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Crystal %& Transmitter
Pradeep )0
'ere is the circuit of a medium#power AM transmitter that delivers 1&&#1%& m2 of radio fre3uenc" 4!F5 power0
At the heart of the circuit is a cr"stal oscillator0 A 1&M'( cr"stal is used to generate highl" sta,le carrier fre3uenc"0
Audio signal from the condenser mic is amplified ," the amplifier ,uilt around transistors T16 T7 and T80 The amplified
audio signal modulates the !F carrier generated ," the cr"stal oscillator ,uilt around transistor T90 'ere modulation is
done via the power suppl" line0 The amplitude#modulated 4AM5 signal is o,tained at the collector of oscillator transistor
Fig. 1: Circuit of crystal AM transmitter
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RF low noise
amplifiers and
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Crystal AM Transmitter
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Centre approves electronics pro:ects worth !s ;<& million for MP
Panasonic contri,utes solar lamps as part of Ecos=ool pro:ect
M*!E against lev" on imported solar cells>
/ndian e#waste management mar=et to grow ? 8& per cent during 7&19#1<>
Fig. 2: Oscillator
Fig. 3: Modulation transformer
$" using matching dipole antenna and co#a@ial ca,le6 the range of signal transmission can ,e increased0 For ma@imum
range6 use a sensitive radio with e@ternal wire antenna0
The circuit wor=s off a <V#17V ,atter"0 For oscillator coil L16 wind 19 turns of 8&S2) wire round an ;mm diameter radio
oscillator coil former with a ferrite ,ead 4see Fig0 750 For modulation transformer A16 "ou can use the audio output
transformer of "our old transistor radio set0 Alternativel"6 "ou can ma=e it from EB/ section transformer lamination with
inner winding having 9& turns of 7CS2) wire and the outer winding having 7&& turns of 8&S2) as shown in Fig 80
Assem,le the circuit on a general#purpose PC$ and enclose in a suita,le ca,inet0

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Crystal AM Transmitter
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Crystal AM Transmitter
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