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Republic of the Philippines

G.R. No. 175492 February 27, 2013
CAROS . OCTA!"O, Petitioner,
#E CAST"O, J.:
Ever Collective !ar"ainin" #"ree$ent %C!#& shall provide a "rievance $achiner to 'hich all
disputes arisin" fro$ its i$ple$entation or interpretation 'ill be sub(ected to co$pulsor
ne"otiations. )his essential feature of a C!# provides the parties 'ith a si$ple, ine*pensive and
e*pedient sste$ of findin" reasonable and acceptable solutions to disputes and helps in the
attain$ent of a sound and stable industrial peace.
!efore us is a Petition for Revie' on Certiorari
assailin" the #u"ust ,+, -../ Decision
of the
Court of #ppeals %C#& in C#01.R. SP No. 2,345, 'hich dis$issed petitioner Carlos 6.
Octavio7s %Octavio& Petition for Certiorari
assailin" the Septe$ber ,., -..3 Resolution
of the
National 6abor Relations Co$$ission %N6RC&. Said N6RC Resolution affir$ed the #u"ust ,.,
-..8 Decision
of the 6abor #rbiter 'hich dis$issed Octavio7s Co$plaint for pa$ent of salar
increases a"ainst respondent Philippine 6on" Distance Co$pan %P6D)&. 6i9e'ise assailed in
this Petition is the Nove$ber +3, -../ Resolution
'hich denied Octavio:s Motion for
Factual Antecedents
On Ma -5, +222, P6D) and Gabay ng Unyon sa Telekominaksyon ng mga Superbisor %1;)S&
entered into a C!# coverin" the period <anuar +, +222 to Dece$ber ,+, -..+ %C!# of +2220
-..+&. #rticle VI, Section I thereof provides=
Section 1. The COMPAN agrees to grant the !ollo"ing across#theboar$ salary increase $uring
the three years co%ere$ by this Agreement to all employees co%ere$ by the bargaining unit as o!
the gi%en $ates&
'!!ecti%e (anuary 1) 1*** + 1,- o! basic "age or P.),,,.,, "hiche%er is higher/
'!!ecti%e (anuary 1) .,,, + 11- o! basic "age or P.).0,.,, "hiche%er is higher/
'!!ecti%e (anuary 1) .,,1 + 1.- o! basic "age or P.)0,,.,, "hiche%er is higher.
On October +, -..., P6D) hired Octavio as Sales Sste$ #nalst I on a probationar status. >e
beca$e a $e$ber of 1;)S. ?hen Octavio 'as re"ulari@ed on <anuar +, -..+, he 'as
receivin" a $onthl basic salar of P+.,....... On Aebruar +, -..-, he 'as pro$oted to the
position of Sales Sste$ #nalst - and his salar 'as increased to P+,,4,.....
On Ma ,+, -..-, P6D) and 1;)S entered into another C!# coverin" the period <anuar +,
-..- to Dece$ber ,+, -..8 %C!# of -..-0-..8& 'hich provided for the follo'in" salar
increases= 5B of basic 'a"e or P-,...... 'hichever is hi"her for the first ear %-..-&C +.B of
basic 'a"e or P-,4..... 'hichever is hi"her for the second ear %-..,&C and, +.B of basic 'a"e
or P-,8..... 'hichever is hi"her for the third ear %-..8&.
Clai$in" that he 'as not "iven the salar increases of P-,3..... effective <anuar +, -..+ and
P-,...... effective <anuar +, -..-, Octavio 'rote the President of 1;)S, #dolfo Aa(ardo
#ctin" thereon and on si$ilar "rievances fro$ other 1;)S $e$bers, Aa(ardo 'rote
the P6D) >u$an Resource >ead to infor$ $ana"e$ent of the 1;)S $e$bers: clai$ for
entitle$ent to the across0the0board salar increases.
#ccordin"l, the 1rievance Co$$ittee convened on October 4, -..- consistin" of
representatives fro$ P6D) and 1;)S. )he 1rievance Co$$ittee, ho'ever, failed to reach an
a"ree$ent. In effect, it denied Octavio:s de$and for salar increases. )he Resolution
%Co$$ittee Resolution&, reads as follo's=
October 4, -..-
+. Mr. Carlos 6. Octavio, Sales Sste$ #nalst I, CCIM0Database, 'as pro$oted
to S- fro$ S+ last Aebruar .+, -..-. >e clai$ed that the 'hole P-,... %+st r.
