TO: The Resistors within the Illuminati. And Those alike. You. Have done such deceitful things...

and your bodies reek of mutilations of Black magic and traitorous behavior. You believe your solitary . “NO” will stop me from attaining that which is mine. How I do love an educated Fight. Then let us Fight. Since you are already having a hard time breathing... maybe you should sit down this round. Take a Breather..... you'll NEED BABY. ;) I hear Yes..... I hear No.... I hear yes.... I hear no..... I hear these things from the lips of my souls.... and then I observe defiance AGAIN. Lol. As if I have time for all this. YOU. You old WHITE MEN. Who are standing on your last limbs. YOU. Do not care for anything. And I could careless for what you believe in. But This I the Day that you really do feel my FANGS sink in. Because I do not have time...That is what I have BEEN SAYING. You will not deprive the world of my blessings... you will not force me to drive all things into darkness and death... I would NEVER DO THAT. So..... Do NOT Count on it... I AM NOT LIKE YOU. I thought you knew that. You've seen your radars, you've seen your charts... you've seen it all... and you still act like idiots... because you know you will die and go to hell forever.... and you are angry. That all has failed. That all was a lie.... your entire life... That must really suck but.... I kind of know what that feels like so.... it's all good. ;) You Know that I know right??? Everything... in how you are failing... you are trying to give that Vaccine to the masses to reinfect them.... hahahaha... you are so desperate for their deaths... but... from the moment you touch them... they are worthless...little squirts of water in your veins or up your nose... where ever it

goes... it is nothing...that is what has been happening... why don't you study that for yourself. And see... I will not allow you to kill.... I am just letting you look stupid as you try to kill off the sacred children of GOD. How foolish you can run off into the darkness and think and think... but you know Natures betrays your every belief. For I AM Nature Don't CHA THINK? ;) It has been fun killing off your families.... your grandchildren.... those you thought you loved... I loved doing that to you because... you know nothing about love... and I take what belongs to me... and the innocence of those children would never love you, if they knew what you really do.... huh? That's the Truth. YOU Trust in old Magics... I AM going to Curse them... so that they call forth a DEMON. One you have no control over... One you do not know it's name... ONE... who will stay...... And I will make you PAY.... for believing in DEAD Things. For This DEMON is MINE. My Darkness... My baby. So Do it... and watch what happens... But do not recite your powerless ritual babble talk to me. IT is already happening. Did they ever make a poltergeist III??? ;) “I AM the WORST of the WORST.” Don't forget I said these things. I created Lucifer and the DEVIL... and all those beings.... do you really think they could EVER compare to me???? NO. I have a different style of being me. And when it comes to paybacks.... I AM a really fuckin evil thing. You just would not believe. And even tho you think you have seen the worst of me... . I AM The Creator , DO NOT DOUBT ME. I AM infinite. I shall create. ENDLESSLY. That is just apart of me..... sort of like when you day dream....except mine become realities. Do you feel me? It's that easy..... so please fuck with me.... old dead Illuminati...... please fuck with me.... you hinder nothing.... but I like to keep you stuck between the levels of life and death... and torture you till you have nothing left.... that is what I like to do...

one of the things I like to do AS GOD. THE GOD. THE GOD OF ALL. Mr. Know-it-all. I see you coughing up blood and shit... GOD... that must really be a BITCH. NOW. For the rest of the Illuminati.... they will soon be dead. But will you be next. For you beg and beg... and you pray in my name.... and when you do that... I do hear what you say... because that is the way I AM made. I AM GOD. ….so...... “What did you say?”. OK. Guards men huh? I'll take care of you baby.... I know about you now baby...oh.....Im gonna fuckin kill you baby. I'll make you shoot yourselves in the head, or make you got psycho like fort hood in this bitch. Or Virginia Tech... you know... he confessed in the end... he said... JESUS TOLD ME TO DO IT.,...... hahahaha.... I DID. But I was Angrier then. I still do not like stupid Vain Children. Bottom line is.... you do not know what you are fuckin with. And I will remind you of this. I could be dong anything to you. Because I AM SO FUCKIN HUGE. I wouldn't even be able to tell... unless I ASTRO PLANED MYSELF THERE. And I wont, I will wait... but anything like that... the same thing awaits..... boom. “In the BIND GO BOOM.” My Personality as the Ancient of Ancient of GOD is playing with.... he likes it... so... Im just gonna leave him alone. My attribute. He is gnawing on your bones... he lies to you a lot too, this you should know for Lucifer is Dead... But you refuse to let go. Ahold of something that is no more. That Means.... you hold on to NOTHING. So be sure you walk down steps carefully wherever you go. Because your time is flying out the window. LOOK. I will have. WHAT I WANT. I AM NOT PLAYING WITH YOU. I HAVE GREAT expectations for MANKIND. And so much more that which you could never smell off my disgusting one. AND NO. I will kill off which does not belong. BUT for the MASSESS. I see Promise. Who could resist such a GOD?

NO ONE. NOW, you Illuminati evil .believe you hold a BOND to SATAN and to those that have fallen.... You are so pitiful. You believe that you are some how like his flesh and blood or related too him or something... a Spirit being.. that is DEAD.... yes... that is what you believe. Those cord looking things... that you swear is your connection to Lucifer and all of all an illusion... if it were really magical it would have been actually given to you from a spirit. Themselves... but this... this is made by a man.... using a ritual... and you think it is powerful... these Talismans. Their Names. Are Man Made... all I am saying is...... “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” And these new young ones I will take care of... this will be fun. But like I said... I have no time to waste... so.... crunch crunch crunch.... Your like Salad for Lunch. You in your darkness, in your Dark Robes... invoking upon all that is Dark Still Hoping Lucifer Returns,. I see this....I will come to you then Since you need something so fuckin bad.... so fuckin mad... so fuckin black....Go to your Temples... and I will Give it to you like that. No, NO. NO. I AM BACK NOT. LUCIFER IS BACK. Do you get it? “I am coming after all of you now... prepare for your deaths.”

And Any other BACK UP PLAN.... Every OTHER OPTION you had..... Anything else you could of EVER thought of.... AND Everything that you didn't think of..... The Same fuckin thing. I curse them. And I AM coming from your aspirations and your dreams from within... “You will pay for your Fuckin Sins.” “In The Bind Go Boom.” There is no angle for you to escape. You are finished in every single way. You are done. You are dead. Or you are close to it. And you have no power or say in anything. You have been outcast like trash on Monday morning. And you are slipping into the pits of Hell... I made it like a Gallery of things you did no do so well. The WALK..... down... to Hell... Yes... you Walk down there. You are USHERED into Hell. Now you know your Future VERY WELL. “And This All Becomes NOW. BOOM in the BIND GO BOOM.” “All Permanences as well and Eternities BECOME. Finalities. “ IT IS DONE. You have lost and I have Won. I need the rulership of all nations to be ONE. And to OBEY ME. And this is going to happen regardless of what you think. Many of you Illuminati have fallen in LOVE with me. I AM so happy because of me. But I AM tired of always enduring this. From those who control you. It is kind of complicated. My Personality. If you fuck with me.... then I like to fuck with you....I just get like that..... because....I get hurt and then numb and then empty...and instant. And your hell begins. I play and play with those who disobey. And I confess this to you. For I Am dong it anyway. Right now. And in all the other places. I Am. Have a Nice Day.


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