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A. Drawings and general provisions of Contract, including General and special Conditions and Division-1
(General requirements), apply to wor of t!is section.
". General #rovisions for $lectrical %or &ection 1'(1(.
C. )esting and commissioning, section 1'*+(.
D. )!e requirements of t!is section apply to wiring devices specified elsew!ere in t!ese specifications.
A. %or includes providing all materials, equipment, accessories, services and tests necessary to
complete and mae ready for operation ,y t!e -wner, all wiring devices in accordance wit! drawings
and specifications.
A. .anufacturers/ 0irms regularly engaged in manufacture of electrical wiring devices, of types, si1es,
and ratings required, w!ose products !ave ,een in satisfactory use in similar service for not less t!an 2
years and s!all ,e of one manufacturer, approved ,y t!e a!ramaa, and conform to t!e requirements
set fort! in t!is specification.
". &tandards Compliance/ Comply wit! requirements of applica,le local codes, a!ramaa regulations
latest edition, D3456D$, 3$C, 4$C, 78, 4$.A, and 3$$$ &tandards pertaining to wiring devices.
#rovide wiring devices w!ic! are D34 listed and la,eled. #rovide device plates w!ic! are D34 listed.
C. 3n case of conflict among t!e referenced standards and codes a!ramaa regulations latest edition, t!e
more stringent provision will govern.
A. #roduct Data/ &u,mit manufacturer9s data on wiring devices.
". &amples / &u,mit samples of all wiring devices included in t!e contract.
A. &amples of all wiring devices detailed in t!is section and a c!oice of cover plates s!all ,e su,mitted to
t!e -wner Aut!ori1ed :epresentative for approval5selection.
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&ection 1'1<(
". %iring devices s!all comply fully wit! t!e relevant $uropean or 3nternational &tandards.
C. $ac! type of wiring devices w!ere applica,le s!all ,e of t!e same manufacturer and w!ere necessary
of t!e same maer9s, catalogue num,er or description to provide consistent appearance and finis!.
D. 0lus! mounting wiring devices s!all ,e fitted into purpose made metal ,o=es only. All wiring devices
s!all ,e flus! mounted e=cept in plant rooms.
$. All ,o=es or sections of ,o=es for use wit! wiring devices must incorporate a suita,ly mared eart!
terminal. Accessory plates s!all ,e secured to ,o=es ,y not less t!an two fi=ing screws. %!ere t!ese
screws do not provide adequate eart! continuity to metal plates or plates including parts to ,e eart!en
t!en a ,onding connection s!all ,e provided from t!e eart! terminal to t!e plate or part. )!e ,onding
s!all ,e protected wit! a green5yellow insulated sleeve. )!e a,ove requirement s!all not apply to t!e
eart! socet on a socet outlet w!en directly connected to a protective conductor.
0. All socets and disconnect switc!es mared weat!er-proof s!all not ,e less t!an 3#-++ for (indoor
installation) and 3#-'; for (outdoor installation)
G. %!ere more t!an one p!ase of a supply e=ists in a multi gang ,o= t!e following requirements s!all
apply /
A clearly visi,le la,el s!owing t!e ma=imum voltage present s!all ,e arranged as a warning notice
,efore access can ,e gained to live parts.
%iring and accessories connected to eac! p!ase s!all ,e separated from eac! ot!er ,y fi=ed screens
or ,arriers.
>. All faceplates for switc!es and socets flus! mounted type s!ould ,e metal.
A. All switc!es for lig!ting and associated circuits s!all comply wit! "& 2';' and s!all ,e quic mae and
,rea for use on a.c. supplies. &witc!es s!all ,e single pole and rated not less t!an ?( A, ?<( 6 for
use only on a.c. systems, including fluorescent or inductive loads to "& standard.
". &witc!es s!all ,e one-way or two-way or intermediate or pus! ,utton as indicated on t!e drawings.
C. &witc!es for lig!ting s!all ,e metal plate switc! type wit! rocer operation, and in single or multi gang
formation w!ere installed in groups.
D. 3n damp, outside positions or w!ere mared weat!er-proof switc!es s!all ,e 3#-++ of non-tracing
plastic, single pole, operated ,y e=ternal means. )!e switc! enclosure s!all ,e polycar,onate
5polypropylene !ousing
$. #us! ,uttons single units or forming part of a multi gang unit s!all ,e rated at 1( A, ?<( 6. )!e switc!
s!all ,e single5dou,le-pole and arranged for pus! to mae5 to ,rea t!e contacts as applica,le for t!e
0. All pus! ,uttons and switc!es located in corridors or stairs s!all ,e illuminated type.
G. C$3834G :-&$&
>. Ceiling roses w!ere applica,le s!all ,e designed for t!e safe and efficient permanent connecting of
pendant fle=i,le ca,les to a wiring system.
