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1. Instrument: Standby Letter Of Credit SBLC
2. Total Face Value: 500M EURO
3. Issuing Bank: Barclays Bank London
4. Term : One Year, One Month
5. Lease Price: 8% of Face Value
6. Commission: 2% of Face Value
7. Delivery: Swift MT760 followed via hard copy via bank bonded courier (No later than 7 banking days)
8. Payment: MT103--Urgent/Priority


1) The LESSEE sends Deed Of Agreement (DOA) to the LESSOR that contains copies of the following documents:
I. Lessees Passport (High Resolution Scan)
II. Companys Board Resolution
III. Clients Information Sheet (CIS)
IV. Company Registration
V. Irrevocable Master Fee Payment Agreement (IMFPA)
VI. Bank Statement (No Later than a week, signed and endorsed by 2 bank officers
VII. Authorization To Verify (ATV) with specified window time within the week for verification to the Bank

2) This DOA automatically becomes a full commercial non-- recourse contract to be executed and lodged with their
respective banks when the LESSOR countersigns this DOA and returns to LESSEE with the following documents
I. Lessors Passport (High Resolution Scan)
II. Clients Information Sheet (CIS)
III. Company Registration

3) No later than three banking days, LESSORs bank will verify the bank statement with the window time indicated on
the ATV issued by LESSEE.

4) Within three (3) banking days after confirmation of LESSEEs bank statement, the LESSOR will deliver the BG/SBLC
via bank confirmation of SWIFT MT760 to the LESSEE's receiving bank.

5) The LESSEE pays via SWIFT MT760no later than three (3) banking days after the successful verification and
authentication of the MT760 the following:
I. Lease charges for the bank instrument
II. Commission entitlement for the agents as per IMFPA

6) Hard copy is delivered no later than five (5) days after payment to LESSOR via bank bonded courier

7) Should LESSEE default to pay the Lease price to the LESSOR and the brokers commission fees as agreed after three
(3) banking days of confirmation of SBLC MT760 in LESSEE's bank account, The LESSOR will instruct the issuing
bank to put a claim on the SBLC thereby forcing the LESSEE's bankers to return the SBLC MT760 to the issuing

8) Any unauthorized calls by any party or its representative lawyers to probes or communication in an improper way
to bank(s) in this Transaction shall be prohibited and contract terminated

9) This DOA is a full recourse commercial commitment governed by the Law of the jurisdiction that both parties agree
and standards under ICC Regulation.

10) Sanctions (Non Performance) After this contract is signed by both The Provider and The Investor, and
copies exchanged electronically or otherwise by a delivery service, failure to follow the closing procedure in time and from
herein is considered breach of this contract and puts the failing party in default position to pay a onetime penalty fee of 2%
of the first tranche of the contract to the suffering Party within 3 banking days.