjiang CN 9150 TS
Zhengzhou CN 13080 AP
Zhengzhou CN 7177 EH
Zhengzhou CN 8475 TS
Zhuhai CN 13942 AP
Zhuhai CN 7868 EH
Zhuhai CN 8905 TS
Zurich CH 552 EH
W r o c l a w P L Wuhan CN
Yakutat AK US 14679 AT
Yakutat AK US 6736 PA
Yanbu al Bahr SA 16005 AP
Yanbu al Bahr SA 5594 EH
Yangon MM 1806 EH
Yaounde CM 16131 AP
Yaounde CM 8433 EH
Yerevan AM 15110 AP
Yerevan AM 7501 EH
Yerevan AM 8772 TS
Yogyakarta ID 3339 EH
Yonago JP 2296 EH
Yuma AZ US 14122 AT
Yuma AZ US 8479 PA
Zacatecas MX 14577 AT
Zacatecas MX 9766 PA
Zagreb HR 13693 AP
Zagreb HR 6819 EH
Zagreb HR 8824 TS
Zahedan IR 16484 AP
Zahedan IR 4011 EH
Zanzibar TZ 18308 AP
Zanzibar TZ 7093 EH
Zurich CH 13330 AP
Zurich CH 7221 EH
Zurich CH 9064 TS
W u h a n C N Wuxi CN
Yonago JP 1866 EH
W u x i C N Wuyishan CN
Yakutat AK US 15246 AT
Yakutat AK US 6571 PA
Yanbu al Bahr SA 15994 AP
Yanbu al Bahr SA 6238 EH
Yangon MM 2004 EH
Yaounde CM 16352 AP
Yaounde CM 9081 EH
Yerevan AM 15099 AP
Yerevan AM 8114 EH
Yerevan AM 8656 TS
Yogyakarta ID 3205 EH
Yonago JP 2181 EH
Yuma AZ US 14689 AT
Yuma AZ US 8451 PA
Zacatecas MX 15144 AT
Zacatecas MX 9634 PA
Zagreb HR 13682 AP
Zagreb HR 7432 EH
Zagreb HR 8709 TS
Zahedan IR 16473 AP
Zahedan IR 4612 EH
Zanzibar TZ 18297 AP
Zanzibar TZ 7568 EH
Zurich CH 13320 AP
Zurich CH 7834 EH
Zurich CH 8949 TS
W u y i s h a n C N Xiamen CN
Yakutat AK US 15228 AT
Yakutat AK US 6301 PA
Yanbu al Bahr SA 16218 AP
Yanbu al Bahr SA 5997 EH
Yangon MM 1814 EH
Yaounde CM 16600 AP
Yaounde CM 8840 EH
Yerevan AM 15322 AP
Yerevan AM 8049 EH
Yerevan AM 8760 TS
Yogyakarta ID 3025 EH
Yonago JP 2284 EH
Yuma AZ US 14671 AT
Yuma AZ US 8659 PA
Zacatecas MX 15126 AT
Zacatecas MX 9858 PA
Zagreb HR 13905 AP
Zagreb HR 7368 EH
Zagreb HR 8812 TS
Zahedan IR 16696 AP
Zahedan IR 4371 EH
Zanzibar TZ 18520 AP
Zanzibar TZ 7340 EH
Zurich CH 13543 AP
Zurich CH 7770 EH
Zurich CH 9052 TS
X i a m e n C N XiAn' CN
Yakutat AK US 14172 AT
Yakutat AK US 7244 PA
Yanbu al Bahr SA 15906 AP
Yanbu al Bahr SA 5280 EH
Yangon MM 1740 EH
Yaounde CM 16020 AP
Yaounde CM 8122 EH
Yerevan AM 15010 AP
Yerevan AM 6993 EH
Yerevan AM 9057 TS
Yogyakarta ID 3733 EH
Yonago JP 2582 EH
Yuma AZ US 13615 AT
Yuma AZ US 8468 PA
Zacatecas MX 14070 AT
Zacatecas MX 10179 PA
Zagreb HR 13593 AP
Zagreb HR 6312 EH
Zagreb HR 9110 TS
