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Skytrax World Airport Awards (WAA) are the true global recognition of customer satisfaction experience, and the most
prestigious accolades for the world airport industry. Operate on a not-for-profit basis, these awards let airport customers
give their own, honest ratings of satisfaction, and underline the project brand as the Passengers Choice Awards.

Established in 1999, World Airport Awards is the leading airport passenger satisfaction study, with over 400 airports
covered in the 2013 survey. World Airport Awards gained true global respect due to their guaranteed independence,
transparency and impartiality of Survey and Awards process.

The professional survey process used by Skytrax has been professionally investigated and audited, and is well regarded for
the most rigorous code of conduct and rules of independence. Critically, no part of the survey or awards is paid for in any
way by airports, and airport staff cannot influence survey input or results as is suspected for some airport survey
operations. There is no eligibility restriction on airports included in the World Airport Awards.

Skytrax conduct the only independent, global airport survey that evaluates passenger satisfaction experiences across 39
different airport service and product performance indicators, using a post-travel completion. This later

World Airport Awards are not commissioned by an airport trade body or association, and are guaranteed for 100 per cent
independence to provide real integrity and transparency. If an Airport Customer Survey is to have true credibility, it cannot
have subscription-paying member airports, or be used as a means to recruit new paying members.

The survey interviews for the 2014 Awards totalled 12.85 million customers, with 110 passenger nationalities participating,
and 410 airports featured. The Survey was conducted from May 2013 through to February 2014. No outside sponsorship,
payment or influence is applied to any aspect of the Survey or Awards process.

No limit of Airports featured in the survey No Charge for Airports to feature in the survey
Voted by customers, without influence Awards do not use a judging panel
Survey does not allow sponsorship Awards do not allow sponsorship
No Charge to attend Awards ceremony Transparency of results & rankings

Product and Service factors ranked by airport customers in the Survey include :

1. Getting to and from the Airport, Ease of Access
2. Public transport options, efficiency and prices
3. Taxi availability and prices
4. Availability of luggage trolleys (airside & landside)
5. Terminal comfort, ambience and general design and appearance
6. Terminal cleanliness, floors, seating and public areas
7. Seating facilities throughout terminals
8. Immigration - queuing times and system for departure and arrivals
9. Immigration - staff attitude for departure and arrivals
10. Waiting times at Security screening
11. Courtesy and Attitude of Security staff
12. Check-In facilities, queuing systems and seat availability
13. Terminal signage for facilities, boarding gates, transfer and arrivals
14. Clarity of Boarding Calls and Airport PA's
15. Flight Information Screens - clarity and quality of information
16. Friendliness of Airport Staff
17. Language skills for Airport Staff
18. Ease of Transit through the Airport between flights - for domestic and international
19. Location of Airline Lounges
20. Washroom and Shower facilities in terminal
21. Cleanliness of Washroom facilities
22. TV and Entertainment facilities
23. Quiet areas, Day rooms, Hotel facility, rest areas
24. Children's play area and facilities provided
25. Choice of Shopping - tax free and other outlets
26. Prices charged in retail outlets
27. Choice of bars, cafes and restaurants, including international options
28. Prices charged in bars, cafes and restaurants
29. Internet facilities and WiFi availability
30. Business centre facility
31. Telephone and fax locations
32. Bureau de change facilities
33. ATM facilities
34. Smoking policy and standard of Smoking lounges
35. Standards of disabled access and facilities
36. Baggage Delivery times
37. Priority Baggage Delivery efficiency
38. Lost luggage services
39. Customer perception of airport security and safety standards

Additional research is conducted through supportive interviews amongst a representative sample of Survey respondents. This research
was to assess respondent reasons for Best Airport nomination, and prime satisfaction drivers when using an airport.

Data weighting applied to provide nomination equity when evaluating airports of different size. Data weighting used passenger numbers
for airports featured in the Survey.

Online survey interviews are screened to identify and monitor ISP and user information and deletes any duplicate or multiple
entries. Skytrax poll-breaker program applies pattern-checking to every completed survey interview, which identifies any nomination that
follows similar rating patterns, key completions, or duplicating earlier entries. This is also important to ensure that VPN users cannot
submit multiple or misleading entries.

No financial payment is made to any survey interviewee, and the cost of the Survey funded entirely by Skytrax. No third party
sponsorship is accepted.