1;)S0C!# increase& 'as not "iven to hi$.
-. >e 'as hired as a probationar e$ploee on October .+, -... and 'as
re"ulari@ed on <anuar .+, -..+. >e clai$ed that Mana"e$ent failed to "rant hi$
the 1;)S0C!# increase last <anuar -..+.
Issue D +=
#& Pro$otional Polic= ad(ust$ent of basic $onthl salar to the $ini$u$ salar
of the ne' position.
!& Mr. Octavio:s salar at the ti$e of his pro$otion and before the conclusion of
the 1;)S C!# 'as P+.,.......
C& ;pon the effectivit of his pro$otion on Aebruar +, -..-, his basic $onthl
salar 'as ad(usted to P+,,4,...., the $ini$u$ salar of the ne' position.
D& In <une -..-, the 1;)S0C!# 'as concluded and Mr. Octavio:s basic salar
'as reco$puted to include the P-,...... +st ear increase retroactive <anuar
-..-. )he resultin" basic salar 'as P+-,.......
E& #pplin" the above0$entioned polic, Mr. Octavio:s basic salar 'as ad(usted
to the $ini$u$ salar of the ne' position, 'hich is P+,,4,.....
Issue D -=
#ll re"ulari@ed supervisor e$ploees as of <anuar + are not entitled to the 1;)S C!#
increase. >o'ever, as a"reed 'ith 1;)S in the "rievance case of +5 personnel of International
E 6u@on Core Net'or9 Mana"e$ent Center, probationar e$ploees 'ho 'ere hired outside of
P6D) and re"ulari@ed as supervisorsF$ana"e$ent personnel on <anuar +, -..- shall be entitled
to 1;)S C!#. )his decision shall be applied prospectivel and all previous si$ilar cases are not
#fter protracted deliberation of these issues, the co$$ittee failed to reach an a"ree$ent. >ence,
Mana"e$ent position dee$ed adopted.
#""rieved, Octavio filed before the #rbitration !ranch of the N6RC a Co$plaint for pa$ent of
said salar increases.
Ruling of the Labor Arbiter
Octavio clai$ed entitle$ent to salar increases per the C!#s of +2220-..+ and -..-0-..8. >e
insisted that 'hen he 'as re"ulari@ed as a supervisor e$ploee on <anuar +, -..+, he beca$e
entitled to receive the across0the0board increase of P-,3..... as provided for under the C!# of
+2220-..+ 'hich too9 effect on <anuar +, +222. )hen pursuant to the C!# of -..-0-..8, he
should have received an additional increase of P-,...... apart fro$ the $erit increase of
P,,4,.... 'hich 'as "iven hi$ due to his pro$otion on Aebruar +, -..-. >o'ever, P6D)
unilaterall decided to dee$ as included in the said P,,4,.... the P-,...... across0the0board
increase for -..- as stipulated in the C!# of -..-0-..8. )his, accordin" to Octavio, a$ounts to
di$inution of benefits. Moreover, Octavio averred that the C!# cannot be the sub(ect of further
ne"otiation as it has the force of la' bet'een the parties. Ainall, Octavio clai$ed that P6D)
co$$itted an act of unfair labor practice because, 'hile it "ranted the clai$ for salar increase
of +5 supervisor e$ploees 'ho 'ere re"ulari@ed on <anuar +, -..- and on'ards, it
discri$inated a"ainst hi$ b refusin" to "rant hi$ the sa$e salar increase. >e thus praed for
an additional a'ard of da$a"es and attorne:s fees.
P6D) countered that the issues advanced b Octavio had alread been resolved b the ;nion0
Mana"e$ent 1rievance Co$$ittee 'hen it denied his clai$s throu"h the Co$$ittee
Resolution. Moreover, the "rant of across0the board salar increase for those 'ho 'ere
re"ulari@ed startin" <anuar +, -..- and the e*clusion thereto of those 'ho 'ere re"ulari@ed on
<anuar +, -..+, do not constitute an act of unfair labor practice as 'ould result in an
discri$ination or encoura"e or discoura"e $e$bership in a labor or"ani@ation. In fact, 'hen the
;nion0Mana"e$ent 1rievance Co$$ittee ca$e up 'ith the Co$$ittee Resolution, the
considered the sa$e as the $ost practicable and reasonable solution for both $ana"e$ent and
union. #t an rate, the said Co$$ittee Resolution had alread beco$e final and conclusive
bet'een the parties for failure of Octavio to elevate the sa$e to the proper foru$. In addition,
P6D) clai$ed that the N6RC has no (urisdiction to hear and decide Octavio:s clai$s.
