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Keyword: Reward, manifestation, security, wealth, new enterprise,
Beginning of prosperity and successful ventures. Beginning of wealth
and material success. Or the beginning of a passionate relationship.
Gold, prosperity combined with pleasure and beauty. On an inner level,
this card of good fortune bestows the great gift of knowledge and the
materialization of ideas. For earthly benefits, this is the one of the most
favorable of all the cards. Now there is a great sense of stability and
earthly power. You will have enough resources to do and have whatever
you may wish. Gifts of inheritances may be indicated and desired material
gains will be forthcoming. Your business activities will expand on a secure
foundation. A new beginning regarding material wealth and practical
affairs is at hand. If investments have been properly handled, much
profit and wealth will accrue.
Rev. False security. Great plans may not materialize. Miserly. Greed.
False start. Comfortable material conditions, which may not be to the
advantage of the client.
Keyword: Change, balance, adaptability, harmony in change
Trying to cope with two situations. Much more will be achieved if a
decision is made. It can be done. Ability to juggle two situations at
once. A job or opportunity in two parts or the need to give equal
attention to key aspects of ones life. Lightheartedness, gaiety.
Recreation. Harmony in midst of change. New projects may be difficult
to launch. News and messages in writing. A nature industrious yet
unreliable, elated then melancholic. With change, comes the growth
that runs throughout ones life. The growth from child to young adult
and from young adult to old age is meaningless without the accompaniment
of the wisdom accumulated with the changing seasons of our lives.
You have endured changes in the past, both comforting and uncomfortable,
and are now being called upon to do so again. You must remain flexible
and see change as opportunity, as you ride upon the flowing waves of life.
Rev. Plans will probably not run smoothly. Need for more organization.
Enforced gaiety; inability to handle several situations at once.
Simulated enjoyment.
Keyword: Work, negotiation, skill, employment, teamwork
Well-informed, you have great skill, ability and talent. Recognition is
due. Material increase. The master craftsman; the skilled artist.
Gain in commercial transaction. The need to repair, correct or make
adjustments in a plan. This card is for members of the Masons and
other groups and societies. Though obstacles may stand in the way,
look forward to achieving a distant goal. Work shared is work halved.
Shared burdens are lighter; a friend or a fellow worker will be helpful.
Satisfaction will be the reward of consistent effort with a partner.
Do not try to do the job yourself. Choose only a partner who is willing
to work as conscientiously as you. This is a time to roll up your sleeves
and realize the rewards of tasks thoroughly and well executed for their
own sakes. Can sometimes indicate the need to make repairs or
improvements around ones home.
Rev. Insufficient experience. You need to learn more. Lack of skill,
ignorance. Selfishness. Commonplace ideals. Pre-occupation with gain.
Keyword: Possessiveness, control, stability, security
Strong attachment to materialistic pursuits and endeavors. Firmly footed.
Keep control. Assured material gain, success. Earthly power, but leading
to nothing beyond it. Gifts, legacy, inheritance. May indicate a miserly,
ungenerous character. The lesson to be learned here is that real power
cannot be won with increased wealth. Material gains will not satisfy your
need for security in this world of change, because true security comes
from within. You must reflect on the quality of your own values and
self-worth, for these are precious things that cannot be taken from you,
only given away, by your own thoughts and actions. Guard against
selfishness and over-protectiveness. Your precious material possessions,
as beautiful as they may be, are not always able to bring happiness.
Can indicate a move to a neighboring community, or the ability to keep
things together.
Rev. Loss and obstacles. Prejudice, covetousness, suspicion. Hindrances.
Setbacks in material ambitions. The spendthrift too free with money.
Chance of loss of earthly possessions.
Keyword: Anxiety, isolation, insecurity, worry, loss, dependence
Take time to review what is happening in your life and what you want.
Dont be afraid. Listen to your higher self and open the gate of opportunity. Unem
ployment, destitution. Loss of home. Loneliness. Lovers unable to
find a meeting place. Affinities discovered through similar troubles.
