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BEL Place&ent Paper )Technical-Electronics Ist*
+, The -ra. code e/ui0alent o1 2inar. ++33 is
a, +3++ 2, ++3+ c, +3+3 d, ++33
4, ( Multiple%er has
a, Multiple inputs and sin-le output
2, #in-le input and Multiple outputs
c, Multiple inputs and Multiple outputs
d, Multiple inputs 1or #tora-e o1 Data
5, ( 2inar. hal1 adder
a, (dds two 2inar. di-its and produces their su& and carr.
2, (dds hal1 the su& to the carr.
c, (dds two 2inar. di-its and carr. 1ro& pre0ious addition
d, (dds two 2inar. di-its at hal1 the speed
6, (n inde% re-ister in a co&puter is 1or
a, (rith&etic and lo-ic 1unctions
2, #tora-e o1 results
c, the address
d, Countin- the no o1 pro-ra&&es
7, (n e%a&ple o1 0olatile &e&or. is
a, !(M 2, !"M c, EP!"M d, Ma-netic tape
8, Barrier 0olta-e in a P-9 :unction is caused 2.
a, Ther&all. -enerated electrons and holes
2, Di11usion o1 &a:orit. carriers across the :unction
c, Mi-ration o1 &inorit. carriers across the :unction
d, Flow o1 dri1t current
;, The te&perature coe11icient o1 an intrinsic se&iconductor is
a, Positi0e 2, 9e-ati0e c, <ero d, Like &etals
=, ( silicon transistor has a leaka-e current +c2o > + &a, I1 the te&p, rises 2. 73o C the leaka-e
current will 2e
a, 53 &a 2, 54&a c, 73&a d, no chan-e
?, The noise 1i-ure o1 an ideal a&pli1ier in deci2el is
a, 3,7 2, 3 c, + d, +3
+3, The rise ti&e o1 an a&pli1ier is 433 nsec, Its 2andwidth is
a, ;3M@ 2, +63M@ c, +33M@ d, +,;7Mh@
++, M"#FET operates in
a, Depletion &ode onl.
2, Enhance&ent &ode onl.
c, Depletion and enhance&ent &ode
d, 9one o1 these o1 the a2o0e
+4, ( de0ice which 2eha0es like #C!s is
a, $AT 2, Triac c, M"#FET d, #!D
+5, ( plate &odulated class C !F a&pli1ier produces +33 KW o1 radiated power at +33 B
&odulation, The &odulatin- audio a&pli1ier supplies appro%i&atel.
a, 47KW 2, 55KW c, 73KW d, 88KW
+6, ( +33 M@ FM carrierC &odulated 2. a 7 K@ sine wa0e de0iates 2. 73 K@
I1 the 1re/uenc. o1 the &odulatin- sine wa0e is dou2ledC the de0iation will
a, Dou2le 2, al1 c, Quadruple d, a0e no chan-e
+7, 9oise -enerated 2. a resistor is dependent on
a, Its Dalue
2, Its te&perature
c, Both 0alue and te&p
d, 9one o1 these
+8, ( 54 channel = 2it PCM s.ste& sa&ples at = K@ rate, The o0erall 2it rate in kilo2its per
second will 2e
a, 436= 2, 4333 c, +?43 d, 86
+;, #tu2 &atchin- eli&inates standin- wa0e on
a, Load side o1 the stu2
2, #ource side o1 the stu2
c, Both sides
d, "n the stu2
+=, ( hal1 wa0e 1olded dipole has a radiation resistance o1
a, ;4 W 2,73W c, +66W d, 4==W
+?, Top loadin- is used in antennas 1or
a, Decrease in i&pedance
2, Increase in 2andwidth
c, Increase in e11ecti0e hei-ht
d, Decease the hei-ht
43, The ter& critical 1re/uenc. in Ionospheric propa-ation is
a, Lowest 1re/uenc. re1lected 2. Ionosphere
2, i-hest 1re/uenc. re1lected 2. the Ionosphere at 0ertical incidence
c, Lowest 1re/uenc. re1lected 2. the Ionosphere at 0ertical incidence
d, Lowest co&&unication 1re/uenc. possi2le
4+, The cathode ra. oscilloscope can 2e used to &easure
a, Fre/uenc. 2, Ti&e inter0al c, Dolta-e d, (ll the a2o0e
44, ( wein 2rid-e is used 1or &easure&ent o1
a, !esistance 2, Capacitance c, Inductance d, (udio 1re/uenc.