Zahedan IR 16384 AP
Zahedan IR 3654 EH
Zanzibar TZ 18208 AP
Zanzibar TZ 6813 EH
Zurich CH 13231 AP
Zurich CH 6714 EH
Zurich CH 9350 TS
X i A n ' C N Xiangyang CN
Yanbu al Bahr SA 15938 AP
Yanbu al Bahr SA 5581 EH
Yaounde CM 16052 AP
Yaounde CM 8424 EH
Yerevan AM 15043 AP
Yerevan AM 7294 EH
Yerevan AM 8946 TS
Yonago JP 2470 EH
Zagreb HR 13626 AP
Zagreb HR 6613 EH
Zagreb HR 8998 TS
Zahedan IR 16417 AP
Zahedan IR 3955 EH
Zanzibar TZ 18241 AP
Zanzibar TZ 7114 EH
Zurich CH 13263 AP
Zurich CH 7015 EH
Zurich CH 9238 TS
X i a n g y a n g C N Xining CN
Yakutat AK US 13695 AT
Yakutat AK US 7732 PA
Yonago JP 3038 EH
Yuma AZ US 13138 AT
Yuma AZ US 8772 PA
Zurich CH 13534 AP
Zurich CH 6237 EH
Zurich CH 9806 TS
X i n i n g C N Xuzhou CN
Yonago JP 2162 EH
Zurich CH 13036 AP
Zurich CH 7401 EH
Zurich CH 8930 TS
X u z h o u C N Yakutat AK US
Yanbu al Bahr SA 10714 AT
Yanbu al Bahr SA 12243 PA
Yangon MM 14307 AT
Yangon MM 8114 PA
Yanji CN 15045 AT
Yanji CN 7609 PA
Yantai CN 14587 AT
Yantai CN 7084 PA
Yaounde CM 11133 AT
Yaounde CM 15090 PA
Yerevan AM 9400 AT
Yerevan AM 11511 PA
Yibin CN 14822 AT
Yibin CN 7484 PA
Yogyakarta ID 16560 AT
Yogyakarta ID 9024 PA
Yonago JP 15982 AT
Yonago JP 7519 PA
Zagreb HR 7989 AT
Zagreb HR 12946 PA
Zahedan IR 11533 AT
Zahedan IR 10617 PA
Zanzibar TZ 12603 AT
Zanzibar TZ 13630 PA
Zhengzhou CN 14437 AT
Zhengzhou CN 7023 PA
Zhuhai CN 15128 AT
Zhuhai CN 6693 PA
Zurich CH 7624 AT
Zurich CH 13196 PA
Y a k u t a t A K U S Yanbu al Bahr SA
Yangon MM 4526 EH
Yanji CN 15442 AP
Yanji CN 6428 EH
Yantai CN 15327 AP
Yantai CN 5970 EH
Yaounde CM 3134 EH
Yerevan AM 2082 EH
Yibin CN 16452 AP
Yibin CN 5184 EH
Yogyakarta ID 18861 AP
Yogyakarta ID 6474 EH
Yonago JP 14898 AP
Yonago JP 7624 EH
Yonago JP 10405 TS
Yuma AZ US 10158 AT
Yuma AZ US 13327 PA
Zacatecas MX 10612 AT
Zacatecas MX 13708 PA
Zagreb HR 2408 EH
Zahedan IR 1958 EH
Zanzibar TZ 2586 EH
Zhengzhou CN 15688 AP
Zhengzhou CN 5616 EH
Zhuhai CN 16551 AP
Zhuhai CN 5692 EH
Zurich CH 3090 EH
Y a n b u a l B a h r S A Yangon MM
Yanji CN 3195 EH
Yantai CN 2540 EH
Yaounde CM 7365 EH
Yibin CN 1189 EH
Yogyakarta ID 2402 EH
Yonago JP 4041 EH
Yuma AZ US 13750 AT
Yuma AZ US 10191 PA
Zacatecas MX 14205 AT
Zacatecas MX 11514 PA
Zahedan IR 3043 EH
Zanzibar TZ 5845 EH
