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I’m forming Meetup

Master Mind Groups for
ownership of Second
Homes, anywhere in the
world…. Collaboratively*
* Live-Work-Travel-Learn-Play
Lifestyle & Passive Incomes!!
Property That
Transforms ....
(Collaborative Home)

Live-Work-Travel-Learn-Play Lifestyle
Financially, Physically, Socially,
Intellectually, Emotionally & Spiritually..

Your Future is in …..
…. the Collaborative Way !!!

…. Live-Work-Travel-Learn-Play (LW-T-LP) Environment / Lifestyle / System
No Mortgage Loan Required!!!

….. Your own Hypercube Master Mind (HMM) Group for Passive Income!!!
Collaborative Second Home (Hypercube)
The ultimate goal of Collaborative Second Home (Hypercube) is not
simply accumulating properties but the cultivation and perfection of
human beings via LW-T-LP (Live-Work-Travel-Learn-Play)!

Learn to know Collaborative Second Home (Hypercube) by living
Second Home Collaborative Way and change your life financially,
physically, socially, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually!
Life-transforming Productive Experiences via
the following elements (LW-T-LP):
* Second Home / Third Place (LIVE)
* Business Incubator / Telework (WORK)
* Couchsurfing / Hosting (TRAVEL)
* Life-Long-Learning Network (LEARN)
* Productive Experience / Flow (PLAY)
HyperCube @ SOHO*land
Second Home / Third Place* (LIVE)
(1) Week-end Retreat
(2) Guest accommodation
(3) Social / Bachelor Mess
(4) Therapeutic Sanctuary
(5) Lean Startup Facilities
(6) Home Stay Program ... etc.
(* In place-making terminology, Home is the First Place,
Office or work-place is the Second Place, whereas Third
Place is place for socializing / networking and relaxation)

Business Incubator / Telework
* Full facilities Business Centre
* High-Speed Broadband Wifi
* Coworking arrangement
* Lean Startup mentoring
* E-commerce ... etc.

Couchsurfing & Hosting (TRAVEL)
• Couchsurfing & Hosting opportunities
* Travel & Holiday Exchange
* Cultural & Work Exchange
* International Networking ... etc

Life-Long-Learning Network (LEARN)
* Collaborative Consumption
* Whuffie Factor
* Future of Work Consortium
* Transition Network / FabLab / HackerSpace

The Flow Moment (PLAY)
* Experiencing the Presence & the Flow
* Productive Experiences
* Serial Mastery / Innovative Connector /
Impassionated Producer
* Combining Work & Play & Higher Purpose
* Meaning of Life & Meaning of Lite
* Integral Values ... etc. etc
HyperCube @ SOHO*land
HyperCube @ SOHO*land
Screened Participant-Investors
• All participant-investors (including subsequent sub-purchasers) must
be supporters / advocates of Collaborative Consumption and the
LW-T-LP lifestyle / environment / system to ensure mutual
• Participant-investors will be given / subject to 3-month trial
membership period (option period) during which either parties could
terminate the involvement by treating the investment as rental
arrangement, with 65% refund of the relevant payments made.
• This pre-requisite requirement or arrangement is a standard
condition for the establishment / operation of many Intentional
• Only confirmed Participant-investors could join the Hypercube
Master Mind (HMM) Group aimed at further development and
promotion of the Second Home (Hypercube) and share in the long-
term passive incomes.

HyperCube Master Mind (HMM) Group
• Building your own Hypercube Property
• Start / Syndicate your own Hypercube
Master Mind (HMM) group
• Organizing Hypercube Consortium /
• Crowd-sourcing & Crowd-funding
• Continual Passive Incomes …

Available Locations / Planned
* Langat Jaya Condominium, Cheras, Selangor
* Villa Wangsamas Condo, Wangsa Maju, KL
* South City Apartments, Serdang, Selangor

* More to come .....
Crowd-Invested Placemaking:
Live-Work-Travel-Learn-Play (LW-T-LP)

Facebook: /hypercube.soholand

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* Houses That Transform You..
* Visualizing A Hypercube Home
• Instant Office Consortium
* Live-Work-Travel-Learn-Play Extension
• You Are Hosting @ SOHOland
About Us
(Small-Office-Home-Office in Condominium)
SOHO Learning And Network Demo (LAND)
Unit A-1-E, Langat Jaya Condominium,
Jalan Dato Alias, off Jalan Hulu Langat,
43200 Cheras, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +603-9081-0832 Fax: +603-9074-8026
Mobile: +60122134968

SOHOland & Cubes was registered as a private company (2036580-X)
specializes in “place-making” such as business center, co-working space, co-housing

The Principal, Mr. Eric Y.F. Lim had successfully launched and managed the
first "SMART-HOME" condominium project in Malaysia in the early '90s (and was
honored for this pioneering effort by the Centre for International Co-operation in
Computerization, Japan) which evolved into the SOHOMINIUM (Small-Office-Home-
Office in Condominium) concept in China and Malaysia in the early 2000s.

The HyperCube Concept and its associated LW-T-LP (Live-Work-TRAVEL-
Learn-Play) program is an enhancement of the original SMART-HOME and
SOHOMINIUM innovations.

Hypercube Property
Collaborative Second Home
Illustrative Example
HyperCube Property Investment
* Zero Down (100% financing provided)
(a) No Deposit required
(b) Extended payment period (5 years)
* Seller Financing (100% @ zero rate)
(a) 100% Seller Finance
(b) Zero Interest: 0% p.a.
* Incoming Producing (Multiple sources)
(a) Home-Stay program
(b) Business Incubator / Mentoring
(c) Lean Start-Up
Investment Example: Illustration
* Fractional Ownership: 1/10 (one-tenth REALshare)
* Hosting Days Entitlement: 109 days
* Home Stay Program Revenue: RM 5,450 /yr (9% p.a)
* Lean Start-up Revenue: RM 3,600 / yr
* Networking & Travel Opportunities: RM 2,000 / yr
* Health / Emotional / Spiritual Wealth: RM 3,000 / yr
* Capital Gain / Appreciation: RM 15,000 over 5-yr
* Investment / Instalments:
(a) RM 60,000 @ 0% p.a over 5 years
(b) Instalment per month: RM 1,000 / month
(c) 12-month FREE maintenance
HyperCube Property Investment
* Sustainable & Regenerative (Transition
Lifestyle: Low-carbon foot-print)
* Fractional & Freehold & Free-trade (Active re-
sale market)
* Crowd-Invested Placemaking (Crowd-
Sourced Impact Investment)
* Mosaic Lifestyles in Boutique Property
* Locavesting & Global Connections (Glocal)
* Integral Values (Triple Bottom Lines) ... etc

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