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By Jacob Carpenter
A Golden Gate Estates man
entered a hospital patient’s room
and fatally shot his estranged wife
before shooting and wounding
himself early Tuesday evening,
Collier County sherif’s of cials
Christine Ann Moretz, 53, was
killed while visiting a patient at
Physician’s Regional-Pine Ridge
about 5:40 p.m., Sherif’s Of ce
spokeswoman Michelle Batten
said. The shooter was identified
as 54-year-old Jefrey L. Moretz,
of the 6000 block of English Oaks
Lane, Batten said.
After turning the gun on him-
self, Jefrey Moretz was secured
by hospital staf and transported
by helicopter to another hospital.
Physician’s Regional was shut
down for about two hours fol-
lowing the shooting.
It was unclear which hospital
Jefrey Moretz was flown to. He
was in intensive care Tuesday
night, Batten said.
By Kyle Hightower
Associated Press
ORLANDO — Casey Anthony’s eyes welled
with tears and her lips trembled as the verdict
was read once, twice and then a third time:
“Not guilty” of killing her 2-year-old daughter,
Outside the courthouse, many in the crowd
of 500 reacted with anger, chanting, “Justice for
Caylee!” One man yelled, “Baby killer!”
In one of the most divisive verdicts since
O.J. Simpson was acquitted in 1995 of killing
his ex-wife, Anthony was cleared Tuesday of
murder, manslaughter and child-abuse charges
after weeks of wall-to-wall TV coverage and
armchair-lawyer punditry that one of her attor-
neys denounced as “media assassination.”
Anthony, 25, was convicted only of four
misdemeanor counts of lying to investigators
who were looking into the child’s June 2008
Anthony could get up to a year behind bars
on each count when she is sentenced Thursday.
But because she has been in jail for nearly
By Allison Gagliardi
Travelers sat around the bar Tuesday shak-
ing their heads in dismay at the Casey An-
thony verdict.
The Chili’s Grill and Bar at the Southwest
Florida International Airport had the trial on
the big screen broadcasting the “not guilty”
verdict to everyone in the restaurant.
“I am really super surprised,” said Paul
Mathurin, 58, of Port Charlotte. “It’s crazy.”
After deliberating for less than 11 hours, a
jury decided Tuesday afternoon that Casey
Anthony was not guilty of capital murder
in the death of her 2-year-old daughter,
Anthony faces a maximum of four years
in jail for providing false information to law
enforcement. The judge will declare that
sentence Thursday, and there is a chance
that she could be freed right then if the
judge credits her for the three years she has
Defense attorney Jose Baez and his client, Casey Anthony, react after the jury acquitted her of killing her daughter, Caylee, at the Orange
County Courthouse in Orlando on Tuesday. Associated Press
After three years in jail, sweeping national attention and less than 11 hours
of deliberations, Casey Anthony was found ‘not guilty’ of killing her daughter
Caylee, 2, and was convicted only of four counts of lying to investigators
Casey Anthony murder trial
SW Florida reacts: Residents,
visitors call Casey Anthony
verdict ‘outrageous’ and ‘crazy’
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One dead in Naples hospital shooting
Physician’s Regional-Pine Ridge
prepare to load
the alleged
shooter onto
a helicopter at
Physicians Re-
gional on Pine
Ridge Road
on Tuesday
Greg Kahn/
After turning the
gun on himself,
Jeffrey Moretz
was secured by
hospital staff and
transported by
helicopter to another hospital.
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