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S-178 MIDC Bhosari, Pune-411026

Tel: +91 20 4076 7777

16 Apr 2014
Pankaj Monadal

Subject: Letter of Appointment
Dear Pankaj Monadal,

Further to your application, the subsequent selection process and acceptance of the offer of employment made to
you, Evolve Technologies & Services Pvt. Ltd. is pleased to appoint you effective 16 Apr 2014 as Field Technician
on the below mentioned terms and conditions.

Employee Code 2844
This is a unique number and is your identifier in the HR Systems
at Evolve. Please use this during your communications with the
support teams during your tenure at Evolve.
Cost To Company Rs. 144960/-
This is the sum of gross salary paid to the employee and
employee related expenses directly incurred by the company for
Statutory Compliances, Insurances and other Employee benefits.
Notice Period 15 days
This is to facilitate a proper work handover process and ensure
the continuity of work at the client site without any disruptions.
Replacement Fee 10% Of Gross Salary
The cost of hiring a new employee including the interviewing,
screening, and hiring, in case of not serving Notice Period the fee
will be chargeable to the employee(s).
Deputed To
(India) Co. (P) Ltd
This is your initial client and may change during the course of
your employment, depending upon the work requirements and
project status.
Deployed At New Barrackpur
This is your initial location of deployment and may change base
on work situations or client requirements from time to time.

You are requested to also note the below mentioned terms and conditions.

a. Probation
You will be on probation for a period of 7 months from the date of your joining, after which you will be
confirmed if your work is found satisfactory. The probation period can be extended, if found necessary.
You shall continue to be on probation, till your services are confirmed in writing by a letter of
confirmation. During probation period the performance of the employee will be evaluated to determine
whether further employment in the specific position is appropriate. During the probation period, the
company can terminate the employment without serving any written notice. If you decide to resign during
probation period, you will be liable to give 7 days notice or payment of equivalent Gross Salary amount in
lieu thereof.

S-178 MIDC Bhosari, Pune-411026
Tel: +91 20 4076 7777

b. Service
Your appointment is full-time and you will not at any time engage in any paid occupation or business (part
time or full time) outside Evolve without obtaining prior written consent from Evolve. You shall abide by
the Rules and Regulations of Evolve which are in force and / or which may be framed from time to time in
relation to conduct, discipline and other matters. When placed at client’s sites all existing norms of the
client site with regard to work timings, holidays, travel policies etc. will be applicable to you. You could be
assigned additional or new work or moved to alternate clients or different work sites, depending upon the
work requirements. You can be absorbed into the client’s organization as per their internal requirements
and approval process. On receiving confirmation from the client, Evolve will not deter your movement
into the client organization in any way. Evolve reserves the right to terminate your service in case of non-
performance, misconduct, fraud, ethical issues or any other circumstance, which in the opinion of Evolve
may be against the welfare of the company. In the event of your separation, voluntary or mandated, you
must hand over all company assets like laptop, data card, etc. in proper working condition within 1 hour of
acceptance of your resignation. In the event of failure of your returning the assets like laptop, data card,
etc, it will be considered as a default on your part and the company can take legal action against you. The
company can hold back your experience and relieving letters as well as submit your name into default
employee databases. In such cases there will be no dues from the company side payable to you. Also in
case of unexplained absence of over two days from client site you will be considered as absconding and no
dues will be payable to you from the company side. The full and final settlement along will be initiated
post confirmation from your reporting manager and the HR team regarding receipt of company assets
and will be completed within 45-60 days from the date of handover.

c. Compensation
The earning heads of your compensation are listed below. Salary revisions are discretionary and not
mandatory after completion of 7 months in the company. It will be solely on the basis of effective
performance, client commercial arrangement and management decision. Your salary cycle would be 20-20
for every month. Salary would be processed as per the number of days approved in the Timesheet/WCC
and is typically paid out by the 10
of every month or within 6 working days of receipt of the approved
Timesheet/ WCC, whichever is later.

Particulars Monthly
Basic 6600
HRA 3300
Conveyance Allowance 0
Medical Allowance 0
Communication Allowance 500
Personal Allowance 175
Gross Salary 10575
Less PT 200
Less ESIC 185
Net Salary 10190

S-178 MIDC Bhosari, Pune-411026
Tel: +91 20 4076 7777

Please Note: Statutory Deductions like TDS, ESIC or any other taxes such as Income Tax levied by the
government from time to time will be deducted as per the Government Policy in force from the above-
mentioned Gross Salary. Also based on usage of company assets, security deposits and deductions may be
applicable. Hence, the Net Salary stated above may change.

You need to confirm your acceptance of this appointment on the above-mentioned terms and conditions by
returning to us the copy of this letter duly signed by you.

We look forward to a long and successful association with you.

Welcome to Evolve Technologies and Services Pvt. Ltd.

Yours Sincerely,

Shilpi Sethi
Evolve Technologies & Services Pvt. Ltd.

I accept this appointment on the above-mentioned terms and conditions.

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