Dark night of the soul. Though hardship rules this card, the couple has
a certain valiant energy. You must not expend your vitality by worrying
about the future but handle things day by day as they appear. In this way,
despite hard times and poverty, you will be guided towards positive
situations. This is a time of testing. If you can learn to understand and
thereby control your anxiety, you will certainly be rewarded in the future.
Can speak to a dependent or injured male, someone who is having
trouble keeping pace with their mates, and help coming from some
institution or spiritual community.
Rev. Accept the karmic lesson. Try to understand your burdens.
Money regained after severe toil. New employment, but may not be
permanent. Charity. New interest in spiritual matters.
Keyword: Generosity, success, charity, prosperity
Happy atmosphere. You are about to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
A vibrant personal cycle. Alms dispensed with justice. Gifts, inheritance.
Gain in material undertaking. Others will share with you justly.
You will receive what you deserve. Express your needs and other will
help you answer them. Look deep within yourself and you may find
the resources that you must share to know success. Fulfillment will be
found through your generosity or that of others. This will be a pleasant,
well-earned reward. If you bestow a fit upon someone, make sure that
you expect nothing in return. Can say that as long as you give a little
away, you will always have more than what you need.
Rev. Unsatisfactory situation regarding the distribution of money,
business, an estate etc. Purse-proud, jealous, bad debts. Present
prosperity threatened. Gifts given but as a bribe.
Keyword: Frustration, vision, perseverance, profit
A cycle of change will affect your home for the better. Expand - dont
be afraid of success. Pause during the development of an enterprise.
Unprofitable speculation. Loss of promising fortune. Disappointment.
Anxiety about a loan. Success not attained. Fear of failing, or indulging
in worry about future results will not determine a favorable outcome.
You must maintain a strong desire to achieve, even in the face of defeat.
The roots have dug deeply into the soil and the garden will bloom again
in its own time. Remember that it is neither profitable nor necessary
to continually measure the growth of your project. Look to your resources
you have what you need to accomplish your goals, but may be ignoring
something that is useful to you.
Rev. Anxiety and depression, possibly relating to finances. Impatience.
Little gain after much work. Anxiety about a loan.
Keyword: Craftsmanship, Improvement, apprenticeship, education, purpose
Strong character. You are stable as you prepare for the future.
Past experience will serve you well. Learning a trade or profession.
The beginning of a profitable venture. Employment or commission to
come. Skill in material affairs, handiwork and the arts - sometimes
remaining only in apprenticeship stage. If you are prepared to learn
as you work carefully, attending to all details lovingly, you will achieve
great results. Be skillful and practical and you will become a crafts-person,
doing work for its own sake and not for speedy self-gain or for others profit.
As you go about your task, think only about what you are doing and not
at all about the rewards you expect as a result. You will achieve a period
of serene contentment, following a job well done. Be prepared to
complete the task at hand before considering new ventures.
Rev. Going about things the wrong way. Need for guidance. There is
danger of failing in ones ambitions. False vanity, intrigue and sharp
practice. Skill tuned to cunning, like that of a counterfeiter.
Keyword: Abundance, Gratitude, accomplishments, good luck, culmination
A feeling of being incomplete. Still seeking goals though others may
think you have it all. Solitary enjoyment of good things in life.
Inheritance. Wisdom wheres ones own interests lie. A person with
a green thumb. Material well-being. Caution: be prudent. Great love
of gardens and home. At this moment, you are on your way to being
self-reliant and immensely enjoying the feeling. There is a strong sense
of independence and freedom. An unexpected source may add to your
income but take care that you dont also gain weight as a result of
feelings of accumulation and increase. For women, this often speaks
to a need to seek an independent lifestyle for a period, to let go of
the need for romance as you focus on career and other personal goals.
Rev. Time to analyze your goals and desires. Meditation may give
the answer. Danger from thieves, canceled project. Possible loss
of home of friendship. Move cautiously.
Keyword: Protection, wealth, inheritance, old age
Beginning to feel secure but slightly detached. Still anticipating full
completion. Riches, inheritance. Attention to family matters, interest
in ones ancestral tree. Problem concerning a will or pension. May refer
to acquiring of a house or business property The first rule of any plan
that would succeed is "Make your base secure". This card, one of the
most favorable, is a sign to you that, if you have done this and not taken
shortcuts, your success is assured. There is a strong circle of support
around you. You are emerging into a world that holds the complete
manifestation of all you want materially with happiness included as well.
