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June 2014

Are Townhomes
the Future of the
Canadian Dream?
Oh, the times in the Canadian real estate
market are a-changin. As land available for
building coveted detached homes dwindles
along with inventory builders and buyers are
having to look elsewhere; for example, at row
The trend is more evident in urban centres,
where low inventory and lack of available
land is much more pronounced than in smaller
municipalities. According to the Toronto Real
Estate Board (TREB), the average detached
home in the city sold for $898,332 in March
But when it comes to townhouses, the average
selling price for a Toronto unit was $483,639
a marked difference in affordability. And
its not just Toronto; Vancouver and Calgary
are also feeling the detached housing pinch, as
are many larger Canadian cities.
Slowly but surely, prospective buyers are
catching on. TREB reported that sales of
townhomes had increased by 8.5 percent in
March 2014 compared to sales in March 2013.
While many still dream of owning a detached
home, there are definite benefits to purchasing
a townhome beyond the smaller price tag. A
townhouse blends the best of both a detached
home and a condo unit: there are often front or
back yards to take advantage of, but with a lot
less maintenance required.
Theres a sense of community and security
that comes from living close to others, but
without the feeling of being overwhelmed by
living among hundreds of others as you would
in an apartment condo. Maintenance fees are
often less than a condo, while square footage
is higher.

Read All About It: Be Picky
about Trusting Online Info
In the good old days, if you read it, you could believe it. Sources were checked,
facts were verified, and anything appearing in print was more than likely true.
But that was before the Wild West days of the Internet. Today, anyone with an
opinion no matter how ill-founded or bizarre can post it as fact.
(I)n the stepped-up competition for readers, digital news sites are
increasingly blurring the line between fact and fiction, and saying that it is all
part of doing business in the rough-and-tumble world of online journalism,
commented Ravi Somaiya and Leslie Kaufman in the New York Times.
Universities are so concerned about the blurring of lines that they run courses to
help students differentiate between fact and fiction. The Internet lists countless
sites to help readers discriminate. Youd think people would be catching on, but
theyre not.
In a recent Forbes article, Dan Ackman wrote: According to a new survey,
52.8 percent of Internet users believe that most or all of the information online
is reliable and accurate.
As Georgetown University warns: Keep in mind that almost anyone can
publish anything they wish on the Web. It is often difficult to determine
authorship of Web sources, and even if the author is listed, he or she may not
always represent him or herself honestly, or he or she may represent opinions as
fact. The responsibility is on the user to evaluate resources effectively.
So dont believe everything you read. And remember, you read it here first.

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June 2014

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regular online updates and deals constantly
with all the new social media and tech
words flying around cyber-space. I want
proof that it is of value to people in terms
of practical use Proffitt told the Times. Oh
yes, Mr. Proffitt, it still has value. Imagine
Scrabble or crosswords without
dictionaries. Picture modern playwrights
without sources for words. How else would
we play Trivial Pursuit, for goodness
sake? Why, its like Twitter without
Language is nothing if not flexible. As a
result of the OEDs decision to make
selfie last years word of the year, even
etymologists (who study the history and
origins of words and phrases) are
embracing flexibility. Meanwhile, other
words are gone or going. Still, there will
always be a standard. Otherwise, how
would we know where and how to use
phrases like, for goodness sake?

Google-search crossword puzzles and
youll get more than 5 million results.
Some 10 million people have
downloaded Words with Friends,
according to one word-lover. And
Facebook Scrabble has more than 3
million likes. Despite, or maybe
because of, technology, words still
Consider dictionaries. My idea about
dictionaries is that, in a way, their time
has come, noted the Oxford English
Dictionarys (OED) new chief editor,
Michael Proffitt, in a recent New York
Times article. People need filters much
more than they did in the past.
Proffitt and his more recent
predecessors have embraced the
Internet instead of harking back to the
halcyon days of the OED. Its third
edition, now in progress, includes
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I'll just give you the honest facts about
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Worth Reading
How to Spot Fake Online Product
By staff writers
How do you tell if online product
reviews are legitimate? Theyre
sometimes written by ad agencies or
consumers hired to give products
good press. It only took a few
moments to read this piece, which
has been online for awhile. The
video at the end simply restated the
three tips in the article. But to see if
I succeeded in using those tips in
writing this review, youll have to
read the article yourself. More:
How to be Funny: The Six
Essential Ingredients of Humor
By Eric Barker
As an audience member, you can
easily believe that humor just
happens. In fact, it takes hard work
to produce a joke that feels
spontaneous. This article breaks
down six essential aspects of humor
using the acronym THREES. A hint:
Its not all sweetness and light. T is
for Target and H is for Hostility.
Learn to Embrace Your Messy
By Malcom Gladwell
Creative people may have more than
messy rooms; they may also have
messy brains. Malcolm Gladwell
thinks thats good. He argues
creative people should embrace their
mental messes. Refusing to clean
out mental trash isnt a sign of
laziness or fear. It shows
imagination. Creative souls keep
everything to see how they can use
it. Its a great trait for writers, but
not for order-conscious parents.

