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SST v4.11Er (New Setup)
Status:The latest-type
Date of publication:2009-01-05
SST v4.11Er (New Setup)
SST v4.11 is released.
v4.01/4.03 which were limitedly released had some problems, so we decided to stop its release. Please do not use
Points to note at SSTv4.04 release:
In this release, downloading multiple firmware on single mode connection is already made possible. And, since
numerous bugs has already been fixed, it is strongly recommended to use the latest version.
- When you install SST v4.11 to the PC which the old version is already installed, you need to uninstall this old
version beforehand. If you upgrade the version by overwriting, an error occurs. Therefore, we made the modification,
so that when you attempt to overwrite, the message prompting you to uninstall the old version is displayed and the
installation is stopped.
- Even the old version is uninstalled, the registered firmware remains. If you change the default drive in which
firmware is stored, select "System Management", "Change Firmware Drive" and "Combine" in the order.
- When the firmware is registered from the specified folder and the folder which stores the firmware contains a dot
( . ) in the folder name, an error occurs during the registration processing, so the registration cannot be made. Please
make sure that the folder name like "iR2270J P20.05" is not included in the full path (path from the drive to the
firmware file).
- As for iRC3100/3200/6800 series, Dcon, Rcon and G3FAX firmware cannot be downloaded sequentially. When
they are downloaded, make sure to turn off the power of main unit every time each firmware is downloaded.
- Limitations at MEDIA file download
A "MEDIA" file contains the MEDIA sources for various languages and it is automatically expanded in the device
at the installation. Therefore, regardless of the old and new versions, the data is overwritten. When the same version
or old version MEDIA file is downloaded, the confirmation message for the version downgrade is not displayed.
- Downloading via parallel port interface (legacy parallel port and USB-Parallel adapter) is not supported in
Windows Vista.
- To start Setup.exe in Windows Vista, right-click on the Setup.exe and select "Execute as administrator".
Major changes from SST v4.04 are shown below.
[Addition to function]
- Multiple firmware downloading on the single mode connection has already been made possible
When new iR/iRC/iPR series machine is connected by single mode, download is enabled by selecting multiple
- File check function reinforcement
In order to know right away when defective USB memory is used, check function of the file written to USB memory
is added. And along with other check function, setting is enabled by the file check function in the management screen
of the system.
Setting Item :
- Checksum check of the registered firmware during activation.
- Checksum check of the firmware to register (default : ON).
- Check of the exported file to the USB memory (default : ON).
- The checksum check of the registered firmware during activation, if the registered firmware is many, the activation
time will be prolonged, hence the default will be OFF.
- Auto restart function during firmware export has been made possible
During export of the downloaded firmware on assist mode, it will restart automatically, and to turn the host machine
switch OFF/ON manually will not be necessary.
[Improvement of function]
- Firmware version selection function for 2-line G3Fax board installation is added.
In the iRC5185 series and iRC3380 series, depending on the MODEM chip model of the fax board, selecting
firmware version to download is required. Hence, if 2-line G3Fax board equipped machine is connected by assist
mode, selecting the G3 fax firmware version is enabled.
- Countermeasure for fault downloading in the 2-line G3Fax board.
To prevent fault in downloading, it is also considered not to register G3Fax firmware to the SST. Assist mode can
also function although the firmware of the fax system is not registered.
- Auto distinction function, based on the version of the 2-line G3Fax board and the G4Fax board, is added
Whether it is 2-line G3Fax board or G4Fax board installed, the version information etc is informed as fax on the
DiR3300 series. The automatic distinction has already been made possible, if the version is 40.01 - 49.99, it will be
G4 Fax, and other than those will be processed as G3 Fax.
- The item name of selection check box for special and normal are changed. (J PN version only)
[Bug fix]
- Countermeasure for suspension problem in downloading to the machine not equipped with G4Fax, on the assist
For assist mode execution, if the G4 Fax firmware is downloaded to the machine not equipped with G4 fax, the error
will occurs in the host machine and assist mode will be suspended. The bug is fixed.
- Countermeasure for the problem occurred when the registered firmware is misjudged as not registered on the assist
On the assist mode, although the firmware of the connection machine has already been registered, it is misjudged
as not registered. The bug is fixed.
- Countermeasure for slow response in the selection check box display in the main menu.
When normal and special are switched in the main menu, the display cannot response right away. The bug is fixed.
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