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Guerrilla Marketing and Viral Marketing

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Guerrilla Marketing and Viral Marketing
The term Guerri$$a !ar&eting was coined in the year '()*. The then pub$ished boo& on the sub#ect was
authored by +evinson and described it as an unconventiona$ system of promotions on a very $ow
budget, by re$ying on time, energy and imagination instead of big mar&eting budgets. However today,
this term a$so describes aggressive, unconventiona$ mar&eting methods generica$$y. -ira$ mar&eting
which can be said to be #ust a part of guerri$$a mar&eting is a techni.ue that uses pre/e0isting
socia$ networ&s to achieve ob#ectives through a se$f/rep$icating vira$ process.
1hat are the princip$es of guerri$$a mar&eting2 +evinson identifies the fo$$owing princip$es as the
"t is specifica$$y geared for the sma$$ business and entrepreneur.
"t shou$d be based on human psycho$ogy instead of e0perience, #udgment, and guesswor&.
"nstead of money, the primary investments of mar&eting shou$d be time, energy, and imagination.
The primary statistic to measure your business is the amount of profits, not sa$es.
The mar&eter shou$d a$so concentrate on how many new re$ationships are made each month.
3reate a standard of e0ce$$ence with an acute focus instead of trying to diversify by offering too
many diverse products and services.
"nstead of concentrating on getting new customers, aim for more referra$s, more transactions with
e0isting customers, and $arger transactions.
4orget about the competition and concentrate more on cooperating with other businesses.
Guerri$$a !ar&eters shou$d a$ways use a combination of mar&eting methods for a campaign.
5se current techno$ogy as a too$.
Gueri$$a mar&eting is today associated and used as a substitute term for many non/traditiona$
mar&eting media inc$uding vira$, bu66, ambient, undercover and presence mar&eting. 7n$ine vira$
campaigns invo$ve techni.ues that use pree0isting "nternet based socia$ networ&s.
8ome of the high$y successfu$ websites that use vira$ mar&eting tactics inc$ude PayPa$, 9ouTube,
4aceboo&, !y8pace, Digg and 4$ic&r. Basica$$y in vira$ mar&eting, peop$e are encouraged to pass
a$ong a mar&eting message vo$untari$y. Here promotions are done using video c$ips, interactive 4$ash
games, advertisement/games, e/boo&s, software, images, or te0t messages.
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Guerri$$a !ar&eting and -ira$ !ar&eting
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