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2014 Encore Artist Application

TOUR DATES: October 3, 4, 5, and 10, 11, 12 Student Tours – October 7, 8, 9

To be eligible as an Encore Participating Artist you must first be a resident of Yamhill County.

Be a current member of the Arts Alliance of Yamhill County (AAYC).
Have been a Tour Artist for one of the past two years (2012 or 2013).

ree to open your studio from 10 am to 6 pm each day of the Tour (not including the Student Tour)
Have new one-of-a-kind work to display during the Tour.
embership can be renewed with a check in your Tour application)

• Be willing to discuss and/or demonstrate your creative process to Tour visitors.
Here’s what you need to do (note due dates):

Submit your completed application with all fees by FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2014
Submit your images by FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2014

Fee options:

____Individual artist: $225 +one-year AAYC membership* (application attached-pages 3 & 4)


____Individual artist with OPT-OUT OPTION: $225 fee, +$250 Opt-Out fee =TOTAL $475;
plus a 2014 one-year Arts Alliance of Yamhill County membership*

*AAYC membership: $35 individual or $50 family; is tax deductible.

Plan to attend the first All Artists Meeting tentatively scheduled for mid-March. (Details later)

Submit digital images by Friday , FEBRUARY 28, 2014

ubmit six high quality digital COLOR images of your artwork via CD.
hese will be used for Tour materials and AHST website.
Submission of print ready professional photos is a basic requirement. Take as much care with your
images as you do in creating your work. If you are unable to meet these standards on your own, seek
professional help. Images which do not meet the following criteria will not be considered.


• Digital images must be at least 300dpi jpegs, with the longest dimension 3000 pixels (10”)
If you are unable to meet these standards on your own, seek professional help. Include at least six and not
more than 10 images. (If y es each.) Images must
be titled with your name a

ou plan to show more than one medium, submit 5‐10 imag
nd the name of the piece.
e: Name_Title.jpg (DSmith_Silver Water.jpg) Sampl

• Do not submit prints or slides.
ge, • If digital images are created from slides or prints, they must be on a CD and free of lint, dirt, dust, grun
gnats and any other unwelcome artifacts.
• An image list must be submitted with artist’s name, artwork title, medium and dimensions. Example:
Winston Churchill, The Gathering Storm, oil on canvas, 50”x60”
• Backgrounds for three‐dimensional work must be clean, simple and plain, light or dark depending upon the
sy” tones and values of the object. Do not include your studio or household furniture in the background. “Art
backgrounds are discouraged. Present your work, not a background.
n, perpendicular to the surface. • Two‐dimensional work must be photographed from a centered positio
ork, unless the frame is part of the work. • Do not photograph framed w
• All photos must be in focus.
bjects against a wall where shadows • Exclude extraneous shadows on or near the work. Do not photograph o
of the object may appear (unless the work is a wall‐hanging).
• Avoid harsh lighting, burned‐out highlights and overly dense shadows.
e. • Reflections of other objects on surfaces such as glass are not acceptabl
Reflections of light that obscure surfaces of the art are not acceptable. •
• Photographs must accurately represent the colors and values of the actual art. The tour graphic
designer is not responsible for images that do not accurately represent your work.
Your application and an artist statement no longer than 50 words, must be submitted by FEBRUARY 15, 2014. 
Artist’s statements are subject to editing and artists will have the final approval as to content.
You may indicate your preference for images to be used but the catalog committee and Tour designer will make
final selections. Your image list and CD must be submitted by Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mail application and fees to:

P O Box 129
Dayton, Oregon 97114

Mail image CD and image list to:

(The address above)

Keep the information above…pages 1 & 2

2014 Encore Artist Application 3

Submit the completed application and artist fees by FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 21
ART HARVEST STUDIO TOUR; PO Box 129; Dayton, Oregon, 97114

Please make a copy of this application for your records.
Name: ______________________________________________ Phone:_____________________
Mailing Address:______________________________________________ST:____ZIP:__________
Email address:__________________________________ List in catalog? Y____N_____
How many years have you participated in the Tour?____________
Primary Tour Information is Email. If you require Phone___ or Mail___ contact, please indicate.