45, The 1ra&e rate per second used in India TD is
a, 83 2, 73 c, 47 d, 53
46, DF si-nals are propa-ated
a, Dia the ionosphere
2, (lon- the -round
c, Throu-h the troposphere
d, B. re1lection in ionosphere
47, The i&pedance o1 a 5 ele&ent .a-i antenna is around
a, ;7W 2, 533W c, 73W d, +33W
48, ( PI9 diode is &icrowa0e
a, "scillator 2, Mi%er c, Detector d, #witch
4;, ( trans&ission line o1 D#W! 4 has a re1lection coe11icient
a, 3,47 2, 3,7 c, ;7 d, 3
4=, Microwa0e repeaters are t.picall.
a, 47 2, 73 c, ;7 d, +33 K&s apart
4?, To o0erco&e 1adin- in a ship-to-ship co&&unication s.ste& we can e11icientl. use
a, Broad2and (ntenna
2, Directional (ntenna
c, #pace Di0ersit.
d, Fre/uenc. Di0ersit.
53, Fre/uenc. in the $F ran-e is propa-ate 2. wa0es o1
a, 'round 2, sk. c, #pace d, #ur1ace
5+, ( duple%er is used to
a, !ecei0e two si-nals in one antenna
2, Pre0ent inter1erence 2etween two antenna
c, Mi% two si-nals to the sa&e antenna
d, (llow one antenna 1or 2oth trans&ission and reception
54, #trappin- is used in a &a-netron to
a, Pre0ent &ode :u&pin-
2, !educe 1re/uenc. dri1t
c, Ensure proper 2unchin-
d, Dissipate heat
55, ( rectan-ular wa0e-uide 2eha0es like a 1ilter o1
a, Band pass 2, i-h pass c, Low pass d, Band stop
56, The si-nal propa-ation ti&e in &illiseconds 1or a -eos.nchronous satellite is
a, 763 2, 4;3 c, +57 d, +33
57, The silicon solar cell is a
a, Photo conducti0e
2, Photo e&issi0e
c, Photo 0oltaic
d, Photo resisti0e
58, For the national TD and ratio networkC I9#(T-IB uses
a, 633M@ 2, 4,7'@ c, 4,7 and 7'@ d, 6 and 8 '@
5;, ( t.pical 1i2re-optic detector is
a, #tep reco0er. diode
2, Li-ht e&ittin- diode
c, (0alanche photo diode
d, Field e11ect transistor
5=, ( &ode& is a de0ice used 1or
a, Di-iti@in- 0oice data
2, Trans&ission o1 data on lines
c, Modulatin- and de&odulatin- si-nals sent on a line
d, #uppressin- noise inter1erence
5?, The &ost e11ecti0e anti-:a&&in- techni/ue is
a, Fre/uenc. hoppin-
2, #pread #pectru&
c, Fre/uenc. s.nthesis
d, Burst trans&ission
63, Mono-&ode is a ter& used in
a, Fi2re-optics
2, !adar
c, #atellite co&&unication
d, Ma-netics
6+, Monopulse techni/ue is used in
a, !adar
2, !adio rela.
c, Data co&&unication
d, Fi2re-optics
64, DLC is a ter& 1or
a, Data co&&unication protocol
2, #.nchroni@in- pulses
c, 'ain control in recei0ers
d, Error checkin-
65, ( -atewa.
