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Horticulture Training Center

Posted on November 1, 2008 by kavitha in Education

Our vision is to be the best and be an internationally renowned institute in hort
iculture management and training by providing the best knowledge and cutting edg
e technology with the trend setting courses and teaching techniques, aver Dr. San
gita Ladha.
Horticulture Training Center (HTC) came into existence in 2002. HTC was set up b
y the Maharashtra State Agricultural Marketing Board (MSAMB) in technical and fi
nancial collaboration with the Practical Training Center (PTC+), The Netherlands
and the Netherlands Development Finance Company (FMO), respectively.
HTC was set up to provide customized practical training programs in horticulture
, bridging the gap between theory and practice through innovative practical prog
rams, and enable Indian agriculture to be more competitive in the global market.
The objective was to improve the living standards of the Indian farming communi
ty by achieving higher quality yields at a minimal cost of production.
Our vision is to be the best and be an internationally renowned institute in hort
iculture management and training by providing the best knowledge and cutting edg
e technology with the trend setting courses and teaching techniques, aver Dr. Lad
Dr Sangita Ladha is the Director of HTC. She is an M-tech (Agril. Engg) from IIT
Kharagpur and is also doctorate in Agril. Development (topic: Export Scenario of
Floriculture Products from India). Dr. Ladha also underwent advanced technical t
raining in the field of protected cultivation at PTC +, The Netherlands and on p
ressurized irrigation at CINADCO, Israel. I have worked in marketing of drip and
sprinkler irrigation systems with the leading corporate companies such as Jain I
rrigation and Finolex Plastro before joining HTC in 2002, she says. HCT is locate
d at a distance of 35 km from Pune, in the Talegaon-Dabhade town.
The objectives behind setting up of HTC include the following: Serve as a major
demonstration cum training center and offer courses that are practical in nature
and intended to train personnel in the areas related with commercial horticultu
re and promoting agricultural entrepreneurship.
Imparting knowledge and skills in growing, processing and value addition of hort
icultural crops that are relevant to the needs of the market. Providing market i
ntelligence and quick information dissemination mechanism for farmers, entrepren
eurs, extension workers, teachers and students of agricultural universities, far
m managers, financial institutes, and skilled labors. Demonstrating advanced hor
ticultural technology for the promotion of entrepreneurship in horticulture
Providing overall insight in technical aspects of growing tropical and subtropic
al horticulture crops. Upgrading managerial and technical skills in major aspect
s related to modern crop, water and fertilizer management strategies.
Project Cost
HTC was set up with a total estimated project cost of Rs.12 crores, of which FMO
has given a grant-in-aid to the tune of Rs. 4 crores, with the rest of the proj
ect funding from MSAMB and other sources. The PTC+, a leading international trai
ning institute, is engaged in operational guidance of the training center, and p
roviding technical advice and teaching support.
We are elated to mention, that this institute is first of its kind, not only in I
ndia, but also in Asia which has started imparting practical training on all asp
ects of growing various types of flowers, vegetables and raising of nursery, pla
nt propagation under poly-houses and on dry flowers and plant parts, says Dr. Lad
ha. A strong in-house faculty, who has also undergone an intense training in The
Netherlands, supports the center. We have been conducting training programs for
the trainees from 26 different states, she adds.
She further informs, HTC has been awarded first prize for the best institute in A
gril. Entrepreneurship and for being able to attract trainees from nearly 30 sta
tes and neighboring countries like Bhutan, Srilanka and Pakistan by Vasantrao Na
ik Agricultural Foundation, Mumbai.
Activities of the Center
The main activities of the centre involve the following: Imparting practical tra
ining in Hi-tech horticulture.
Conducting workshops on hi-tech horticulture greenhouse technology all over the
country. Providing technical consultancy on all aspects of growing from plantati
on to harvesting in case of any cultivation under protected conditions.
Undertaking turnkey consultancy for the government and public sector companies.
Preparing bankable project reports for any horticulture project and appraising t
he same. Propagating quality tissue culture plants which shall showcase advanced
horticultural technology for further commercialization.
[hidepost] Research Activity
The center is involved in exchange and transfer of knowledge in modern hi-tech h
orticulture systems by interacting with the industry to create self-sustaining a
nd prosperous agricultural community. We are only into applied research and as su
ch the institute keeps a track of research and new developments in this sector t
aking place at national and international level and extension of the same is don
e by organizing workshops and seminars by also inviting experts in the field fro
m abroad, maintains Dr. Ladha.
HTC is imparting practical training and providing expert counsel, innovative ide
as and cost reduction techniques in all subjects from crop production to marketi
ng of produce, with a training concept of Learning by Doing in protected and open-
field cultivation of flowers, vegetables, and fruits. The trainees have free han
d at all the latest machinery and equipment allowing them to experiment with pla
nts. Our top priority is Total Experience for the Trainees, avers Dr. Ladha.
The trainings are imparted in small groups at our in-house ultra modern facility
with trainees essentially working in the farm/greenhouses. The experts and train
ees together form a strong network of knowledge, where not just transfer of know
ledge takes place, but new knowledge is developed, she adds.
HTC is offering one/two-day, one-week and one-month training programs throughout
the year, specifically designed to suit the needs of the farmers, entrepreneurs
, extension workers, teachers and students of agricultural universities, farm ma
nagers, financial institutions and skilled labors. To enroll one self for these t
raining programs there is no educational prerequisite, which makes our programs
readily accessible to the literate as well as the illiterate farming community o
f the nation, says Dr. Ladha.
Practical Training Program
HTC offers practical and focused training on Hi-tech Horticulture Greenhouse Tec
hnology. The capital investment for setting up of projects for growing of flowers
and vegetables under protected conditions needs high capital investment. It is
therefore essential for an entrepreneur who are mainly farmers to have a complet
e techno-commercial information before venturing in this sector, says Dr. Ladha.
Courses Offered
The one week (5 days) residential practical training courses offered at the cent
er are the following: General Greenhouse Management Automation in Protected Cult
ivation Cultivation of Flowers, Fillers and Greens Plant Propagation and Nursery
Management Specialized Courses on following crops: Rose Cultivation Gerbera and
Carnation Cultivation Orchid and Anthurium Cultivation Capsicum and Tomato Cult
ivation Marketing of Horticulture Produce. Organic Farming Tissue Culture
New Long Term Courses
HTC is starting with MBA in Agril. Marketing from June 2009. Again this is going
to be very unique as the course shall be developed in collaboration with interna
tional institutes with complete focus on value chain management and on national
and international trading and markets for agricultural produce, maintains Dr. Lad
The faculty at HTC consists of techno-commercial professionals having practical
experience in the field of protected cultivation and has undergone training in t
he Netherlands in various fields of horticulture. We believe that imparting train
ing can only be made possible if cemented by the best practices, faculty, and in
frastructure, maintains Dr. Ladha. Two long-term Dutch experts also form a part o
f this team and are present at the center providing value addition to the Indian
Our Correspondent
Dr.Sangita Ladha, Director
Horticulture Training Center
S. N. 398-400, Next to CRPF Campus, Pune-Mumbai Highway,
Talegaon Dabhade,Tal. Maval,
Dist. Pune 410 506. (M.S.) India
Telefax : + 91 02114 223980,226087
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