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FAQ for YWCA of Bellingham

If I need help, how do I get it?
The Womencare Shelter has a 24-hour domestic violence hotline at 1-877-227-
3360 or (360) 734-3438 and is located in 1026 N Forest St. Bellingham WA.
98225. Also, the Opportunity Council of Whatcom County helps community
members find which organization and program would best fit their needs. They
can be contacted by phone at 360-734-5121, and they are located in 1111 Cornwall
Ave. Bellingham WA, 98225.

Where is the Bellingham YWCA located?
The YWCA address is 1026 N Forest St Bellingham, WA 98225

How can I get in contact with someone at the YWCA?
Phone: 360-734-4820
Fax: 360-676-4091

Who is the Bellingham YWCA?
Since 1907 the Bellingham YWCA has been working to promote the
empowerment of women and girls of all ages, backgrounds, sexualities, races and
religions to advance their quality of life in Whatcom county.

What does the YWCA do?
The YWCA assists women, girls, people of color, and community members
improve their lives by helping them find solutions by providing support and
programs such as: Women Care, racial justice, economic, housing, Back to Work,
Prom Dress and Women’s Hall of Fame.

Is the Bellingham YWCA affiliated with the national organization?
Yes, most YWCA’s are affiliated with the national organization.

How do I get involved with the YWCA?
Be an advocate by learning more about the legislation and speaking to your
elected officials about issues that face your community.

Is the YWCA an association only for women?
YWCA was first established in the United States in 1858 and spread quickly
across the country. Initially, YWCA helped women from rural areas navigate city
life and take jobs during the industrial revolution. While its origins are in the
Christian tradition, the organization is open to individuals of all backgrounds,
and offers programs and services that include men and boys.

What does the acronym YWCA stand for?
Young Women’s Christian Association.

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