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Conversation Questions Children

1. How many children do you have. How many would you like to have. ?
2. Do you enjoy being around children?
3. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
4. What are the positive or negative things about being a child?
5. Do you think that children are different today from the time when you were
child? Or from 50 years ago? 100 years ago?
6. What is most annoying or amazing thing about children?
7. What is the most important thing that we need to teach children?
8. Do you think that children are naturally good? Why or why not?
9. Do we have to answer children's questions even if they are inappropriate ones?
10. Who should be primarily responsible for taking care of children? Wife?
Husband? Grandparents? Relatives? Day-care center?
11. Who raised you? Your parents or grandparents or another family member?
12. What were your favorite games as a child?
13. What was the most important lesson your parents taught you?
14. Can you remember doing anything that got you into trouble? What was it?
How were you punished?
15. Do we have a responsibility to correct children when their parents aren't around
and they aremisbehaving?
16. What are basic children's rights?
17. What's something children do that you'd like to be able to do it too?
18. What's the cutest thing you think children do?
19. What's a bad thing you think children do?
20. When is it OK for little girls to wear makeup?
21. What do children use their cellphones for?
o Will you give one to your children? After what age?
1-enjoy apreciar,curtir 2-grew up cresceu 3-amazing adj. incrível; maravilhoso; espantoso
4-teach ensinar; educar 5- naturally naturalmente 6- even if mesmo se 7- primarily
primeiramente 8- take care of tomar conta de 9- day-care center creche 10- raised
educou ,criou 11- taught ensinou 12- got in trouble ficou em apuros ou encrencas 13-
punished punido,castigado 14- misbehave portar-se mal 15- be able to apto a, capaz de
16- cute engraçadinho, fofinho (Gíria); cutest o mais fofinho, bonitinho
brincar de esconde-esconde = play hide-and-seek\\brincar de pega-pega = play tag\\brincar de
amarelinha = play hopscotch\\brincar de pica-bandeira = play catch-the-flag \\brincar de
polícia e ladrão = play cops and robbers others\\brincar de pula-sela = play leapfrog\\brincar
de telefone sem fío = play telefone\\brincar de jogar queimada = play dodgeball\\brincar de
ciranda = play ring-around-the-rose\\brincar de jogo da verdade = play truth or dare
brincar de casinha = play house\\brincar de jogar taco ou bets= play stickball.\\ bolinha de
gude =play marbles \\ brincar de rodar pião = play Trompo or whipping top \\jogar a cabra-
cega = play blindman's buff \\ cabo de guerra = tug of war carl.cesar.9