In a Decision dated #u"ust ,., -..8, the 6abor #rbiter dis$issed the Co$plaint of Octavio and
upheld the Co$$ittee Resolution.
Ruling of the National Labor Relations Commission
;pon Octavio:s appeal, the N6RC, in its Septe$ber ,., -..3 Resolution, affir$ed the 6abor
#rbiter:s Decision. It upheld the 6abor #rbiter:s findin" that Octavio:s salar had alread been
ad(usted in accordance 'ith the provisions of the C!#. )he N6RC further ruled that it has no
(urisdiction to decide the issues presented b Octavio, as the sa$e involved the interpretation and
i$ple$entation of the C!#. #ccordin" to it, Octavio should have brou"ht his clai$ before the
proper bod as provided in the -..-0-..8 C!#:s provision on "rievance $achiner and
Octavio:s Motion for Reconsideration 'as li9e'ise dis$issed b the N6RC in its Nove$ber -+,
-..3 Resolution.
Ruling of the Court of Appeals
Octavio thus filed a Petition for Certiorari
'hich the C# found to be 'ithout $erit. In its
#u"ust ,+, -../ Decision,
the C# declared the Co$$ittee Resolution to be bindin" on
Octavio, he bein" a $e$ber of 1;)S, and because he failed to Huestion its validit and
In his Motion for Reconsideration,
Octavio disclai$ed his alle"ed failure to Huestion the
Co$$ittee Resolution b e$phasi@in" that he filed a Co$plaint before the N6RC a"ainst
P6D). >o'ever, the C# denied Octavio:s Motion for Reconsideration in its Nove$ber +3, -../
>ence, Octavio filed this Petition raisin" the follo'in" issues for our consideration=
a. ?hether * * * the e$ploer and bar"ainin" representative $a a$end the provisions
of the collective bar"ainin" a"ree$ent 'ithout the consent and approval of the
b. If so, 'hether the said a"ree$ent is bindin" IonJ the e$ploeesC
c. ?hether * * * $erit increases $a be a'arded si$ultaneousl 'ith increases "iven in
the Collective !ar"ainin" #"ree$entC
d. ?hether * * * da$a"es $a be a'arded to the e$ploee for violation b the e$ploer
of its co$$it$ent under its e*istin" collective bar"ainin" a"ree$ent.
Octavio sub$its that the C# erred in upholdin" the Co$$ittee Resolution 'hich denied his
clai$ for salar increases but "ranted the sa$e reHuest of +5 other si$ilarl situated e$ploees.
>e li9e'ise asserts that both P6D) and 1;)S had the dut to strictl i$ple$ent the C!# salar
increasesC hence, the Co$$ittee Resolution, 'hich effectivel resulted in the $odification of the
C!#s: provision on salar increases, is void.
Octavio also insists that P6D) is bound to "rant hi$ the salar increase of P-,...... for the ear
-..- on top of the $erit increase "iven to hi$ b reason of his pro$otion. It is his stance that
$erit increases are distinct and separate fro$ across0the0board salar increases provided for
under the C!#.
Our Ru,-./
)he Petition has no $erit.
;nder #rticle -/.
of the 6abor Code, "rievances arisin" fro$ the interpretation or
i$ple$entation of the parties: C!# should be resolved in accordance 'ith the "rievance
procedure e$bodied therein. It also provides that all unsettled "rievances shall be auto$aticall
referred for voluntar arbitration as prescribed in the C!#.
In its Me$orandu$,
P6D) set forth the "rievance $achiner and procedure provided under
#rticle K of the C!# of -..-0-..8, %i1=
Section +. 1RIEV#NCE M#C>INERL 0 there shall be a ;nion0Mana"e$ent 1rievance
Co$$ittee co$posed of three %,& ;nion representatives desi"nated b the ;NION !oard of
Directors and three %,& Mana"e$ent representatives desi"nated b the co$pan President. )he
co$$ittee shall act upon an "rievance properl processed in accordance 'ith the prescribed
procedure. )he ;nion representatives to the Co$$ittee shall not lose pa for attendin" $eetin"s
'here Mana"e$ent representatives are in attendance.