a, Is a place where radars are connected
2, Per&its dissi&ilar networks to co&&unicate
c, Bi1urcates the !F path o1 a trans&itter
d, Is a 1eeder ca2le
66, Ethernet is a na&e o1
a, Mediu& o1 co&puter co&&unication
2, 9etwork 1or co&puter co&&unication
c, Procedures 1or co&puter co&&unication network
d, #o1tware 1or co&puter co&&unication
67, I1 se0eral stations in a network want to use a sin-le channel without inter1erin- with one
anotherC the techni/ue used is called
a, Carrier sense
2, Phanto&-1ree@e
c, Packet switchin-
d, Multiple%in-
68, In a &onolithic ICC resistors are 1or&ed 1ro&
a, Cera&ic &aterials
2, Copper
c, se&iconductor
d, (lu&iniu& deposition
6;, ICs &ade 2. sputterin- o1 &aterials on a cera&ic su2strate are called
a, Monolithic 2, .2rid c, Thick 1il& d, Thin 1il&
6=, Two coils )inductors* connected in series ha0e a co&2ined inductance o1 +7&, When
ter&inals o1 one o1 the coils are re0ersed and connected to the otherC the co&2ined inductance is
&easured to 2e ?&, What is the 0alue o1 &utual inductance
a, +,7& 2,5& c,8& d,+4&
6?, I1 a parallel LC circuit is e%cited at 1re/uenc. less than its resonant 1re/uenc.C the nature o1 its
e11ecti0e i&pedance is
a, !esisti0e 2, Inducti0e c, Capaciti0e d, 9one o1 these o1 these
73, The wa0e len-th o1 + 'i-a hert@ 1re/uenc. si-nal is
a, +3c& 2, 53c& c, 5c& d, +c&
7+, Which o1 the 1ollowin- &icrowa0e tu2es can 2e considered as 2road 2and de0ices
a, Ma-netrons
2, Kl.strons
c, !e1le% kl.strons
d, Tra0elin- wa0e tu2esETWTF
74, Which 1a&il. o1 the 1ollowin- inte-rated circuits has the hi-hest speed
a, DTL 2, ECL c, TTL d,CM"#
75, The &ost i&portant 1eature o1 CM"# 1a&il. o1 ICs is
a, i-h speed
2, #&all si@e
c, Low power consu&ption
d, Low input i&pedance
76, What is the resolution o1 = 2it (GD con0erter i1 its 1ull scale 0olta-e is +30
a, 3,340 2, 3,3+ c, 3,35?0 d, 3,3;=0
77, What 0alue o1 resistance is to 2e used in L#B o1 6 2it wei-hted ladder DG( con0erter i1 M#B
has +3 kW resistor
a, +83k 2, =3k c, 463k d, +33k
78, The pulse width o1 a radar trans&itter is 3,8& sec, and the pulse repetition rate is ;33 @, The
a0era-e power &easured is 643 watts, What is the peak power
a, +33KW 2, 643KW c, +MW d, 9one o1 these
7;, The de0ice used 1or isolatin- the trans&itter and recei0er in a radar s.ste& is called
a, Diple%er
2, Duple%er
c, Directional coupler
d, 9one o1 these
7=, HBaudI is
a, Total 9o, o1 2itsGsec in each character
2, !eciprocal o1 shortest si-nal ele&ent in a character
c, Duration o1 a character in data trans&ission
d, 9one o1 these
7?, The ad0anta-e o1 Tote& pole output sta-e in TTL ICs is
a, Low output i&pedance
2, Can sink &ore current
c, "scillations a0oided
d, 9one o1 these
83, The capacitance 0alue o1 a 0aractor is controlled 2.
a, ( re0erse 0olta-e applied to it
2, ( series resistance
c, its suppl. 0olta-e
d, Current throu-h the de0ice
8+, Electron 0olt is e/ui0alent to
a, 5,= J +3-43 er-
2, +,834 J +3-+4 er-
c, +,834 J +3-+= er-
d, +,834 J +3-+8 er-
84, The kinetic ener-. o1 photo electrons e&itted 2. a photo sensiti0e sur1ace depends on
a, Intensit. o1 the incident radiation
2, Wa0elen-th o1 the incident radiation
c, (n-le o1 incident o1 radiation
d, #ur1ace conditions o1 the sur1ace
85, Flu% is e%pressed in radio-&etric s.ste& in
a, Lu&ens
2, Photons
c, Watts
d, Candles
86, In a three-phase 2rid-e recti1ier circuitC the ripple 1re/uenc. is
a, #a&e as line 1re/uenc.
2, Twice the line 1re/uenc.
c, Thrice the line 1re/uenc.
d, #i% ti&es the line 1re/uenc.
87, Ener-. stored in a capacitor as a 1unction o1 0olta-e is -i0en 2.
a, CD4
2, +D4G4C
c, K CD4
d, +DG4C
88, The operational a&pli1ier used in analo- co&puters ha0e usuall. open loop 1lat -ain
appro%i&atel. upto
a, +M@ 2, +33M@ c, +3M@ d, 3,+M@
8;, (n oscillator o1 573 M@ is 1ed with a pulse o1 rise ti&e 4 n sec, The rise ti&e o1 the displa.ed
wa0e1or& is appro%i&atel.
a, + n sec 2, 4,4 n sec c, 4,3 n sec d, +,; n sec
8=, ( radar trans&its a peak power o1 +33 KW with pulse width o1 + & sec and a pulse repetition
rate o1 +33 K@, The a0era-e output power o1 the radar is
a, +33KW 2,+3KW c, +333KW d, 73KW
8?, The incre&ental inductance in a coil is due to
a, #aturation
2, #uperi&posed DC
c, Mutual inductance
d, Chan-e o1 1re/uenc.
