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Mahayahay, Iligan City

Prelim Examination
April 28, 2014

Name: ___________________________________________ Permit # ______________ Score: ________
I. Multiple Choice: Encircle the letter of your choice.
1. The Humanities study the _____ that man has created.
A. beauty B. best C. things D. buildings
2. Man has expressed his thoughts and feelings about the world around him and has expressed these
through some of his greatest achievements: language, literature, history, ______, music and philosophy.
A. science B. math C. art D. English
3. Man’s achievements form the _______________ (from homo, meaning man or human), the collective
disciplines which depict the human condition.
A. Homo sapiens B. Humanity C. Humanities D. Humane
4. The Humanities allows us to experience a state beyond our routines of __________, sleeping and
working for a living.
A. talking B. eating C. crying D. walking
5. Besides studying the Humanities in the classroom, we can experience the Humanities by watching
performances like ________, concerts, and recitals.
A. plays B. TV C. Facebook D. google
6. ______________ is the study of beauty and its appreciation.
A. aesthetics B. art C. Humanities D. culture
7. Art, or ‘ars’ in Latin means ______ which suggests some competence in performing and completing
some activity.
A. artist B. skill C. beauty D. human
8. Art imitates and the Greeks called this ___________ as they held the principle that Art represents (or
‘copies’) nature.
A. mimeo B. mimic C. miss D. mimesis
9. Vincent Van Gogh made the famous painting called ____________.
A. Mona Lisa B. The Last Supper C. Guernica D. Starry Night
10. The Humanities, Art and ____________ are three things that interrelate.
A. Culture B. Beauty C. Subject D. Feelings
11. The ___________ is what the artist’s art is all about.
A. Medium B. Subject C. Form D. Technique
12. It is the material out of which the artist creates his work.
A. Subject B. Technique C. Medium D. Form
13. How well an artist handles his medium is called __________.
A. Form B. Medium C. Technique D. Subject
14. The medium of painting is _______.
A. paintbrush B. color D. water D. board
15. Is a three dimensional work of art made of material like stone, metal, glass, etc.
A. painting B. sculpture C. movie D. drawing

II. TRUE or FALSE. Write True if the statement is correct and False if the statement is wrong.
________ 1. Art is not nature.
________ 2. Where there is man in any time and in any place, there will be Art.
________ 3. Appreciation varies among cultures.
________ 4. Symbols are images, words, objects, etc. that have meanings identified by a specific culture.
________ 5. Art manifests the values of a culture.
________ 6. Art integrates people in communities.
________ 7. It does not follow that a beautiful subject will automatically produce a great work.
________ 8. The Visual Arts use space to express.
________ 9. Tapestries were the art form of royalty.
________ 10. A tarpaulin is a durable plastic sheet that is water resistant and waterproof.

III. Enumeration. List down the things asked for.
1. List down at least 5 Classifications of Art.
1. 3. 5.
2. 4.
2. List down at least 5 principles that explain the features of Art.
1. 3. 5.
2. 4.
3. List at least 5 color mediums that painters use.
1. 3. 5.
2. 4.
4. List at least 5 mediums used in drawing.
1. 3. 5.
2. 4.
5. List at least 5 materials used in sculpture.
1. 3. 5.
2. 4.
IV. Essay. Read the following questions carefully and write down your thoughts on a separate piece of
1. How can Humanities help us answer the many questions we seek in Life like: Who am I? Why am I
here? (10 pts.)

2. If a subject is ‘ugly,’ does it necessarily follow that the Art, too, is ‘ugly?’ Explain. (10 pts.)

3. What do the following paintings and sculpture below show about human condition? Interpret it. (10
pts. each)

The End. 