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The discussion on Gunfire weapons is universal, and the Nuclear pact between

India and the USA has played it up more. As is the nature of man, we all tend
to look at the darker side of all thins. !"ur world is ridin on a heap of
Gunfire# is the topic and I disaree with it.
I don$t deny that we have beun dependin more on weapons than on
face to face verbal duel, terrorism is takin its toil, but the world, after the
disaster of the %orld %ars, still has a lon way to o before it decides on a
Third %orld %ar, which then will be the end of mankind.
Also the cautious steps of man in this field are helped bein restricted
by the increasin rate of lobali&ation and development, two factors which has
iven man the confidence that on no account shall some terrorist orani&ations be
allowed to destroy the world we have so painstakinly built, a world we can
hide ourselves in. The vision of world society for the 'illennium has clearly
emered in the notion of lobali&ation. In contrast to the still aressively
anticommunist (New %orld "rder( that opened the nineties, the (kinder, entler(
and more self)evidently heemonic (lobali&ation( of the dominant international
discourse is a (post communist( and even statement of a world becomin more
and more unified in a proressive neo)classical and neo)liberal system proclaimin
free choice, free enterprise and free labor.
Therefore, the level of social, political and economic disadvantaes varies from
state to state dependin upon their development level amon the list of the Third
%orld *ountries. At the same time, there is also difference in these statuses of
women from rural areas to urban areas. 'ost importantly due to lobali&ation,
the developed world is focusin more on developin the third world countries by
providin various social, technoloical as well as economical aids to women of
both rural and urban sectors of the developin world.
The word counterterrorism has been introduced which refers to the
practices, tactics, techni+ues, and strateies that overnments, militaries, and other
roups adopt in order to fiht terrorism. *ounterterrorism is not specific to any
one field or orani&ation, rather, it involves entities from all levels of society.
Today, many countries have special units desinated to handle terrorist threats.
-esides various security aencies, there are elite tactical units whose role is to
directly enae terrorists and prevent terrorist attacks. Such units perform both
in preventive actions, hostae rescue and respondin to on)oin attacks.
.esponses to terrorism are broad in scope. They can include re)
alinments of the political spectrum and reassessments of fundamental values. The
term counter)terrorism has a narrower connotation, implyin
That it is directed at terrorist actors.
%hat remains now is to see how far the world oes from here, there is
always a dark and a liht side of everythin and it depends on man how he see
it. -ecause in the end, the fact remains/
Its not how far you o,
%hat matters is the direction you o in.