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I welcome the opportunity to contribute to the Local Development Plan and help shape future

policy for regenerating the town.

There is increasing need to address housing, employment and retail capacity in Harlow.
None of the five examples of future development outlined in the draft plan are ambitious
enough to create the right environment to stimulate sufficient regeneration in the town. It
would be better if the Plan put forward a meld of those examples that offer solutions to
prioritising regeneration and supporting investment in key infrastructure.
The town centre needs urgent regeneration so that we can offer more retail and entertainment
to increase employment opportunities for local people, support the local economy and
improve amenities. The current plan does not set out a focused vision on how we can deliver
Harlow as a sub-regional centre for leisure and entertainment.
There is a pressing need for better infrastructure to deal with future growth. I support plans
for a northern bypass road that connects to the M11. This view is shared by SELEP through
its specific priorities for Harlow.
East Hertfordshire District Council has put forward a detailed proposal for the Gilston Park
Estate that would provide 10,000 homes north of Harlow. It now makes no sense for Essex
County Council (ECC) to link the M11 to Harlow via Gilden Way now that major
development to the north of Harlow is a real possibility. In addition, the Gilden Way option
would not solve congestion problems in Harlow. ECC and Hertfordshire County Council
should consider a collaboration agreement to deliver a joint infrastructure programme that
resolves congestion problems on their border. A northern bypass must now be put at the top
of the agenda by both county councils.
I am deeply concerned that Examples 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 propose housing on land west of 93-100
Jocelyns (SHLA reference number 251). The playing field is the only open space in the
neighbourhood and provides a natural break between Broadway Avenue and Jocelyns. For
families, it is a safe environment for their children to play away from traffic. If houses are
built there it would cause residents misery with pollution and more traffic. The only access to
the site is through Broadway Avenue.
We do need more housing, including affordable housing, in Harlow but building on such
pockets of land would mean losing open spaces which were a key feature of Gibberds vision
of bringing the country into the town.