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(INGLÉ CUID – No se autoriza la utilización de ningún tipo de material.


INSTRUCCIONES: Conteste a las preguntas de respuesta múltiple (“multiple choice questions”, 25 en total) en la hoja
de lectura óptica. Cuando acabe, entregue únicamente la hoja de lectura óptica y la última hoja de este examen, donde
escribirá las redacciones (“Compositions”).

Calificación: Total - 100 puntos: Multiple choice questions: 50 puntos + Compositions: 50 puntos.

Es necesario obtener un mínimo de 30 puntos (15 respuestas correctas) en la parte de opción múltiple y un mínimo de
25 puntos en la prueba de expresión escrita para superar esta prueba. Las respuestas incorrectas en las preguntas de
respuesta múltiple no restan puntos. Consigne sus datos personales en todas las hojas que entregue.



A In Los Angeles, everyone would like to be wealthy, famous and good-looking. Who
would like to be old, unknown, and poor? For Hollywood children, life can be really tough
because they grow in such an unreal environment. Their parents are ambitious, and the kids
are part of their ambitions. Parents arrange extravagant parties, purchase expensive cars, wear
fashionable clothes and go to dashing restaurants and clubs. When dreams can come true,
children are not able to learn the value of anything because they can have it all. A 15-year-old
girl, Mary Spencer, has a chauffeur, a personal assistant, credit cards, and an unlimited
amount of money to do what she wants at any time she wants. She knows one day she will
inherit her dad’s fortune and she boasts about it. Parents pay for care and attention for their
kids because they are too busy to look after them themselves. Mary’s mother, Sharon, is a
famous actress. She spends considerable spans of time out of town. Once she did not see her
daughter for three months! Sharon has hired a personal trainer, a nutritionist, a bodyguard, a
driver, a dancing coach and a family counsellor. Often there is no father or mother at home
most days, so kids decide to go out to restaurants instead of eating at home. They are also free
to decide whether to chat with their friends or do homework. Nobody oversees their social life
and they know nothing about childhood games. They become adults too early. Los Angeles
has always been the city of magic. The children in Hollywood lead unreal lives where cash,
perfect bodies and pleasure are major gods.

Choose the most suitable option:

1. Which of the following words in the text means “demanding and troubling”?
a) care b) busy c) span d) tough

2. In the text, the author seems to think that Hollywood children _________________.
a) can have anything they can dream of b) daydream too much
c) don’t have realistic dreams d) have it all in their dreams

3. Mary Spencer _________________.
a) is proud of her father’s fortune b) is ashamed of her father’s fortune
c) is amazed at her father’s fortune d) is critical about her father’s fortune

4. Sharon ________________.
a) doesn’t live with her daughter
b) doesn’t visit her daughter
c) doesn’t care for her daughter
d) doesn’t spend enough time with her daughter

5. Which word means the same as “to hire” as used in the text?
a) to rent b) to purchase c) to employ d) to lease

6. According to the author, we could conclude that Hollywood children ____________.
a) should lead a down-to-earth life b) should spend more money
c) should have perfect bodies d) should lead a more intense life

B Husband and wife team, Dario and Carla Delaware, will open their own restaurant next
week. Journalist, Terry Paul, talks to Carla about their plans.
Terry: What dishes do you prepare?
Carla: I will prepare the soups. There will be two soups on the menu –tomato soup and onion
Terry: Will you and Dario do all the cooking on your own?
Carla: No, we won’t. A young chef will work with us, too. He will help us in the kitchen. He’ll
make the side dishes.
Terry: I see. Which side dishes will he make?
Carla: He’ll make all kind of salads. I think his green salad with a special dressing will be a big
success. It’s my favourite!
Terry: I’ve heard you make wonderful desserts. Your cheesecake will be on the menu, won’t
Carla: Yes, of course it will. I will serve it with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. But I
won’t only make one dessert. I will make several, including a delicious chocolate dessert.

Choose the most suitable option:

7. Which of the following options means the same as: “There will be two soups on the menu”
a) The menu will include more than one soup
b) The menu will include two soups
c) The menu will include at least two soups
d) The menu will include two soups and nothing else

8. According to the text:
a) Carla’s favourite dish is the green salad
b) The chef can only make Carla’s favourite salad
c) Carla’s favourite dressing is green
d) The chef’s green salad is Carla’s favourite

9. Carla will make ___________.
a) only cakes b) two desserts c) one dessert d) different desserts

10. Carla and Dario will ___________
a) do all the cooking by themselves b) do the cooking with the help of a friend
c) hire somebody to help them d) not do any cooking at all

11. Terry ___________.
a) knows Carla makes excellent desserts b) has tasted Carla’s desserts
c) has been told Carla makes excellent desserts d) is certain Carla makes excellent desserts

12. Dario and Carla ___________.
a) will start working in a restaurant b) will work for the chef
c) will start their own business d) will work for somebody else

13. Which word means the same as “to whip”?
a) to beat b) to sew c) to dice d) to wrap

2. USE OF ENGLISH. Choose the right answer.

14. ___________ she arrived, he introduced her to his family.
a) Then b) As soon as c) Immediately d) While

15. We ___________ see this movie and tell you about it.
a) will b) would c) have d) Ø

16. ___________ you have been happy doing any other kind of job?
a) would b) must c) should d) will

17. They _____________ to my birthday party because they had to study.
a) came b) didn’t came c) did come d) didn’t come

18. The thieves ____________ the bank and ___________ the safe.
a) rob /empty b) robbed /emptied c) steal / empty d) stole / emptied

19. I’ve stayed in this hotel ___________ two weeks.
a) from b) for c) since d) during

20. I ________________ to see the lawyer for two hours.
a) wait b) ‘ve been waiting c) ‘ve been waited d) ‘ve wait

21. Another couple cancelled their holiday ___________ their dog was not feeling well.
a) then b) because c) therefore d) thus

22. _____ you ____________ to Tokio next month?
a) Will / travelling b) Are / travelling c) Are / travel d) Did / travel

23. I _____________ speak German when I was a child, but I _________ speak German now.
a) can /could b) could to /can to c) couldn’t /can d) couldn’t / could

24. My city has the ___________ and ___________ preserved parks in the world.
a) largest/better b) most large/most well c) larger/better d) largest/ best

25. If Mary ____________ a new car, it _____________ you a great amount of money.
a) bought / would have cost b) had bought / would have cost
c) bought / will have cost d) has bought / would cost

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COMPOSITIONS (50 puntos)

Write two compositions about these topics. Each composition should have 100 words

1. You have had a problem with something you ordered from an internet website. The item
you ordered is important to you. You decide to write an email to the company you bought the
item from. In your email:

 Say what you ordered
 Explain why it’s important to you
 Describe the problem in detail
 Say what you want the company to do

2. Write a conversation between two friends planning ideas for the Halloween party they are
organizing. In their conversation, they should talk about the following:

 The costumes they will wear
 The music they will play
 The food they will cook
 The people they will invite
 Games and activities they will prepare for their party