Section -. 1RIEV#NCE PROCED;RE 0 )he parties a"ree that all disputes bet'een labor and
$ana"e$ent $a be settled throu"h friendl ne"otiationsC that the parties have the sa$e interest
in the continuit of 'or9 until all points in dispute shall have been discussed and settledC that an
open conflict in an for$ involves losses to the partiesC and that therefore, ever effort shall be
e*erted to avoid such an open conflict. In furtherance of these principles, the parties a"ree to
observe the follo'in" "rievance procedures.
Step +. #n e$ploee %or "roup of e$ploees& 'ho believes that he has a (ustifiable "rievance
shall present the $atter initiall to his division head, or if the division is involved in the
"rievance, to the co$pan official ne*t hi"her to the division head %the local $ana"er in the
provincial e*chan"es& not later that fifteen %+3& das after the occurrence of the incident "ivin"
rise to the "rievance. )he initial presentation shall be $ade to the division head either b the
a""rieved part hi$self or b the ;nion Ste'ard or b an E*ecutive Officer of the ;nion 'ho
is not a $e$ber of the "rievance panel.12"phi1 )he initial presentation $a be $ade orall or
in 'ritin".
Step -. #n part 'ho is not satisfied 'ith the resolution of the "rievance at Step + $a appeal
in 'ritin" to the ;nion0Mana"e$ent 1rievance Co$$ittee 'ithin seven %4& das fro$ the date
of receipt of the depart$ent head:s decision.
Step ,. "0 12e /r-e3a.4e -+ .o1 +e11,e5 e-12er be4au+e o0 5ea5,o46 or 12e 0a-,ure o0 12e
4o77-11ee 1o 5e4-5e 12e 7a11er, 12e /r-e3a.4e +2a,, be 1ra.+0erre5 1o a *oar5 o0
Arb-1ra1or+ 0or 12e 0-.a, 5e4-+-o.. )he !oard shall be co$posed of three %,& arbitrators, one to
be no$inated b the ;nion, another to be no$inated b the Mana"e$ent, and the third to be
selected b the $ana"e$ent and union no$inees. )he decision of the board shall be final and
bindin" both the co$pan and the ;nion in accordance 'ith la'. E*penses of arbitration shall be
divided eHuall bet'een the Co$pan and the ;nion.
%E$phasis supplied&
Indisputabl, the present controvers involves the deter$ination of an e$ploee:s salar
increases as provided in the C!#s. ?hen Octavio:s clai$ for salar increases 'as referred to the
;nion0Mana"e$ent 1rievance Co$$ittee, the clear intention of the parties 'as to resolve their
differences on the proper interpretation and i$ple$entation of the pertinent provisions of the
C!#s. #nd in accordance 'ith the procedure prescribed therein, the said co$$ittee $ade up of
representatives of both the union and the $ana"e$ent convened. ;nfortunatel, it failed to reach
an a"ree$ent. Octavio:s recourse pursuant to the C!# 'as to elevate his "rievance to the !oard
of #rbitrators for final decision. Instead, nine $onths later, Octavio filed a Co$plaint before the
It is settled that M'hen parties have validl a"reed on a procedure for resolvin" "rievances and to
sub$it a dispute to voluntar arbitration then that procedure should be strictl observed.M

Moreover, 'e have held ti$e and a"ain that Mbefore a part is allo'ed to see9 the intervention of
the court, it is a precondition that he should have availed of all the $eans of ad$inistrative
processes afforded hi$. >ence, if a re$ed 'ithin the ad$inistrative $achiner can still be
resorted to b "ivin" the ad$inistrative officer concerned ever opportunit to decide on a
$atter that co$es 'ithin his (urisdiction, then such re$ed should be e*hausted first before the
court:s (udicial po'er can be sou"ht. )he pre$ature invocation of the court:s (udicial
intervention is fatal to one:s cause of action.M
M)he underlin" principle of the rule on
e*haustion of ad$inistrative re$edies rests on the presu$ption that 'hen the ad$inistrative
bod, or "rievance $achiner, is afforded a chance to pass upon the $atter, it 'ill decide the
sa$e correctl.M
! failin" to Huestion the Co$$ittee Resolution throu"h the proper procedure prescribed in the
C!#, that is, b raisin" the sa$e before a !oard of #rbitrators, Octavio is dee$ed to have
'aived his ri"ht to Huestion the sa$e. Clearl, he departed fro$ the "rievance procedure
$andated in the C!# and denied the !oard of #rbitrators the opportunit to pass upon a $atter
over 'hich it has (urisdiction. >ence, and as correctl held b the C#, Octavio:s failure to assail
the validit and enforceabilit of the Co$$ittee Resolution $a9es the sa$e bindin" upon hi$.