Zhengzhou CN 1972 EH
Zhuhai CN 1472 EH
Y a n g o n M M Yanji CN
Yaounde CM 15859 AP
Yaounde CM 9294 EH
Yerevan AM 14547 AP
Yerevan AM 8007 EH
Yerevan AM 8308 TS
Yogyakarta ID 4534 EH
Yonago JP 1833 EH
Yuma AZ US 14488 AT
Yuma AZ US 7916 PA
Zacatecas MX 14943 AT
Zacatecas MX 9856 PA
Zagreb HR 13130 AP
Zagreb HR 7326 EH
Zagreb HR 8361 TS
Zahedan IR 15921 AP
Zahedan IR 4694 EH
Zanzibar TZ 17745 AP
Zanzibar TZ 8167 EH
Zurich CH 12768 AP
Zurich CH 7728 EH
Zurich CH 8601 TS
Y a n j i C N Yantai CN
Yaounde CM 15693 AP
Yaounde CM 8835 EH
Yerevan AM 14432 AP
Yerevan AM 7549 EH
Yerevan AM 8193 TS
Yogyakarta ID 3998 EH
Yonago JP 1718 EH
Yuma AZ US 14030 AT
Yuma AZ US 7801 PA
Zacatecas MX 14485 AT
Zacatecas MX 9741 PA
Zagreb HR 13015 AP
Zagreb HR 6867 EH
Zagreb HR 8246 TS
Zahedan IR 15806 AP
Zahedan IR 4236 EH
Zanzibar TZ 17630 AP
Zanzibar TZ 7674 EH
Zurich CH 12652 AP
Zurich CH 7269 EH
Zurich CH 8486 TS
Y a n t a i C N Yaounde CM
Yibin CN 16566 AP
Yibin CN 8026 EH
Yogyakarta ID 19458 AP
Yogyakarta ID 9180 EH
Yonago JP 15656 AP
Yonago JP 10498 EH
Yonago JP 11691 TS
Yuma AZ US 9873 AT
Yuma AZ US 16182 PA
Zacatecas MX 9882 AT
Zacatecas MX 16563 PA
Zahedan IR 4754 EH
Zanzibar TZ 2594 EH
Zhengzhou CN 15802 AP
Zhengzhou CN 8455 EH
Zhuhai CN 16814 AP
Zhuhai CN 8535 EH
Y a o u n d e C M Yekaterinburg XU
Yuma AZ US 10436 AT
Yuma AZ US 11025 PA
Zacatecas MX 10891 AT
Zacatecas MX 12916 PA
Y e k a t e r i n b u r g X U YellowknifNT CA
Yonago JP 14732 AT
Yonago JP 7350 PA
Y e l l o w k n i f N T C A Yerevan AM
Yibin CN 15556 AP
Yibin CN 7552 EH
Yibin CN 9506 TS
Yogyakarta ID 17966 AP
Yogyakarta ID 9171 EH
Yogyakarta ID 11360 TS
Yonago JP 14002 AP
Yonago JP 8815 EH
Yonago JP 7396 TS
Yuma AZ US 8926 AT
Yuma AZ US 12280 PA
Zahedan IR 1426 EH
Zanzibar TZ 4188 EH
Zhengzhou CN 14793 AP
Zhengzhou CN 7258 EH
Zhengzhou CN 8722 TS
Zhuhai CN 15656 AP
Zhuhai CN 7950 EH
Zhuhai CN 9152 TS
Y e r e v a n A M Yibin CN
Yogyakarta ID 3297 EH
Yonago JP 3031 EH
Yuma AZ US 14265 AT
Yuma AZ US 9014 PA
Zacatecas MX 14720 AT
Zacatecas MX 10484 PA
Zagreb HR 14139 AP
Zagreb HR 6871 EH
Zagreb HR 9559 TS
Zahedan IR 16930 AP
Zahedan IR 3558 EH
Zanzibar TZ 18754 AP
Zanzibar TZ 6526 EH
Zurich CH 13777 AP
Zurich CH 7273 EH
Zurich CH 9799 TS
Y i b i n C N Yichang CN
