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TLC Solutons’ Pico-GSM Network is the

smallest, fully-specifed GSM network soluton
on the market today. This system can provide
every major available feature in today’s
commercial GSM networks including voice
calling, Short Message Service (SMS),
GPRS/EDGE data, handovers and mobile
The Pico-GSM Network is available in a
number of diferent form factors and with
a variety of optons including support for
mult-media, email and chat. It can be
packaged in a carrying case capable of
ftng in an overhead bin of most
commercial aircraf making it easily
deployable and operatonal within minutes.
Its design is ideal for supportng tactcal
communicatons, and public safety, homeland
security, and other defense applicatons.
The Pico-GSM Network can operate in a
variety of modes, including as a single base
staton subsystem or as a larger, networked
base staton subsystem with multple nodes.
Optonally, each node in a multple node
system can be confgured to operate
independently should the IP backhaul lose
All communicatons between the components
of the Pico-GSM Network are accomplished
over IP connectvity, resultng in fexible
network deployments that can be easily inte-
grated into existng network infrastructure.
The Pico-GSM Network is available in 850
MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 1900 MHz
frequency bands and supports both GPRS
and EDGE data connectvity.
The Pico-GSM Network is also part of the
Pre-positoned Expeditonary Assistance
Kits (PEAK) Joint Capability Technology
Demonstraton (JCTD) which provides
rapidly-deployable, user-friendly, leave-
behind services to support global disas-
ters/humanitarian eforts .

TLC Sol uti ons, I nc.
Products & Servi ces

Wireless Networks
Systems Integration
Product Development
Custom Fabrication

Other Products
Avai lable
 Pico-CDMA Network
 Pico-EVDO Network
 Pico -UMTS Network
 Multi-standard Mobile
Switching Center (MSC)
 Mini-GSM Base Station
 Macro-GSM Base Station
 Macro-CDMA Base Station
 Macro-EVDO Base Station
 Macro-UMTS Base Station
 ChatterBox Voice & SMS
Traffic Generator

Flexible, private GSM Network
supportng voice, SMS, and data
Support for multple backhaul
optons for connectvity into DoD
or commercial networks
Supports the use of any GSM mobile
handset and provides all the major
functons of a commercial network
Multple optons available for
supportng up to Type-1 secure
Can be customized in a variety of
form factors from rack-mounted to a
rapidly deployable suitcase system
Pico-GSM Network
Single-TRX Pico-GSM Network
TLC Solutons’ Pico-GSM Network is the most compact,
portable GSM Network available in the market and is
widely deployed by a number of DoD and other
Government organizatons.
The Pico-GSM Network fully supports all of the everyday
functons expected from a cellular network in additon
to providing secure communicatons capabilites.
Multple systems can be networked together through
satellite, WiMAX or other backhaul methods to
increase the range of network coverage.
TLC Soluti ons, I nc.

TLC Solutons is the leader
in providing secure wireless
network solutons designed
specifcally for portability,
ease-of-use and tactcal
communicatons applica-
tons across a variety of
standards including 2G,
3G and ultmately 4G

As a small, woman-owned
business with expertse in
systems integraton, RF
and network engineering,
hardware and sofware
development, and custom
fabricaton, TLC has been
producing cutng-edge
communicatons solutons
and providing outstanding
support to its Government
and DoD customers since
its incepton in 2003.

For more informaton on
any of our products or
services please visit us on
the Web at:
Features and Benefits
Features :
 1000+ Subscriber HLR
 1000+ Subscriber VLR
 Integrated SMSC
 Integrated GSN (Optonal)
 NSA Type 1 Secure phone
 Integrated AUC
 Call Holding, Call Waitng,
Caller ID
 MMS Support (Optonal)
 Email Support (Optonal)
 Chat Support (Optonal)
 Up to 10W Output Power

Specifcatons (Suitcase):
Input Power
 110-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
or 9-32 VDC
 105W Max Power

 Operatng -5° C to +45° C
 Storage -40° C to +85° C

 Operatng 0% to 95% Non-

 16.75”Lx11.18”Wx8.68”H
(in carrying case)

 34 lbs.

Network Interface Optons
 Session Initated Proto-
col (SIP)
 E-1/T1 ISDN PRI 
 GSM Map (Optonal)
System Specifications
Based on the customer’s operatonal requirements, the Pico-GMS Network can be prewired
and preconfgured to be set-up and operatonal within minutes of antenna deployment and the
fip of the power switch.
Backed by TLC Solutons’ world-class integraton and support services, the Pico-GSM Network is
self-contained and can be ruggedized to survive some of the harshest weather conditons.
Integrated into a portable suitcase with internal cooling fans and batery back-up, it can provide
reliable voice and data communicatons services in even the most remote locatons.
TLC Solutons, Inc.
120 Cumberland Park Drive, Suite 101
St. Augustne, FL 32095
phone: (904) 829-0323
fax: (904) 217-0328
Mult-TRX Pico-GSM Network