3. Ceiling roses s!all consist of a ,ase and cover moulded in w!ite non-tracing insulating material.
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&ection 1'1<(
@. )!e cover s!all eit!er screw on to t!e ,ase or ,e !eld on t!e ,ase ,y not less t!an two screw. 4o
connections or terminations s!all ,e incorporated into t!e cover ,ut it may include an outgoing fle=i,le
ca,le clamp.
A. )!e ,ase s!all include terminals for incoming ca,le and outgoing fle=i,le connecting wit! a separate
terminal unit for t!e eart! connecting.
8. Additional terminals s!all ,e included for loop-in ca,ling. 0i=ing screw !ole centers s!all ,e suita,le for
mounting t!e ,ase on conduit ,o=es. Anocout sections s!all ,e included in t!e ,ase for t!e entry of
s!eat!ed incoming and loop ca,les.
.. )!e complete ceiling rose and its attac!ment to t!e ceiling s!all ,e designed to support safely eit!er
t!e ma=imum weig!t suspended ,y a fle=i,le cord from t!e ceiling rose in accordance wit! 3$$ wiring
regulations, or a luminaries directly attac!ed to t!e ceiling rose and !aving a weig!t up to ma=imum of
+ g complete including s!ades and lamps.
4. Ceiling roses s!all incorporate means for avoiding any mec!anical load or strain from fle=i,le pendant
ca,les ,eing transmitted to t!e terminals.
A. &ocet outlets s!all comply to "& 12'2, switc!ed and s!uttered and mounted in ring or multiple
assem,lies and s!all ,e of t!e type and rating as specified 5 indicated on t!e drawings.
". .atc!ing plugs s!all ,e provided for eac! socet outlet installed. >alf of t!e plugs s!all !ouse 12A
fuses and !alf 2A fuses.
C. #lugs tops s!all ,e fitted wit! t!e correct rated fuse for t!e appliance to w!ic! it is connected.
D. &ocet outlets s!all ,e complete wit! ,o=es not less t!an 2+ mm deep and t!e ,o= s!all !ave a
suita,ly mounted ,rass protective conductor terminal.
$. &ocet outlets installed in flus! installations s!all !ave overlapping front plates.
0. 3n surface installations front plates s!all ,e flus! wit! t!e sides of t!e ,o= and s!all ,e metal clad
unless ot!erwise specified.
G. %!ere socet outlets are installed on perimeter paneling, metal frames for panel mounting s!all ,e
A. )!ese s!all ,e to "& +;22, dou,le-pole, un-switc!ed or switc!ed wit! neon indicator and fuse as
specified, insulated pattern, wit! satin c!rome face plates or to matc! socet outlets. 3ndicating type as
for socet outlets.
A. &!aver socets s!all ,e Dual 6oltage 11+5?<( 6oltage output wit! ?<(6 +( >1 input.
". &!aver socets s!all ,e in accordance wit! 3$C ;<?.
C. &!aver socets s!all ,e flus! mounted and finis!es s!all matc! t!e accessories in t!e area.
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&ection 1'1<(
0loor ,o= w!ere applica,le s!all ,e made of 1inc die-cast , cover to ,e made of nicel galvani1ed to
wit!stand 2(( g wit! non-permanent deformation.
)!e floor ,o= s!ould !ave !inged lid wit!out recess, lid offset for used position (ca,le outlet).
)!e floor ,o= must suite t!e 4o. of approved outlets as indicated on t!e drawings.
)!e floor ,o= s!ould !ave a degree of protection B3#'+C for outdoor installation.
)!e floor ,o= s!ould ,e suita,le to t!e used tiles (carpet or mar,le) floor and to ,e approved ,y Arc!.
A. -ccupancy sensors s!ould !ave t!e following specification.
1.Dual tec!nology (#assive infrared and ultrasonic).
?.Ceiling mounted type 2'(o.
2.)ime delays +, 1(, 1+, ?( or 2( minutes.
<.-perating voltage ?<(6, AC, +(>1.
+.78 listed and + year warranty.
'.)emperature and !umidity resistant.
)!e indicated quantity of sensors on t!e drawings is t!e min. and t!e contractor s!ould supply
occupancy sensors to ac!ieve t!e ,est performance.
)!e tests to ,e carried out s!all include ,ut not necessarily ,e limited to/-
A. 6isual and .ec!anical 3nspection
1. 3nspect p!ysical and mec!anical condition.
?. 3nspect anc!orage, alignment, and grounding, if applica,le.
2. #rior to cleaning t!e unit, perform as-found tests
<. Clean t!e unit.
+. 3nspect ,olted electrical connections for !ig! resistance using one of t!e following met!ods/
a. 7se of low-resistance o!mmeter.
,. 6erify tig!tness of accessi,le ,olted electrical connections ,y cali,rated torque-wrenc!
met!od in accordance wit! manufacturerCs pu,lis!ed data. 3n t!e a,sence of
manufacturerCs pu,lis!ed data.
c. #erform t!ermograp!ic survey.
'. 6erify correct ,lade alignment, ,lade penetration, travel stops, latc!ing mec!anism, and
mec!anical operation.
