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NAME:________________________________________________________ SCORE:_______________

1. There were ten ____________ who lost their homes during the typhoon.
a) Family b) Families c) familys
2. They feed the ducks and ____________ with corn.
a) goose b) geese c) gooses
3. The ___________ helped their parents.
a) Childrens b) child c) children
4. I collect decorated ___________ of different size.
a) box b) boxes c) box’s
5. I found sweet _________ in the market.
a) Potato b) potatos c) potatoes
6. The ___________ are newly built.
a) shelf b) shelves c) shelf’s
7. I brought five ___________ of bread.
a)loaf b) loafs c)loaves
8. The ________of the players are sitting in front row.
a) wife b)wives c) wifes
9. How ________ money did you spend at the party?
a) much b) many c) more
10. There are _________ people in the park that is why the road was closed so they can be
accommodated all.
a)few b) many c) more
11. There are _______ animals in Ritz’ farm.
a)few b) many c) more
12. The __________ two little balls are in the box.
a. Boys b. boys’ c. boy’s
13. The __________ receipt is prepared by the saleslady.
a. Buyer b. buyer’s c. buyers’
14. __________ shirt is newly pressed.
a.Carlos b. Carloses c. Carlos’
15. The __________ web is huge.
a. spider b. spiders c. spider’s
16. One of the girls has fever. She was bought to the __________ clinic.
a. doctors b. doctors’ c. doctor’s
17. We visited ___________ house.
a. Ms. Reyes b. Ms. Reyes’ c. Ms. Reyeses
18. We saw _________ bag at the library.
a. Claire’s b. Claires’ c. Claires

A. Direction: Choose the present form of the verb to complete each sentence. Underline
your answer.

19. The bakers (bake, bakes) the bread.
20. Angie (cook, cooks) food for the visitors.
21. Mark and Vic (climb, climbs) the tree.
22. The principal (take, takes) a visit to the room.

B. Direction: Write the correct past form of the verb in the parentheses to complete each
23. Yesterday, our school (hold) ________ a book shower. 24. The
alumni (donate) _________ plenty of books. 25.They (show) _________ us that books
can help school children. 26. They (feel) _________ happy with what they did. We
were also happy.

C. Direction: Complete the following sentences by using the future tense of the verb
before each number.
witness 27. You ________ the progress of the country in the near future.
Enjoy 28. Everyone ________ a peaceful and abundant life.
raise 29. Farmers ________ better crops by using natural fertilizers.
use 30. People ________ better transport facilities in the year to come.

D. Direction: Use the correct form of the verb that agrees with the subject.
31. Father (scold) her for coming late.
32. You (fix) the broken chair.
33. The dog (run) after the chickens in the garden.
34. The policemen (catch) the thieves.

A. Copy the following nouns. Give a one word adjective to describe each
appropriately. Put the adjective at the right place.
35. ________ trees
36. ________ flowers
37. ________ Christmas
38. ________ park
39. ________ fruits
40. ________ lady

B. Write the correct form of adjective in the parentheses to complete the sentences.

41. Which flower smells (sweet) __________, a rose or an orchid?
42. In February, it is (cold) ___________ than December.
43. Manila is (small) ______ than Quezon City.
44. Her dress is the (pretty) _________ of all.
45. Edmund is the (heavy) ________ of the children.
46. The (short) _______ hair covers her earrings.
47. The weather in winter is (cool)__________.
48. Ana’s bag is the (beautiful) _______ bag in the room.

C. Underline the appropriate adjective in the parentheses to complete each sentence.

49. The engine has (more, most, much) powerful than that one.
50. Donald’s second try was (bad, worse, worst) than the first one.
51. Which is (good, better, best) the yellow or the red one?
52. I did (little, less, least) work of all on this toy airplane.
53. I feel (good, better, best) today than last night.
54. Romeo has (many, more, most) friends.
55. Mayon Volcano is the ( more, most, much) beautiful volcano of all.