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Conversation Questions Social Problems

1. Are there food kitchens for the needy in your country?
2. Are there homeless shelters in your country?
3. Are there many homeless people where you live?
4. Are there many suicides in your country?
5. Are there nursing homes in your country?
6. Do you know anyone who is homeless?
7. Do you think it's acceptable for parents to use corporal punishment as a means
of discipline? Why/why not?
8. Have you ever experienced discrimination?
9. Have you ever known someone with an addiction?
10. In an overpopulated world, should people be free to have as many children as
they want?
11. Is there assistance available to people that are homeless?
12. Is there public assistance in your country?
13. What are some reasons people use illegal drugs?
14. What are some reasons that people become homeless?
15. What are some things people can do to eliminate discrimination and prejudice?
16. What are some ways we can help homeless people?
17. What do you think is the most serious problem in the world?
o Why do you think so?
o What can we do as individuals to solve this problem?
18. What do you think when you see a homeless person?
19. What types of noise pollution do you hate the most?
20. Who takes care of the elderly when they are no longer able to care for
21. Is it morally right to spend a lot of money on pets, rather than helping people in
22. Are you pro-life, or pro-choice? Why, and how do you see the opposing
23. How would you prevent someone from committing suicide?
1- soup kitchen ou food kitchen cozinha pública (lugar onde preparam comidas em preços
baratos para os necessitados) 2- Homeless shelters locais temporários para moradores de
rua afim de abriga los ate que consigam estabelece los de volta a sociedade. 3- nursing
home casa de repouso, instituto assistencial 4- punishment punição, castigo 5- addiction
vício, dependência 6- overpopulated superpovoado 7- prejudice preconceito; pré-
julgamento 8- solve resolver, esclarecer 9-noise pollution poluição sonora 10- elderly
idosos, velhos 11- no longer não mais 12- rather than ao invés de 13- pro life "a favor da
vida", nega o direito da mulher em realizar o aborto artificial 14- pro choice a favor da opção",
apoia o direito de escolha da mulher em terminar com a gravidez indesejada através do aborto
artificial 15- the opposing viewpoint o ponto de vista oposto
1-to line up colocar-se em fila,2- hematoma hematoma