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natomopathology is a medical specialty that involves the study of the morphological

modification of organs in the course of pathological processes. It is based on the analysis

of the cells and tissues of the organism as opposed to the analysis of biological fluids,
especially blood. Anatomopathology aims to establish a diagnosis but it also provides a
means of assessing the prognosis of illnesses and the outcome of treatments. One of the
most common examinations used when screening for cancers is the cervical smear
(screening for cervical cancer Acrobat PD format !." #b$, the removal of organs or
cutaneous excisions (i.e. a nevus, also commonly referred to as a %beauty spot&$.
'ased on the cooperation program that was set up in "((), in particular in the field of
autoimmunity, with the Paris*based Pasteur*+erba laboratory and within the framewor, of
the ongoing drive to diversify and develop the activities and the services offered to doctors
and patients in the field of specialised analysis, -etterthill .aboratories have set up a
department specialising in anatomopathology.
Anatomopathology is a new centre of excellence focusing on cervical cytology based on
thin*layer techni/ues (0hinPrep1$, the cytological examination of fluids and punctures, the
histological examination of excisions and surgical samples, complementing the services
offered by the 2ational 3ealth .aboratory (.24 * .aboratoire 2ationale de 4ant5$.
0he logistics system re/uired for transportation from the surgery to the technical centre in
6sch*sur*Al7ette is managed by -etterthill .aboratories8 team of couriers.
In order to cut to a minimum the time re/uired for the transmission of results, protocols will
be available in real time via the +yberlab results server (either on a fixed computer (P+ or
#ac$ or on a mobile system (iPhone1$, according to the same principle as used for the
dissemination of the results of routine tests in the field of medical biology.
0he administrative formalities for prescriptions vis*a*vis the 2ational 3ealth und (+aisse
2ationale de 4ant5$ are handled by -etterthill .aboratories to ensure that patients benefit
from the third*party payment principle according to the same arrangements as for medical
biology examinations and so that they do not have to pay up front the fees for
anatomopathology examinations.
0his new department meets the needs of medical practitioners and patients by ensuring
optimum management of the histological examinations in order to improve the /uality,
safety and speed of results.