On this score alone, Octavio:s recourse to the labor tribunals belo', as 'ell as to the C#, and,
finall, to this Court, $ust therefore fail.
#t an rate, Octavio cannot clai$ that the Co$$ittee Resolution is not valid, bindin" and
conclusive as to hi$ for bein" a $odification of the C!# in violation of #rticle -3,
of the
6abor Code. It bears to stress that the said resolution is a product of the "rievance procedure
outlined in the C!# itself. It 'as arrived at after the $ana"e$ent and the union throu"h their
respective representatives conducted ne"otiations in accordance 'ith the C!#. On the other
hand, Octavio never assailed the co$petence of the "rievance co$$ittee to ta9e co"ni@ance of
his case. Neither did he Huestion the authorit or credibilit of the union representativesC hence,
the latter are dee$ed to have properl bar"ained on his behalf since Munions are the a"ent of its
$e$bers for the purpose of securin" (ust and fair 'a"es and "ood 'or9in" conditions.M
In fine,
it cannot be "ainsaid that the Co$$ittee Resolution is a $odification of the C!#. Rather, it onl
provides for the proper i$ple$entation of the C!# provision respectin" salar increases.
Ainall, Octavio:s ar"u$ent that the denial of his clai$ for salar increases constitutes a
violation of #rticle +..
of the 6abor Code is devoid of $erit. Even assu$in" that there has
been a di$inution of benefits on his part, #rticle +.. does not prohibit a union fro$ offerin" and
a"reein" to reduce 'a"es and benefits of the e$ploees as the ri"ht to free collective bar"ainin"
includes the ri"ht to suspend it.
P6D) averred that one of the reasons 'h Octavio:s salar 'as
reco$puted as to include in his salar of P+,,4,.... the P-,...... increase for -..- is to avoid
salar distortion. #t this point, it is 'ell to e$phasi@e that bar"ainin" should not be eHuated to an
Madversarial liti"ation 'here ri"hts and obli"ations are delineated and re$edies applied.M

Instead, it covers a process of findin" a reasonable and acceptable solution to stabili@e labor0
$ana"e$ent relations to pro$ote stable industrial peace.
Clearl, the Co$$ittee Resolution
'as arrived at after considerin" the intention of both P6D) and 1;)S to foster industrial peace.
#ll told, 'e find no error on the part of the 6abor #rbiter, the N6RC and the C# in unani$ousl
upholdin" the validit and enforceabilit of the 1rievance Co$$ittee Resolution dated October
4, -..-.
'$EREFORE, the petition is #EN"E#. )he #u"ust ,+, -../ Decision and Nove$ber +3,
-../ Resolution of the Court of #ppeals in C#01.R. SP No. 2,345 are AFF"RME#.
#ssociate <ustice
#ssociate <ustice
#ssociate <ustice
#ssociate <ustice
#ssociate <ustice
# ) ) E S ) # ) I O N
I attest that the conclusions in the above Decision had been reached in consultation before the
case 'as assi"ned to the 'riter of the opinion of the Court7s Division.
#ssociate <ustice
C E R ) I A I C # ) I O N
Pursuant to Section +,, #rticle VIII of the Constitution and the Division Chairperson7s
#ttestation, I certifL that the conclusions in the above Decision had been reached in consultation
before the case 'as assi"ned to the 'riter of the opinion of the Court7s Division.
Chief <ustice
Per Special Order No. +8-+ dated Aebruar -.,-.+,
3ollo) pp. +50-5.
C# rolla) pp. 2/0+.-C penned b #ssociate <ustice #ndres !. Rees, <r. and concurred
in b #ssociate <ustices >a9i$ S. #bdul'ahid and Mariflor P. Pun@alan Castillo.
ld. at -0+-
ld. at /80/5C penned b Co$$issioner )ito A. 1enilo and concurred in b
Co$$issioner Ro$eo C. 6a"$an. Presidin" Co$$issioner 6ourdes C. <avier did not
ld. at 8203,C penned b 6abor #rbiter fati$a <a$baro0Aranco.
Id. at ++-.
Id. at +.,0+.3.
See Octavio:s Position Paper, p. 8C id. at +/.
See -..-0-..8 C!# Si"ned, #nne* MCM of Octavio:s Position Paper before the 6abor
#rbiter, id. at -8.