Do Words Still Matter?
Try Tweeting Without Them

Moving? Beware the estimate that is too
good to be true, and do your homework
before your goods are loaded on the truck.
According to the Canadian Association of
Movers, criminals are infiltrating the
moving industry with scams galore to
separate you from your money and
maybe your household goods as well.
Across Canada, rogue movers really
have become more of a problem,
according to Jim Carney, a member of the
Canadian Association of Movers board
of directors. Complaints to the Better
Business Bureau have mushroomed, and
the moving industry now represents the
BBBs fifth-most-complained-about
Quoted in a CBC News report, John Levi,
head of the Canadian Association of
Page 3
Movers, complained that criminals are
posing as movers. Levi is pushing for
more coordinated enforcement to protect
consumers from these fly-by-night
Often discount brokers sub-contract the
move to another company, so you dont
really know who youre dealing with
should something go wrong. In a 2013
CBC Marketplace investigation of
discount movers, delivery was delayed,
goods were damaged, valuables
disappeared, and stressed out consumers
were charged extra before companies
would unload their cargos.
Police usually see the issue as a civil
matter rather than a criminal one, although
the Association insists many of these
activities are criminal. Movers in Canada
arent licenced, and there is little
oversight other than the Association and
the BBB. Effectively, youre on your
So what do you do to protect yourself?
Your first step should be contacting the
BBB and the Association. Find out the
movers with complaints against their
names and avoid them.
Instead, ask for referrals from friends or,
better still, your real estate agent. Get
three estimates in writing. Ensure you
have a valid contact name and number
(and test it). Move your valuables
yourself. And remember, cheaper is not
always better. Caveat emptor buyer

Beware of Rogue Movers and Their Scams

Ask the Agent: This
Months Question
What household hazards should we
look for when viewing a home?
By looking for the household hazards
before you buy, you can save yourself
a ton of headaches, not to mention
Mold High amounts of mold spores
can lead to respiratory problems. But
you can easily identify it and ensure
its dealt with before you move in.
Note areas where mold could be a
problem, such as water damage in
bathrooms, kitchens, or basements,
and condensation on the windows.
Pests Mice, bugs, and other critters
may carry disease and/or will chew
through wood. Check for broken
screens, holes, or cracks around
windows and doors.
Asbestos Most builders up until the
late 1980s, or even later, used
asbestos as fire protection. Its
dangerous when its drilled into or
sanded. Ensure you know where
asbestos may be in your home or
consult with a professional before

Once Upon a Time Canine-Style
Question: What has four legs, barks, and can help your child read? Answer: A canine
If your child is struggling with reading or behind in homework, there is a wonderful
proven solution that works on several levels. READ, or Reading Education Assistance
Dogs, is a literacy program that started in Utah with the goal of helping children
develop their reading skills. Now the program, or a variation of it, has spread across
North America, and its likely available at a school or library near you.
The precious pooches help improve confidence and motivation to read, and are great
reading buddies who wont bark back any harsh comments or criticisms if a child
stumbles or reads slowly.
Best of all, you can try this at home with your own dog. Simply make this a learning
experience for both dog and child, and chances are theyll respond eagerly.
Feline-lovers havent been forgotten; a similar program has been tried with shelter cats,
and despite the challenge of getting the cat to focus, child and animal delight in the

Dont gulp down that sugary soda by
yourself. Split it with a friend.
Citing an increase in dental and obesity
problems, the World Health Organization
(WHO) is now recommending people
decrease their sugar intake to no more
than 5 percent of an individuals daily
calories. Thats down from a previous
WHO limit of 10 percent, issued in 2002.
As well as table sugar, this includes
Share Your Soda: WHO Would Approve

honey, syrups, fruit juices and fruit
concentrates (but not fresh fruit), plus
sugars added to foods in processing.
For an average adult, the new
guidelines will allow for six teaspoons
(25 grams) of sugar a day. An average
can of soda is estimated to contain 10
teaspoons (40 grams) of sugar.
So, if you must pop a tab, consider
sharing with a friend or two.

