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Newsletter – June 2014

Bi-Monthly wrap up:

Well two months has gone and it has been a
huge two months for Fitness Ideas. One door
has closed and one has opened. For the next
little while I will be working out of Fit for Business
gym which is based in the New Zealand Rugby
Union building on Molesworth Street. For all
Fitness Ideas Members you do not need to be a
member to see me at this gym. Below is a link to
the Fit for Business website. Please feel free to
make contact me on how you can use this
small but great training venue.

Following on from this Fitness Ideas will also be
restricting what hours training will be available
to clients. Just recently I sent out all my clients
my latest terms and conditions of business which
also has my cancellation policy in it. There will
be strict adherence to this cancellation policy
so that clients continue to get best session day
and time that suits them. Form this month late
notice of swapping of session days and times
will not be available due to time/session
restraints. Sessions will not be available from
Friday 1230 and over weekends and public
holidays. I will continue to offer sessions from
Monday through till Friday lunchtime however
spaces will be limited so book in quick.

In the past I have offered group training sessions
these will continue although the new hours for
these sessions will be:

Tuesdays 6-6:30pm
Wednesdays 5:30-6pm


Fitness Ideas continues to offer the extremely
successful and popular home based training
sessions. Clients are reporting great success
from these sessions (see client news for some
progress updates). These sessions can be
delivered if you have gym equipment at home
or none at all. I truly believe that home based
training is a time and cost effective way of
training to meet your goals and that you can
get just as good as workout at home as you can
in a gym. Not to mention home based training
can be a great way of structuring exercise
around a busy life.

For more information about this exciting home
based service go to:

Clink the mobile training link under the
‘Packages’ tab

Training session unavailability:

Fitness Ideas will not be offering any sessions
from Wednesday 23
July through to and
including Wednesday the 30
of July.

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Please feel free to share any thoughts you may
have either by contacting me on email at or visit me on my
Facebook page.


Yours in health

Be sure to follow me on:

Client round up:

The last 2 months have been extremely for lots
of Fitness Ideas clients.


I have been working with Daniel for around two
years. At the start April he came to me wanting to
up his game and be pushed a litle more. We
decided on him doing a Fitness Ideas 6 week
challenge. The main difficulty for Daniel was
working around a severe shoulder and wrist injury
from playing rugby. For the 6 weeks we focused on
‘tidying up’ his nutrition and also focusing on mixing
up his cardio regimes and doing 1 leg session a
week and 1 core session a week.
In his 6 weeks Daniel produced the following

Weight: lost 6.6kg
Bellybutton measurement: lost 8cm
Bodyfat %: lost 4 %
Total body measurements: Lost a total of 24 cm
from 5 sites.

Congratulations Daniel and a big thank you to Derek
Hall and BodyPro supplements for their fantastic
gift a BodyPro sweatshirt (pictured above) and a
selection of supplements.

Speaking of 6 week challenges two of my clients
Leigh and Rachel have undertaken their own 6 week
challenge working together form Rachels home
based exercise area. Both ladies have just finished
week 2 at the time of the newsletter. Make sure to
check out the next newsletter for their final results.

As mentioned earlier home based training is taking
off at the moment. Two of my newer home based
training clients are making some great gains.

Jennie trains at home and fits her training
inbetween working as a home based child carer and
a new mum. In three weeks Jennie has lost 3 kg and
dropped 13.5 cm from 6 sites. More importantly
already Jennie has noted a great improvement in
her fitness levels and has already strated jogging up
hills instead of walking.

Pam has been seeing me at her home once a week
for the last two weeks. Before seeing me Pam
committed herself to improving her diet and last 6
kg. Since working with me Pam has taken to
exercise like a ‘duck to water’. She is practising her
exercises everyday and has already noted a
significant reduction in the pain she had been
experiencing in her knees.

A big congratulations to another of my home based
clients Kym who recently completed the Rotorua
marathon in a time of 5 hours 19 minutes. Kym was
extremely happy with her result and happy to

Finally a big thank you and good luck to all Fitness
Ideas clients I have had the pleasure of working
with over the last 5 ½ years at City Fitness
Johnsonville. For those clients who are going to
continue your health and fitness journey with me at
the new location it is great to have you still on

Something you want to see more of in the
newsletter or something new you would like
covered, then drop me a line and let me know!

