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Pritam Bhattacharyya Editor-

Publish, Promote, Print on Demand and Sell your BOOK

Work Sheet 1 – BOOK INSIDE • • • • • • • No of Pages in your Book ---------Nature of Content ------------------Language(/s) -----------------------------Pictures inside the Book --------------No of Colour Pictures -----------------No of black and white pictures -----Any special mention regarding the content format of your book -------------------

Work sheet -2 –BOOK OUTSIDE • Cover Front -------(4 colur / Multi / Gray / Black and White) • Cover Back --------• Cover Paper -------• Any special issue about covers – front and back ---------------------

Work sheet – Paper, Size, Binding • Paper Quality ----------------• Binding ------------------------(Hardbound, Paperback, Perfect Binding) • Size of your book--------------• Any special Issue

Work Sheet - ISBN
ISBN stands for International Standard for Book Notation. It helps to tag the book and needed to sell through outlets, especially online Do you need ISBN for your book ? --- YES / NO ISBN is issued by Government of India if the book is published in India.

Work sheet – Mode of Publication
We publish your book in ONLINE, ONLINE + PRINTED form • For online mode, the book is read directly in screen, rather than in page • In print mode, we print your book as someone (you / customer) when you request it and in the exact number of copies • What is your choice : ONLINE only --------------PRINT only ---------------Both ONLINE and PRINT ----------

Work sheet – Status of the Book
• In what condition is your book now ? a. Manuscript ----------b. Typed and formatted -----c. DTP Ready d. Already Printed and you have a printed book ---e. None of the above ----f. Please explain ----------------

Work sheet -Expected Readership
• What is your expected segment of readership of your book ? (please explain briefly)

• All by yourself, how many of readers would you expect to reach ? By reach we imply interaction, getting feedback • In a year, how many copies do you expect you can sell ?

Work Sheet – Marketing your book • What are your plans to market the book ?

• What are your books to promote the book ?

Marketing is to reach readers and promoting is to convince the readers that there is some special role of your book for them.

Costing Idea as per you
Here we are considering that you / a publisher would publish your book in a printed form. Based on that, please estimate what you feel about the following numbers : a. b. Total Cost of a single copy of your book = INR ----------Total Cost of 300 copies of your book = INR -------------

(The costs above includes the cost of DTP, i.e. Making your handwritten manuscript into typed, laid-out, proofed, edited form) a. Total Cost of Marketing / Promotion / Launch = INR ---------

(The cost includes the cost Publisher/you / jointly incurs in marketing and promotion)

Selling Price as per you
Please refer to the previous worksheet. Please tell us, for that imaginary book, what do you think will be a reasonable price per copy Sell price as per me per copy ----- INR

Thank You for your input
The presentation now will take you for a tour on all the issues and tell you how you have analyzed the Market where your books will be published, marketed, sold and promoted

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