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&ection 1'1<(
;. 3nspect insulating assem,lies for evidence of p!ysical damage or contaminated surfaces.
D. 6erify t!at fuse si1e and types are in accordance wit! drawings, s!ort-circuit studies, and
coordination study.
*. 6erify t!at eac! fuse !older !as adequate mec!anical support and contact integrity.
1(. #erform as-left tests.
". $lectrical )ests
1. #erform resistance measurements t!roug! ,olted connections wit! a low-resistance
?. #erform insulation-resistance tests on eac! pole, p!ase-to-p!ase and p!ase-to-ground wit!
switc! closed and across eac! open pole for one minute. )est voltage s!all ,e in
accordance wit! manufacturerCs pu,lis!ed data.
2. #erform an overpotential test on eac! pole, p!ase to ground wit! cutout closed. Ground
adEacent cutouts, if applica,le. )est voltage s!all ,e in accordance wit! manufacturerCs
pu,lis!ed data. 3n t!e a,sence of manufacturerCs pu,lis!ed data.
<. .easure contact resistance across eac! cutout.
C. )est 6alues
1. Compare ,olted connection resistances to values of similar connections.
?. "olt-torque levels.
2. .icro!m or millivolt drop values s!ould not e=ceed t!e !ig! levels of t!e normal range as
indicated in t!e manufacturerCs pu,lis!ed data. 3f manufacturerCs data is not availa,le,
investigate any values, w!ic! deviate from adEacent poles or similar switc!es ,y more t!an
+( percent of t!e lowest value.
<. 3nsulation-resistance values s!all ,e in accordance wit! manufacturerCs data.
+. )!e insulation s!all wit!stand t!e overpotential test voltage applied.
R$/$! T0 12$ 3S&2$456$ 0/ P!$/$!!$4 E6$&1!&76 M7"5/7&15!$!' 8 S5996$!'3.
A. $=amine conditions under w!ic! wiring devices are to ,e installed. 4otify $ngineer in writing of
conditions detrimental to proper completion of t!e wor. Do not proceed wit! wor until unsatisfactory
conditions !ave ,een corrected.
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&ection 1'1<(
A. 3nstall wiring devices as indicated, in compliance wit! manufacturer9s written instructions, requirements
of applica,le standards, and in accordance wit! recogni1ed industry practices to ensure t!at
installation complies wit! requirements and serves intended function.
". Coordinate as necessary to interface installation of wiring devices wit! ot!er wor.
C. 3nstall wiring devices only in electrical ,o=es w!ic! are clean, free from e=cess ,uilding materials, dirt,
and de,ris.
D. 3nstall wiring devices after wiring wor is completed and tested.
$. 3nstall wall-plates after painting wor is completed.
0. )ig!ten connectors and terminals, including screws and ,olts, in accordance wit! equipment
manufacturer9s pu,lis!ed torque tig!tening values for wiring devices.
G. #rotection of %all-plates and &ocets upon installation of wall-plates and socets advise Contractor
regarding proper and cautious use of convenience outlets. #rior to -wner accepting proEect, replace
t!ose items w!ic! !ave ,een damaged, including t!ose ,urned and scored ,y faulty plugs.
>. #rovide equipment eart!ing connections for wiring devices, unless ot!erwise indicated.
3. 6erify e=act locations of switc!es and receptacles wit! arc!itectural and interior design drawings.
@. 3nstall switc!es indicated on plans for t!e various rooms directly adEacent to t!e entrance door and as
s!own on t!e approved s!op drawings.
A. C!ec t!e arc!itectural drawings for t!e door swings and locate all switc!es on t!e loc side of t!e
openings. 6erify in field prior to switc! outlet installation.
8. Coordinate all final mounting !eig!ts wit! Arc!itect9s elevations and details prior to installation. %!ere
!eig!ts are different t!an t!ose indicated or specified, t!e arc!itectural !eig!ts tae precedence.
.. %!ere two or more switc!es control more t!an one ?<( volt ,ranc! circuit, ,arrier ,o=es to prevent
<1+ volts occurring in any one ,o=.
4. %!ere more t!an one wiring device is mounted in t!e same location, gang mount suc! devices una
common face plate.
-. 6ertically align devices s!own a,ove ot!er on t!e drawings on a common centerline unless s!own
#. %!ere an outlet is indicated as serving a specific piece of equipment, locate outlet as required ,y
equipment or layout roug!ing drawings. %or from approved equipment and roug!ing s!op drawings
to locate outlets.
F. 0ully coordinate switc!ed mounted in metal arc!itectural frames, posts and mullions wit! all trades
involved. &u,mit met!od of wiring and type and style switc! to Arc!itect for approval.
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&ection 1'1<(
A. 7pon completion of installation of wiring devices, prior to energi1ing circuitry, test wiring devices for
electrical continuity and for s!ort-circuits. $nsure proper polarity of connections is maintained.
&u,sequent to energi1ation, test wiring devices to demonstrate compliance wit! requirements.
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&ection 1'1<(