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Nutrition space:

Ever wondered what 600 kjs or 142 calories looks
like in food terms? It is really easy to underestimate
your actual food intake. Here are some common
foods in 600kj servings.
 2 scoops or 75 gms of regular ice cream.
 50-60 grams or 2 slices of processed meat
like luncheon.
 1 ½ thick or 2 thinner sausages
 2-3 sweet biscuits
 About 5-6 small lollies
 About 2 tablesppons of jam or honey
 ½ small bar (25gm) chocolate
 200 ml wine
 60 mls spirits
 400 ml regular beer
 1 can of normal sooft drink
 1/3 meat pie or pastry
 60 grmas of hot chips.
Remember eater beware as many of these foods
come in over sized portions and it is not very often
that we take the time to measure out our portion
sizes and tend to guess sizes. Too much of this can
be the making of breaking of whether you meet
your weight loss goals.


Wanting a hard core abdominal workout but have
no idea where to start then check out this intense
30 min core workout. Please make sure you speak
to a health professional to make sure your
technique is correct and that you have the ability to
correctly and safely perform the following exercises.
*Fitness Ideas takes no responsibility for any injuries
that may be incurred.
This is a 8 exercise circuit routine with the exercises
can be done in any order. Aim to work through the
sets and reps as quickly and safely as possible.

Resistance band/cable bicep curl and crunch:

Resistance band not pictured
Lie on your back with your fet on the floor. Place
the band under your feet and keep it tight. Hold the
ends of band at hip height .
Lift your head and shoulders from the floor putting
tension through your core at the same time curling
your arms up with focus on front of arms. Pause at
top then return to start.

Sets: 3 Reps: 10-12

Swiss ball plank:

Hold a plank position (as shown or with elbows on
ground under shoulders) with legs extended on a
swiss ball. Only your shins should be on the ball.
Hold your core and midsection toght. Aim to keep
your head in line with a straight back and don’t let
hips sag.

Reps: 3 x60 seconds

Elevated Leg sit up:

Lie on your back. Extend your arms and legs
towards the ceiling, toes flexed towards you.
Slowly lift your body from the ground. Reach your
fingers as far up as possible try to touch your toes.
Lower your upper body to the floor.
Sets: 3 Reps: 8-12

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Incline bench hip raise:

Lie on an incline bench holding the top with your
hands. Legs slightly bent. Lift your hips up as
pictured and push through your legs and then
return to start slowly.
Sets: 3 Reps: 8-12

Swiss Ball core lift:

Lie face down on a swiss ball, hips should be on the
top of the ball. Extend your legs and support
yourself on your toes. Place your hands on your
temples keeping your upper body relaxed.
Lift your upper body in a controlled fashion using
your lower back. Keeping your core tight. Keep
chest up and pull your shoulder blades together
then lower to the start.
Sets: 3 Reps: 10-12

Weighted Core rotation (on swiss ball)

Lie with your upperback on a swiss ball. Push your
hips up until they form a straight line with your core
and upper legs. Hold a weight plate or dB in both
hands with arms extended over your chest.
In controlled fashion turn your body as far as
possible to the left and then to the right, keeping
core tight
Sets: 3 Reps: 10 each side

Raised bench leg lift

Lie on your back extend your legs with knes slightly
bent. Tighten your core and raise your legs as
pictured lifting your hips off the bench in a
controlled fashion. Control back down to start
Sets: 3 Reps: 8-10

Medicine ball twist

Sit on the floor, your knees bent at right angle. You
can have your feet under a bb or weight plate or
free. Hold a medicine ball with your amrs extended
at chest height in front of you. Lean back as far as
you can up to a 45 degree angle. Keep your chest
up, shoulders back and core tight. Turn your body
with the medicine ball as far as possible to the right
then to the left (that’s one rep)

Sets: 3 Reps: 10-12

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