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1 Check all safety interlock 1 22

2 Check fuel firing equipment (oil and coal) 23

2 24
4 Check for any Isolated or Tag Out Equipment
5 Check for normalization of Drain valve, Vent valve etc
4 25
5 26
6 27
7 28
8 29
9 30
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11 32
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14 34
16 35
10kV UB A & B BUS Normal, Voltage > 9500V
DCC system is inservice
Steam Drum Level 0mm
Boiler filling complete
Dea. & FW tank Level > 50mm
LP Heaters, Deaerator and Feedwater Tank and HP Heaters filling complete
Hot-Well Level > -50mm
Instrument Air / Service Air Pressure > 7.6 barg
Compressed Air system is inservice
Closed Cysle Cooling Water system is inservice
Auxiliary Cooling Water system is inservice
Condensor Tube Cleaning system is inservice
Condenser Hot-Well filling complete
ESP Warming
- Fuel Oil System auto
- Fuel Oil Supply Flow SV Auto
CEP A or B run
Condensate Water System is inservice
Electro Chlorination Plant is inservice
Circulating Water system and Intake Screen system are inservice
Make up water system and related tanks/basins and their water level, Make
up water tanks and EDG Day Tank normal level
CCCW chemical dosing system is in available
Service Water Pump Outlet Pressure > 8.0 barg
Service Water Pump is inservice
Make up water system for Condensate and Closed Cycle cooling water are
Plant water supply system include Desal plant and Demin plant inservice
Waste water treatment plant inservice
Fire Detection, alarm and fighting systems are ready
HVAC System inservice Check the Operation Mode of Equipment in Auto or Manual
Fuel Oil System is available
HP TBN Bypass Control valve Oil supply unit is inservice and auto
Main TBN Turning Gear is inservice
Gen. Stator Cooling Water Inlet Pressure Normal : > 1.8 bar
Gen. Stator Cooling Water Discharge Pressure Normal
Generator Stator Cooling Water is inservice
- Main Oil Conditioner Filter Pump run
- Main Oil Tank Vapour Extractor A or B run
- EHC Oil Pump A or B run
- MOP A or B run
Power Receiving ready, and Electrical system are available
- Gen. Hydrogen Pressure Normal : 4.2bar ~ 4.6 bar
- Gen. Coll. End Gas Purity Normal : > 85%
- Gen. TBN End Gas Purity Normal : > 85%
Generator Hydrogen filling complete and Hydrogen pressure normal
Gen. Seal Oil Strainer DP (TBN END) > 0.3bar
Generator Seal Oil system is inservice
DCS System inservice DC power for Emergency Oil pumps and Emergency Seal Oil pump is inservice
Turbine Lube Oil and EHC Oil systems are inservice
FGD Warm up
Aux. steam system is inservice and check the condition of steam source and
Aux. steam Header
BFPT A and B Turning Gear is inservice
- BFPT A & B Oil Conditioner Filter Pump run
- BFPT A & B Main Oil Tank Vapour Extractor run
- BFPT A & B MOP run
BFPT A and B Lube Oil system is inservice
LP TBN Bypass Control is in Auto