Retirement is possible and all the good things of life are available.
Make conservative investments for the future, but dont gamble. Do not
dissipate this wealth or allow luxury to make you lazy. This speaks to
good relationships with parents and in-laws as you mature, and can
speak to a partner who must travel for a period, and also to pregnancy
and a prosperous, happy family life.
Rev. One problem after another! Nothing gels or runs smoothly.
Family misfortune. Old people may become a burden. Loss of inheritance.
Caution against getting involved in projects that are a poor risk.
Be aware that the appearance of a Court Card like the Page of Pentacles
in a reading may mean that a person with those qualities will soon be
appearing in your life.
PAGE OF PENTACLES (Sometimes known as Princess of Pentacles)
Keyword: Young Woman or Child, Entitlement, good news
A young person who enjoys studying and is a persevering scholar.
Respect for learning and new ideas. Scholar. Typical introvert.
Can mean: application, reflection. A need for flexibility, a willingness
to make changes. Good management. Carefulness. Bringer of good
news and messages about money. You are learning now to trust your
instincts. Become aware of the natural rhythms and cycles of your life
that parallel those of the natural world of The Empress. The Page of
Pentacles brings news of material matters, helpful information and
practical assistance.
Rev. A quiet young person who can be moody but is goal-oriented.
Dissipation and excess. Too great a pleasure in material things of life.
Wastefulness, luxury. News of loss of money or worldly goods.
KNIGHT OF PENTACLES (Sometimes known as Prince of Pentacles)
Keyword: Young Man; Efficiency, potentiality
A young man who is thorough and will take the time to do a good job,
often a dark-haired or even dark-skinned man. Can refer to someone
who is close to the land, may be a property owner. An upright nature
who accepts responsibility. He is laborious and patient. Can mean:
utility, serviceableness, trustworthiness. (or the need to question these
qualities in someone the querant will soon meet.) Or the coming or going
of an important money or property matter. This is a time to be stubborn
and trustworthy in order to achieve monetary success. Concentrate on
the physical aspects of the situation. Being physical, goal-oriented and
competent can enable you to carry out your objective with steadfastness
and endurance.
Rev. An irresponsible and impatient attitude affects the progress of this
young man. Static nature that is unprogressive, dull, timid, idle or
careless. Stagnation in ones affairs.
Keyword: Mature Woman; Practicality, security
A creative lady with many talents, often dark-haired. Family oriented
and charitable. Earth mother. Generous with her gifts. Rich but charitable,
truly noble soul. A creator on the physical plane. Other meanings:
opulence, security, balance. Trust of those around you. Moody and
melancholy at times. Good use of practical talents, and also an inability
to set appropriate priorities.. Now is the time to be aware of the financial
problems of others less fortunate and to nurture them, helping them
to gain their own security in the material world. Your touch is healing
for The Empress communicates most directly with the Queen of Pentacles.
This is a sociable time but be careful not to forget that there is another
kind of life beyond the social whirl of parties and dinners.
Rev. This lady finds it difficult to trust anyone. Insecurity causes a
suspicious nature. Mistrust, suspicion. Duties neglected. Dependence
on others. Changeable. Fearful of failure.
Keyword: Mature Man; Security, influence
Good position in industry. Hes mathematically competent, a typically
good spouse. Generous soul, friendly, affectionate. Chief of industry.
Banker, owner, real estate. Reliable, married, mathematician with
great financial gifts. Card can mean: a steady temperament, slow to
anger, success with money. Reliable. With a kings self-discipline and
a solid sense of purpose, you will achieve success in your material affairs.
Try to interact instinctively with all you meet and do not be confused
by wealth or station in life. Maintain your ties to the natural world because
this will fortify you in your dealings.
Rev. Stupidity. Most materialistic man who talks a lot and often appears
stupid. Hes opinionated and easily led. Perverse use of talents.
Thriftless. Easy to bribe. Vice. Caution against association with
gamblers and speculators.