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Winnipeg Real Estate

Bo Kauffmann

Recipe: Barbecue
Salmon with Ginger
Serves 4
4 salmon fillets, skin on
! cup soy sauce
! cup sake
! cup mirin
! cup olive oil
2 teaspoons sugar
5 tablespoons olive oil
6 shallots, finely chopped
4 tablespoons peeled and finely
grated ginger
3 cloves garlic, finely chopped
4 tablespoons soy sauce
Place fillets in a large baking dish
without overlapping. Combine next
five ingredients and pour over the
fillets. Cover and marinate in the
refrigerator for 1 to 2 hours, turning
For the garnish, heat oil in a skillet
and add shallots, ginger, and garlic.
Saut over medium heat until
fragrant, about 5 min. Add soy sauce
and stir. Remove from heat and set
aside. Discard marinade. Place fillets,
skin side up, on preheated, greased
grill for 3 min. Turn and cook 46
min., depending on thickness. Spread
a tablespoon of the garnish on top of
each fillet before serving.

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Sudoku instructions: Complete the 9x9 grid so that each row, each
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New Weekly Article- Crystal Vision|| HomeBy Design[2014-05-17, 8:22:17AM]
The living roomof this carriage
house home is furnished with
newer pieces that have a sense
of the past. Color is a major
player throughout the interiors.
Though Ziemer purchased new furnishings for the home, she made sure that they could
easily pass for older pieces; the designer didnt hesitate to lift the interiors to new heights.
Theyre very layered and eclectic. Its still a modern farmhouse in that regard, says
Ziemer, who introduced an equestrian theme along with some nods to nature.
She approached the aesthetic in a respectful yet playful way that shows a historical
structure can serve as a modern-day dwelling while honoring its roots. Birds, owls,
bunnies, and more, appear in fabrics and artwork. We have young kids, so I wanted it to
be fun and whimsical, says Ziemer. It felt like you were in a tree house when you were
on the second floor.
Tall window treatments and wall-mounted lanterns fill the negative space left by the
high ceilings in the family room. I love color and strong contrast, says the designer,
who introduced a splendid mix of patterns throughout, that pop against the preexisting
black wood details.

Cheerful wallpaper in the master bedroom blends a traditional floral motif with a fresh
palette, once again mixing old and new in a refreshing way. The black wood ceiling
creates a stark contrast, while the gray flannel upholstered bed lends a cozy vibe. The
view outside the window shows another carriage house. The whole area is just
surrounded by amazing architecture, says Ziemer.
Houndstooth grass cloth covers the walls in the loft space, offering another modern
interpretation of a classic material. Modern art punctuates the look while a traditional
chair fabric and a white ceiling take it down a notch. You need a place for the eye to
rest, says Ziemer.
Preserving historical architecture may be the right way to go, but that
doesnt mean you cant breathe new life into an old soul. That was the
approach taken by Jen Ziemer, interior designer and co-owner with Andrea
Dixon of Minneapolis, Minnesota-based Fiddlehead Design Group, when it
came time to design her one-time home.
Ziemers St. Paul, Minnesota residence, a carriage house that dates to
1893, has such a unique history that it originally served as a stable livery.
Though the structure had been restored before she and her husband bought
it, that didnt stop the designer from adding her distinctive personal stamp.
Many of the original features stayed intact, including the wood floors on
the main level and the wood ceilings and beams that were painted black by
the previous owners. A barn door speaks to the sites origins while quirky
details like a pulley, though not original, lend charm to the striking interiors.
Nothing is level, which adds to the authenticity. Its just such a cool
place, says Ziemer, who describes the architecture as farmhouse style. The
3,500-square-foot home boasts four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a living
room, family room, and loft space. It also includes a laundry room, an
attached garage, and features central air.
An 1890s Carriage House in St. Paul,
Minnesota Gets a Lively Update
LEFT: The living roomwas intentionally kept more neutral than the rest of the livery turned residence. A
sliver of Ziemers sons roomshows wallpaper with a dog motif that can be seen fromthe loft space; a
striking vision in black and white. ABOVE: Wood stairs painted black and accented by a striped runner lead
to the first-floor entry, where shapely stools sit beneath an antique console.
New Weekly Article- Crystal Vision|| HomeBy Design[2014-05-17, 8:22:17AM]
Small-scale subway tiles run vertically in the powder room for a change of pace.
Woodsy wallpaper creates the perfect backdrop for a bunny watercolor done by a friend,
and the old trolley cart and sink were installed by the previous owner.
The living room is visually quieter than the rest of the home. Neutral grass cloth walls
set a subtle stage for the space that was primarily used for entertaining. It was a little
more traditional and subdued; a more formal space, explains Ziemer, who couldnt
resist adding an unexpected green rug.
Though Ziemer has since moved out of the house to gain more indoor and mostly
outdoor space for her family, she wont soon forget living there. The carriage house may
no longer be the place they call home, but it has a permanent place in their hearts. I am
hoping we can buy it back again someday after the kids go to college, she says.
Bo Kauffmann, REALTOR, ABR
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