;3, Microwa0e tu2e 2ased on 0elocit. &odulation principle is
a, Kl.stron
2, Ma-netron
c, Li-ht house tu2e
d, Tra0elin- wa0e tu2e
;+, 9oise output 1ro& the recei0er decreases uni1or&l. with noise side 2and 1re/uenc. 1or
a, Fre/uenc. &odulation
2, (&plitude &odulation
c, Pulse a&plitude &odulation
d, 9one o1 these
;4, In a&plitude &odulation the &a%i&u& per&issi2le &odulation inde% is
a, $nit. 2, +33 c, in1init. d, 9one o1 these
;5, In 1re/uenc. &odulation the &a%i&u& per&issi2le &odulation inde% is
a, $nit. 2, 73 c,+333 d, no li&it
;6, In FM trans&ission and receptionC the pre-e&phasis and de-e&phasis are used to i&pro0e the
a, #i-nal to noise ratio
2, Fre/uenc. response o1 the recei0er
c, Fre/uenc. response o1 the trans&itter
d, The sensiti0it. o1 the trans&itter
;7, De-e&phasis network uses the co&2ination o1
a, !-L 2, !-C c, !-L-C d, Trans1or&er
;8, The usa-e o1 &icro sec 1or de1inin- e&phasis is a standard practice 2ut this &icro sec de1inition
a, 5 dB point o1 the network &eans
2, &id point o1 the network response
c, roll o11 the network response
d, the stop 2and ripple o1 the network response
;;, Dela.ed ('C is applied
a, For all sin-al stren-th
2, For sin-al stren-th e%ceedin- a speci1ied li&it
c, For low sin-al stren-th
d, For FM recei0er
;=, #electi0it. &eans
a, Bandwidth
2, 'ain
c, Modulation inde%
d, 9one o1 these
;?, 9arrow 2andwidth 2roadcast reduces
a, The /ualit. and noise
2, Qualit. alone
c, 9oise alone
d, Qualit. and intelli-i2ilit.
=3, #/uelch &eans keepin- the recei0er
a, "9 in the a2sence o1 carrier
2, "FF in the a2sence o1 carrier
c, To re&o0e ('C
d, Increase the ('C
=+, Let < 2e the series i&pedance and L 2e the shunt ad&ittance o1 the trans&ission lineC then the
characteristic i&pedance
a, M<L 2,MLG< c, M<GL d,(ll the a2o0e
=4, 9oise 1i-ure o1 an a&pli1ier is de1ined as
a, Input #9! output #9!
2, Input #9! G output #9!
c, "utput #9! G input #9!
d, Input #9! G -ain
=5, ( 2roadcast radio trans&itter radiates +3 KW power when &odulation is 83B, Its carrier power
will 2e
a, =,6;KW 2,=,?4KW c, =,5+KW d,+3,33KW
=6, In (M trans&ission antenna current is = (&pere at @ero &odulation inde%es 2ut increased to
=,?5 (&pere when &odulated on sin-le sine wa0e, Then the B o1 &odulation is appro%i&atel.