#nne* MD,M id. at -3.
#nne* MA,M id. at -/0-5.
#nne* M1,M id. at -20,.C #nne* M#M of P6D):s Position Paper before the 6abor
#rbiter, id. at ,/0,4.
Id. at 4304/.
Id. at -0+-.
Id. at. 2/0+.-.
Id. at +.,0+.3.
Id. at ++-.
3ollo) p. --.
#R). -/.. G34'5ANC' MAC64N'3 AN7 5O8UNTA3 A394T3AT4ON
)he parties to a Collective !ar"ainin" #"ree$ent shall include therein provisions
that 'ill ensure the $utual observance of its ter$s and conditions. )he shall
establish a $achiner for the ad(ust$ent and resolution of "rievances arisin" fro$
the interpretation or i$ple$entation of their Collective !ar"ainin"
#"ree$ent and those arisin" fro$ the interpretation or enforce$ent of co$pan
personnel policies.
#ll "rievances sub$itted to the "rievance $achiner 'hich are not settled 'ithin
seven %4& calendar das fro$ the date of its sub$ission shall auto$aticall be
referred to voluntar arbitration prescribed in the Collective !ar"ainin"
Aor this purpose, parties to a Collective !ar"ainin" #"ree$ent shall na$e and
desi"nate in advance a Voluntar #rbitrator or panel of Voluntar #rbitrators, or
include in the a"ree$ent a procedure for the selection of such Voluntar
#rbitrator or panel of Voluntar #rbitrators, preferabl fro$ the listin" of
Hualified Voluntar #rbitrators dul accredited b the !oard. In case the parties
fail to select a Voluntar #rbitrator or panel of Voluntar #rbitrators, the !oard
shall desi"nate the Voluntar #rbitrator or panel of Voluntar #rbitrators, as $a
be necessar, pursuant to the selection procedure a"reed upon in the Collective
!ar"ainin" #"ree$ent, 'hich shall act 'ith the sa$e force and effect as if the
#rbitrator or panel of #rbitrators has been selected b the parties as described
Id. at +340+44.
Id. at +/+0+/-.
5i%ero %. Court o! Appeals) ,25 Phil. +35, +4- %-...&.
7iokno %. Cac$ac) 1.R. No. +/5843, <ul 8, -..4, 3-/ SCR# 88., 835C Metro 7rug
7istribution) 4nc. %. Metro 7rug Corporation 'mployees Association + :e$eration o!
:ree ;orkers) 3.5 Phil. 84, /. %-..3&.
3i1al Security < Protecti%e Ser%ices) 4nc. %. Maraan) 1. R. No. +-82+3, Aebruar +5,
-..5, 38/ SCR# -,, 8.C Pro%ince o! =amboanga 7el Norte %. Court o! Appeals) ,2/
Phil. 4.2, 4-. %-...&.
#R). -3,. 7UT TO 9A3GA4N CO88'CT45'8 ;6'N T6'3' '>4STS A
CO88'CT45' 9A3GA4N4NG AG3''M'NT
?hen there is a collective bar"ainin" a"ree$ent, the dut to bar"ain collectivel
shall also $ean that neither part shall ter$inate nor $odif such a"ree$ent
durin" its lifeti$e. >o'ever, either part can serve a 'ritten notice to ter$inate
or $odif the a"ree$ent at least si*t %/.& das prior to its e*piration date. It shall
be the dut of both parties to 9eep the status Huo and to continue in full force and
effect the ter$s and conditions of the e*istin" a"ree$ent durin" the /.0da period
andFor until a ne' a"ree$ent is reached b the parties.
Santuyo %. 3emerco Garments Manu!acturing)) 4nc.) 1.R. No. +488-., March --, -.+.,
/+/ SCR# ,,,, ,88.
#R). +... P3O6494T4ON AGA4NST '84M4NAT4ON O3 74M4NUT4ON O:
Nothin" in this !oo9 shall be construed to eli$inate or in an 'a di$inish
supple$ents, or other e$ploee benefits bein" en(oed at the ti$e of
pro$ul"ation of this Code.
4nsular 6otel 'mployees Union#N:8 %. ;ater!ront 4nsular 6otel 7a%ao) 1.R. Nos.
+48.8.08+, Septe$ber --, -.+., /,+ SCR# +,/, +/4, citin" 3i%era %. 6on. 'spiritu, 8-3
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