Please use the information included in the 2012 or 2013 catalog _____

If applicable, please include any new information below:
Name of Studio:________________________________________________
Studio Address (DO NOT USE A PO Box):_______________________________________
Phone:______________________ Fax:_____________________
Website: ________________________________________________List in catalog? Yes___ No____
Is your studio wheelchair/handicapped accessible? Yes____No____
Do you take credit cards? Yes____No____
If yes, please indicate which ones AMEX____ MC____ VISA____ Discover____
Will you be sharing your space with another artist(s)? Yes____ No____
Name of artist(s) (Note – artist(s) also must be juried):_______________________________________
Do you have space to share with a compatible artist? Yes____No____
Do you need to share space with a compatible artist? Yes____No____
Are there days or times you absolutely cannot be open? Yes____No____
Studio Directions: Please use the directions included in the 2012 or 2013 catalog or
if applicable, complete your new studio directions:

ARTIST STATEMENT: I choose to use my last year’s statement ________or
Please use the new information below:
Artistic Medium (5 words maximum):_________________________________________________________
Artist Statement (50 words maximum):
The statement will be subject to editing (final statement will have the artist’s approval)

All Tour Artists are expected to help with fundraising and distribution efforts. If you are paying the $225
Individual Artist Fee you must serve on a committee. Please select and number your top four (4) committee
choices below. Committees will be formed as needed and finalized at the first All Artists meeting.
If you choose not to volunteer, please indicate OPT OUT below and include the additional $250 Opt-Out fee.

Chairs and Volunteers needed: Please indicate if you would be willing to be Chair of the committee
____Catalog editing ____Meeting notes
____Sponsorship & donations ____Grants
____Tour material distribution ____Proof reading of other printed matter)
____Maps editing ____Buttons
____Sign placement ____Fundraising
____Publicity & presentations ____Exhibits: Amity, Carlton, Newberg, McMinnville
____Web site management ____2015 Calendar
____Education and student tours ____Meeting notes

____ I choose not to volunteer and am opting to pay the additional $250 opt-out fee.

STUDENT TOUR VISITS ARE OPTIONAL *Participation in the Student Tours IS IN ADDITION TO committee
and volunteer time. I will participate in the AHST Student Tour at my studio location___or at the CCC_______.

Individual artist: $225 +one-year AAYC membership* OR
Individual artist with opt-out option: $475 +one-year AAYC membership*
*AAYC membership: $35 individual or $50 family

I agree to open my studio from 10 AM to 6 PM each day of the tour, unless exempted before the catalog goes
to the designer. I will have a body of new one-of-a-kind works displayed.
I will have no more than 20% commercial reproductions, labeled as such. I will show visitors my materials,
tools and works in progress and make the process visible. I will discuss, and when possible, demonstrate my
creative process. I agree to fulfill my committee agreement or pay the additional op-out fee. I will do my
best to attend Art Harvest meetings. If I am unable to attend the meetings, I will contact the appropriate
individuals for all necessary information. Art Harvest Studio Tour (AHST) and Arts Alliance of Yamhill County
(AAYC) reserve the rights to reproduce the photos and information I have submitted for publicity purposes.
Artists are responsible for their own liability insurance. AAYC and AHST are not responsible for accidents or
theft at your studio or home.

I have enclosed the following payment(s) with this application, pages 3 & 4.

Please make check payable to Art Harvest Studio Tour.
______$225 Individual Artist Fee or______$475 (Individual Artist Fee $225 +$250 Opt-Out Fee)

Please include a separate check payable to AAYC.
$35 (individual) or $50 (family) annual membership or
I have already paid 2013 AAYC dues. Check #_______ Check date ________
By applying I agree to abide by the rules, policies, and decisions of the Art Harvest Studio Tour.

Signed_________________________________ Date: ___________________________

Mail application and fees by Friday February 21
, 2014. 5

P O Box 129
Dayton, Oregon 97114

Digital images on a CD and Image List must be submitted by
Friday, February 28
, 2014

300 dpi in .jpg format, or larger
rtist Name: Please submit a list of all the images on the CD. Digital images must be:

• Each labeled with your name and the piece name
000 Pixels on the largest dimension (10”)
Name_Title.jpg Sample: DSmith_SpringMountain.jpg

Piece No._________ Piece Name__________________ File name______________________________
Example: 1 Spring Mountain DSmith_SpringMountain.jpg







Mail image CD and image list to:

P O Box 129
Dayton, Oregon 97114

Arts Alliance of Yamhill County 6
Membership Form 2014
Mailing Address
Check here if you do not wish to receive emails from AAYC
Choose your membership category:
Individual: $35
Family: $50
Group/Organization: $50 - 99
Friend: $36 - 49
Advocate: $50 - 99
Patron: $100 - 245
Benefactor: $250 - 499
Sponsor: $500 - 999
Hero: $1000 - and above
I'll be sending payment by mail: enter amount ____________

If sending payment by mail, please include " AAYC membership" on your check and mail:

PO Box 898
McMinnville, Oregon 97128