a, ;3,+B 2, =3,+B c, 87,+B d, +3,3B
=7, In (M trans&ission antenna current is = (&pere at @ero &odulation inde%, (t =3B &odulation
inde% the antenna current will 2e
a, +3,33( 2, =,;4( c, ?,+?( d, ?,;?(
=8, I1 two sine wa0es are a&plitude &odulated with &odulation inde% &+ and &4C the e11ecti0e
&odulation inde% is
a, M &+4G&44
2, M &+ &4
c, M &+4N&44
d, M &44G&+4
=;, I1 it is trans&itted current and Ic is trans&itter current at @ero &odulation inde% and the
trans&itted current at &odulation inde% o1 & will
a, It > Ic ME+N&F
2, It > Ic ME+N&4F
c, It > Ic ME+N&G44F
d, It > IcM+N&4
==, I1 !r is the radiation resistance and !d is the lu&ped resistanceC then the antenna e11icienc. is
-i0en as O
a, )!r - !d* G )!r N !d*
2, )!r N !d* G )!r O !d*
c, !r G )!r N !d*
d, !d G )!r N !d*
=?, In end 1ire arra.C the current
a, Ma-nitude and phase in each ele&ent is the sa&e
2, Ma-nitude is the sa&e 2ut phase is di11erent in each ele&ent
c, Ma-nitude is di11erent 2ut no phase di11erence in each ele&ent
d, Ma-nitude and phase are di11erent in each ele&ent
?3, In a 2oard side arra.C the current
a, Ma-nitude and phase in each ele&ent is the sa&e
2, Ma-nitude is the sa&e 2ut phase is di11erent
c, Ma-nitude is di11erent 2ut no phase di11erence in each ele&ent
d, Ma-nitude and phase are di11erent in each ele&ent
?+, Bea& width o1 the 4 &etre para2oloid re1lector at 8 '@ is
a, 6,7o
2, ?,47o
c, 5,7o
d, ;,;7o
?4, The cut o1 wa0e len-th 1or TE &C n &ode is in a wa0e -uide o1 di&ension aJ2 is
a, 4GM)&Ga*4 N)nG2*4
2, 4M E&GaF4 N EnG2F4
c, M)&Ga*4 N )nG2*4 G4
d, M E&GaF4 N EnG2F4
?5, For the standard rectan-ular wa0e-uide di&ension o1 6J4 c& the o11 wa0elen-th 1or TM++
&ode is appro%i&atel.
a, +,;==c& 2, 5,7;8c& c, +,8=4c& d, 4,768c&
?6, In IMP(TT diodeC the 0olta-e and current are
a, In phase
2, "ut o11 phase 2. ?3o
c, "ut o11 phase 2. +=3o
d, 9one o1 these o1 the a2o0e
?7, Which o1 the 1ollowin- state&ent is true
a, Tunnel diode P IMP(TT diode are ne-ati0e resistance de0ices
2, Tunnel diode is positi0e resistance de0ice and the IMP(TT diode is ne-ati0e resistance de0ice
c, Tunnel diode is ne-ati0e resistance de0ice and the IMP(TT diode is positi0e resistance de0ice
d, 9one o1 these o1 the a2o0e
?8, In a ##B &odulation s.ste& with +33B &odulation inde% the power sa0in- will 2e
a, 7G8 o1 carrier power
2, 4G= o1 carrier power
c, 7G+4 o1 the carrier power
d, K o1 the carrier power
?;, In ##B &odulation the &odulation inde% is increased 1ro& 3,7 to +,3C then the power will 2e
increased 2.
a, 4 ti&es 2, 6 ti&es c, +8 ti&es d, 54 ti&es
?=, ?33 rp& is e/ual to
a, ?6,4 radGsec
2, 6;,+ radGsec
c, +==,6 radGsec
d, +8,;4 radGsec
??, Darlin-ton pair is used to
a, Increase the 0olta-e -ain
2, Increase the current -ain
c, Decrease 0olta-e -ain
d, Decrease current -ain
+33, The trans1er 1unction o1 the s.ste& shown is
a, ')s* G Q+ N )s*R
2, ')s* )s* G Q+ N ')s* )s*R
c, ')s* G Q+ N ')s* )s*R d, ')s* G ')s* )s*
Electronics-I (nswers
+, c
4, a
5, a
6, c
7, a
8, 2
;, 2
=, 2
?, 2
+3, d
++, c
+4, 2
+5, 2
+6, d
+7, c
+8, a
+;, c
+=, d
+?, c
43, 2
4+, d
44, d
45, c
46, 2
47, 2
48, d
4;, c
4=, 2
4?, d
53, c
5+, d
54, a
55, 2
56, c
57, c
58, d
5;, c
5=, c
5?, a
63, a
6+, a
64, a
65, 2
66, 2
67, d
68, c
6;, d
6=, a
6?, 2
73, 2
7+, d
74, 2
75, c
76, c
77, 2
78, c
7;, 2
7=, 2
7?, a
83, a
8+, 2
84, 2
85, a
86, 2
87, c
88, d
8;, c
8=, 2
8?, d
;3, a
;+, a
;4, a
;5, 2
;6, a
;7, 2
;8, a
;;, 2
;=, a
;?, a
=3, 2
=+, c
=4, 2
=5, a
=6, a
=7, c
=8, c
=;, c
==, c
=?, 2
?3, a
?+, c
?4, a
?5, 2
?6, c
?7, a
?8, a
?;, 2
?=, 2
??, 2
+33, c
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