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Upgrade to Oracle Enterprise

Manager Cloud Control 12.1
Roger Lopez, System Engineer, Dell Global Solutions Engineering
Kai Yu, Sr. System Engineer Consultant, Dell Global Solutions Engineering
Akanksha Sheoran, Seniour Product Manager, Oracle Corporation

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About Authors
• Roger Lopez, System Engineer, Dell Oracle Solutions Lab
• 5 years as a Solutions Engineer
• Oracle expertise with Oracle VM and Oracle RAC databases
• Specialize in iSCSI SAN storage, Fibre Channel Storage, and Oracle
database sizing
• Oracle VM Blog:
• Kai Yu, Senior System Engineer, Dell Oracle Solutions Lab
• 16 years with Oracle Technology: DBA, Apps DBA, Engineer/Architect
• Oracle ACE Director, author and presenter
• 2011 OAUG Innovator of the Year Award Winner
• Oracle Blog:
• Akanksha Sheoran, Senior Product Manager, Oracle Corporation
• Lead and manage the entire lifecycle of Enterprise Manager

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• Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12.1 Architecture
• Dell Environment
• Two System Upgrade Approach (Zero downtime upgrade)
• Dell using Two System Upgrade Approach to perform upgrade
from to 12.1
• Q&A

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Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Architecture
• Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control consists of four main

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Dell’s Environment
• Grid Control on Enterprise
Linux 4.7 64 bit

•Two Dell PowerEdge R710

•One Dell Compellent Fibre Channel

•Various Database Clusters attached to OMS

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12.1 Key Upgrade Improvements

 Guided workflow and automation for upgrade process

 Reporting functionality to administer and manage upgrade process

 Near zero downtime

 Pre-deployment checks and validations

 Ability to upgrade agents in phases
 Ability to restore/revert to old Grid Control quickly
 Clarity and well defined upgrade path
 Details on what Software/Plug-in versions are required
 OS Migration along with upgrade
 Clarity on data that is migrated as part of upgrade process

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Enterprise Manager 12.1 :Two System Upgrade
1. Start with existing / 11.1
2. Apply the Upgrade console patch
3. Deploy 12.1 agents from upgrade
4. Backup /restore the repository
5. Deploy / configure OMS (can be on
different host) and upgrade
6. Start the 12.1 OMS
7. Shutdown the / 11.1 agents
incrementally and activate12.1 agents
8. When all agents are successfully
moved, decommission the pre-12.1
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2- Systems Approach – how to restore old
1. You will have your old GC system
intact. We don't touch your old
2. We don't touch your repository
and it will be up and running
3. You have to manually start your
old agent
4. You have your old GC back 

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Highlights of the new upgrade approach
provided by Enterprise Manager 12.1
• You can plan your upgrade !
• NO downtime of your OMS during upgrade
• Reports ! Reports ! Various reports to give you overall picture
of your upgrade. Reports will tell you if your environment is
ready for upgrade and what is required
• Simplifies upgrade process by allowing direct upgrade from
Enterprise Manager to 12.1
• Provides a guided workflow for your complete upgrade
• Easy fallback

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Upgrading to Enterprise Manager 12.1

Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4
Phase 1 (Generic)

1.Review the Hardware/Software
requirements of 12.1

2.Review the Certification Matrix to
see if your repository and OS is
certified with 12.1

3.Apply the Patch 10044087 to
OMS home to get the Pre-upgrade

4.Create a shared location
(accessible from OMSes ) to store
your 12.1 agent binaries and

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Phase 1 (Generic)
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Phase 1
• Read the Upgrade guide
• Go through the Hardware and Software Requirements of 12.1
• Go through the Certification Matrix for the repository and
agent certification
– We had repository with Grid control. We upgraded it before starting the upgrade to 12.1
• Apply the patch 10044087 to your OMS home to get the Pre-
Upgrade console. Follow the Readme for patch application
– OPatch utility version must be or higher