Yonago JP 2516 EH
Zurich CH 13388 AP
Zurich CH 7078 EH
Zurich CH 9284 TS
Y i c h a n g C N Yiwu CN
Yonago JP 2708 EH
Zurich CH 13460 AP
Zurich CH 7606 EH
Zurich CH 9476 TS
Y i w u C N Yogyakarta ID
Yonago JP 4885 EH
Yuma AZ US 16003 AT
Yuma AZ US 11259 PA
Zacatecas MX 16458 AT
Zacatecas MX 12715 PA
Zagreb HR 16534 AP
Zagreb HR 8490 EH
Zagreb HR 11413 TS
Zahedan IR 19340 AP
Zahedan IR 5328 EH
Zanzibar TZ 20548 AP
Zanzibar TZ 7686 EH
Zhengzhou CN 3692 EH
Zhuhai CN 2940 EH
Zurich CH 16167 AP
Zurich CH 8892 EH
Zurich CH 11653 TS
Y o g y a k a r t a I D Yonago JP
Yuma AZ US 15426 AT
Yuma AZ US 7296 PA
Zacatecas MX 15880 AT
Zacatecas MX 9255 PA
Zagreb HR 12571 AP
Zagreb HR 9249 EH
Zagreb HR 7449 TS
Zahedan IR 15376 AP
Zahedan IR 5900 EH
Zahedan IR 11223 TS
Zanzibar TZ 17181 AP
Zanzibar TZ 9334 EH
Zanzibar TZ 13182 TS
Zhanjiang CN 2922 EH
Zhangjiajie CN 2610 EH
Zhengzhou CN 2247 EH
Zhoushan CN 1911 EH
Zhuhai CN 2677 EH
Zurich CH 12204 AP
Zurich CH 9649 EH
Zurich CH 7689 TS
Y o n a g o J P Yuma AZ US
Zagreb HR 7495 AT
Zagreb HR 13482 PA
Zahedan IR 10976 AT
Zahedan IR 11593 PA
Zanzibar TZ 12057 AT
Zanzibar TZ 15106 PA
Zhengzhou CN 13880 AT
Zhengzhou CN 8251 PA
Zhuhai CN 14571 AT
Zhuhai CN 9009 PA
Zurich CH 7090 AT
Zurich CH 13714 PA
Y u m a A Z U S Zacatecas MX
Zagreb HR 8067 AT
Zagreb HR 14832 PA
Zahedan IR 11431 AT
Zahedan IR 11974 PA
Zanzibar TZ 12316 AT
Zanzibar TZ 15492 PA
Zhengzhou CN 14335 AT
Zhengzhou CN 9870 PA
Zhuhai CN 15026 AT
Zhuhai CN 10192 PA
Zurich CH 7622 AT
Zurich CH 15283 PA
Z a c a t e c a s M X Zagreb HR
Zahedan IR 3226 EH
Zanzibar TZ 4741 EH
Zhengzhou CN 13376 AP
Zhengzhou CN 6577 EH
Zhengzhou CN 8775 TS
Zhuhai CN 14239 AP
Zhuhai CN 7268 EH
Zhuhai CN 9205 TS
Z a g r e b H R Zahedan IR
Zanzibar TZ 3861 EH
Zhengzhou CN 16167 AP
Zhengzhou CN 3993 EH
Zhuhai CN 17030 AP
Zhuhai CN 4066 EH
Zurich CH 3908 EH
Z a h e d a n I R Zanzibar TZ
Zhengzhou CN 17991 AP
Zhengzhou CN 7114 EH
Zhuhai CN 18854 AP
Zhuhai CN 7035 EH
Zurich CH 4986 EH
Z a n z i b a r T Z Zhanjiang CN
Zurich CH 14101 AP
Zurich CH 7592 EH
Zurich CH 9690 TS
Z h a n j i a n g C N Zhangjiajie CN
Zurich CH 13536 AP
Zurich CH 7162 EH
Zurich CH 9378 TS
Z h a n g j i a j i e C N Zhengzhou CN
Zurich CH 13014 AP
Zurich CH 6979 EH
Zurich CH 9015 TS