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That’s What Ygritte Said

Weekly Game of Thrones Musings by Sam Ryu
Instead of doing my usual newsletter, I was tempted to just send out a link to this video of Seth
Rogen and Snoop Dogg Lion recapping the last Game of Thrones episode and call it a day. I could’ve
thrown in this link and this link (Game of Thrones characters as Disney characters) for the handful of
you that expect slightly more from me. But fortunately—for those of you who actually enjoy
reading 2-4 pages of carefully curated thought-vomit each week—there is much to talk about and
catch up on as we gear for the final three episodes of the season. Yes, final three already. As far as
standard narrative structure goes, Season 4 has been the most decentralized season yet. Season 1
had Ned Stark as its main protagonist. Season 2 belonged to Tyrion Lannister. Season 3 was
probably a three-way tie between Daenerys, Tywin, and Jaime. But Season 4? I have no idea. And
honestly, I don’t mind or think it matters that this season doesn’t have characters that are clearly at
the center of its storytelling because the showrunners, more than ever, have been so good with
spreading the wealth/screen time. (If you forced me to pick though, I think it would be Littlefinger.
Which is crazy for a character that doesn’t get top billing.) It’s been half a freaking month since we
last saw a new episode, so it’s great to have Game of Thrones back. I can only liken it to the feeling
when your kid (no, I don’t have a kid—I’m just guessing) runs away and then returns. You’re so
relieved to see them again BUT DON’T YOU EVER DO THAT TO ME AGAIN, OKAY?
Season 4, Episode 7 — “Mockingbird”
The title of the episode, “Mockingbird,” of course comes from the sigil that Littlefinger has
adopted for himself—he is the last living member of House Baelish so he can do whatever the ef
he wants. The only animal more fitting to represent Littlefinger would probably be a hyper-
intelligent weasel, but a mockingbird will do. Littlefinger aside, I took so much delight this episode
in Arya the nihilist philosopher (“Nothing isn’t better or worse than anything. Nothing is just
nothing.”), Bronn’s new fancy gloves, Sansa (like Tyrion and Bronn in earlier episodes) keeping her
pimp hand strong against a spoiled little brat, and seeing another person “fly.”
June 1, 2014
It seems like whenever I do a Remember This Guy? segment, he/she dies the next episode. (It’s
happened with Dantos the fool and Locke earlier this season.) Here’s another one for Ser Gregor
Clegane a.k.a. the Mountain a.k.a Sandor Clegane/the Hound’s older brother :
Left: The Mountain in S1E5 after beheading his own horse for making him lose a joust against Loras Tyrell.
Middle: The Mountain (recast) in S2E8 hanging out with Tywin and Arya in Harrenhal.
Right: The Mountain (recast again) in S4E7 picking up a poor dude with his sword. He is now Cersei’s champion.
Melisandre tells Lady Selyse Baratheon that some of her powers are actually just smoke and
mirrors. (The demon baby assassin smoke, however, is real.) Melisandre—this time explicitly—says
that the Lord of Light requires Shireen (Stannis and Selyse’s daughter with greyscale a.k.a Ser
Davos’s personal Reading Rainbows tutor) on their trip. But where are they going? After hinting at
it in Season 3’s finale, could Stannis and his camp finally be going north to protect the Wall?
Quick Hits: I don’t know if it’s just ironic foreshadowing or Ser Alliser Thorne just being a dick,
but he keeps mockingly calling Jon Snow “Lord Snow.” Bronn gets a castle and fancy clothes (with
doeskin gloves to match) to go with his new dumb rich wife, Lollys Stokeworth. He’s really moving
up in the world and represents the American Westerosi Dream better than anyone. He just needs
2.5 kids now. The Hound’s bite wound is looking a lot like Khal Drogo’s small cut that eventually
led to his death. Did they have disinfectants back then? How effective would Dornish wine be?
Hot Pie returns! Although he mistakenly calls the Stark home
“Winterhell” again, he has become a much better Direwolf
Bread Baker—best in all of the Riverlands. Compare his
goodbye gift to Arya from S3E3 and his latest attempt in
S4E7. He also points Brienne and Podrick to the Eyrie, where
Sansa is. The Hound and Arya are headed the same direction,
though a little behind. How great would it be if they all ran
into each other? Arya, Podrick, Brienne, and the Hound
would make up the best traveling group ever.
Sansa enjoys a brief moment in the snow—her natural
element, being from the North and all—before Robin ruins
everything (do you want to build a snowman?). We also see
Littlefinger kill someone with his own hands for the first time.

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June 1, 2014