• Created a shared location to store our EM 12c agent binaries
and agents (i.e. via an NFS share)
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What is Pre-Upgrade Console ?
This is the starting point of your Upgrade planning
Provides a guided workflow for your Upgrade
Single source of truth for upgrade impact(reports)
 Agent Upgradability
 Target Upgradability
Provides different upgrade approaches
Perform 12.1 mass agent deployment with required plug-ins (this is the
agent upgrade)
We don't need any SSH connectivity to deploy the agents from the
upgrade console as we use the existing agent communication(
or 11.1) to transfer the bits
Software Management for 12.1 Agent and plug-ins
Runs dynamic pre-upgrade repository checks
Before 12.1 agents are activated administrators can run readiness checks

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Phase 2
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Identify Host and Port
In this section, one must enter the
a)Fully qualified hostname where they plan to install the 12.1 OMS
b)12.1 OMS HTTPS Upload Port
c)12.1 OMS HTTP Upload Port

Note: You have to provide the same ports while doing the 12.1 OMS Install
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Manage Software
1. Provide shared location and click “Validate”

2. Contents of Shared Location : Agent and Plugin software

[oracle@kblademgr admin]$ cd /mnt/staging/
[oracle@kblademgr staging]$ ls
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Manage Software 2
3. Go through the reports
This version of OS will not be supported by 12.1 so the report clearly display the
message. If you want this target to be monitored by 12.1 then upgrade your OS to
a certified version
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Phase 3
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Upgrade to Enterprise Manager 12c
Install Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.5 and have access to shared storage
After Deployment
Confirm that all servers
can accept and respond
to ICMP traffic (i.e. ping)
Install the latest oracle-
validated RPM on target
Pre-upgrade steps have
been completed from EM
12c Upgrade Console
Install the Oracle Database software and restore your backed up database
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Backup your existing Grid control repository
• You can choose any backup mechanism ( cold/hot backup,
dbca, RMAN ..etc) to back your existing grid control repository

Repository Backup Date & Time
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Invoke the 12.1 installer to upgrade your
existing EM
• While you invoke the 12.1 installer it gives you upgrade options

• Select the correct option and provide the middleware home
location. 12.1 Installer installs the WLS 10.3.5 along with 12.1
• The 12.1 OMS is similar to fresh install with upgraded repository
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Repository upgrade
• Provide the old (backed up) repository details and perform the
repository upgrade
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Upgrade done
• Once the upgrade is done go back to the pre-upgrade
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Create link to upgraded repository
• In the pre-upgrade console, provide the connect descriptor and
click “ Create DB link”

• The location of the Connect Descriptor can be found at the
following location:
• Location assigned to variable EM_REPOS_CONNECTDESCRIPTOR
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Phase 4
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Agent Upgrades : Deploy and Configure
Mass Agent
Agent upgrades to 12.1 is out-of-place so you will get a fresh
12.1 oracle home. After deploying the 12.1 agent they are up and
running but not uploading the data to 12.1 OMS
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Agent Upgrades : Deploy and Configure
• Integration with SUDO and Power broker

• Ability to run the script pre or post agent deployment

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Job Run: Deploying 12.1 Agents
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Generate Health Report
Health report does various checks on the 12.1 agent before it
starts uploading the data to 12.1 OMS
It also does the ping check between the 12.1 agent and 12.1
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Sign Off Health Report
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Switch from 10g Agents to 12.1 Agents
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Agent Upgrade Status
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Enterprise Manager 12c
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Enterprise Manager 12c Agents
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Post Upgrade Steps – Data Migration
Post Upgrade Console (from 12.1 Grid Control)
Deferred data migration
Lazy migration of historical data
Status tracking from post upgrade console
Ability to retry
Accrued target data migration
Applicable for two-system approach only
Automatic migration of accrued data from old system to 12C
Diff reports
Configuration or setup-related changes that were manually made to
the old system while 2-system upgrade was happening
Deleting Old Agents
Ability to perform deletion of old agents from 12c Console
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Questions or