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Page 1 May 28, 2014

City of Spokane
Planning and Development Services
June 2, 2014

South Hill Coalition (SHC) Neighborhood Planning Process - South Hill Coalition
Connectivity and Livability Strategic Plan

In 2012, five neighborhoods on Spokane’s South Hill (Cliff Cannon, Comstock,
Lincoln Heights, Manito/Cannon Hill, and Rockwood) established the South Hill
Coalition (SHC) in order to combine their City neighborhood planning dollars
(approximately $21,150 each) to develop a communal plan for the five
neighborhoods. The SHC’s Steering Committee, comprised of leaders from all
five neighborhoods, and the Project Lead (Deb Barnes), organized and led the
planning effort, along with Planning staff and the consulting firm of MIG.

The South Hill Coalition Connectivity and Livability Strategic Plan includes a
vision, goals, and strategic actions; a prioritized set of projects and
accompanying map; conceptual level designs for the highest priority projects;
and a project implementation toolkit. Three plan recommendations are built
around a proposed greenway network that connects the neighbors, commercial
nodes, parks, and schools on the South Hill. The greenway network will be
supported by crossing improvements, way finding signage, and several new
connections to close gaps. The plan emphasizes maintaining the South Hill tree
canopy and open spaces, promoting long-term and ongoing neighborhood
outreach and education, preventing crime, advocating for paving and
maintenance of streets and sidewalks, and improving traffic safety. Streetscape
improvements to make Comprehensive Plan-designated centers more walkable
and attractive to reinvestment were also a high priority for the SHC. The plan is a
long-range visionary and conceptual document that will require further analysis
and identification of funding sources for proposed capital improvement projects in
order for them to be implemented.

The planning process included hundreds of hours of volunteer time to promote
and convene meetings, share information, conduct surveys, participate in
intercept events, develop plan elements, and review plan content. Outreach and
participation methods were extensive and the planning process was thorough.
The SHC Steering Committee met over 30 times and held six public stakeholder
open house workshops to gain public input and feedback.
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Page 2 May 28, 2014
The planning process was unique in that five neighborhoods developed one
communal plan, rather than developing five individual neighborhood plans. The
outcome is a plan that greatly benefits the community as a whole.

A resolution to approve/adopt the South Hill Coalition Connectivity and Livability
Strategic Plan will be on the City Council agenda on June 23, 2014 (with City
Council Briefing on June 16, 2014). The Plan will be presented to the Plan
Commission at their June 11, 2014 meeting.

No funding is required.