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Written Statements to selection criteria

Ans 1. The situation demonstrating wherein good judgement was used by me
while giving an advice :
Our client Google deals in research work and analysing of data.The projects are then given to
our vendor for the completion as these are time bound projects .Wherein we have to use
different analytical skills and methods while giving our judgement on given set of questions in
the given project.
Few months ago we had been informed by our Client(i.e. Google) to complete a particular task
within a week. The time given to us for completion of this task was too short.However,we didn’t
lose heart and took it as a challenge to achieve it.We were analysing the project by working
through three sites(namely Wikipedia,freebase and IMDb).In the middle of the task we realised
that if we use this methodology it would be quite cumbersome to complete the project within
stipulated time period.
While doing the task we could realise that Wikipedia was our main source of analysis of the
given 3 sites.And other two sites had all the information from wikipedia.Even in case of
discrepancy we could rely on Wikipedia.So,I gave the proposal to run a Pilot test on given set of
questions and to which I received a consent from all my team members.We as a team took the
initiative and found that the Pilot test was upto the mark and successful.
We discussed it with our Client and vendor as well and they were quite satisfied with our
achievment.They signalled us to complete the remaining project with this methodology as it
reduced average handling time per question almost by half and enhanced our quality to which
we cannot compromise.
Our team lead took the necessary steps to ensure the successful completion of the project.We
were jubilant as our efforts were fruitful for the client.

Ans.2 Example stating where I combined my knowledge and skill with other
people’s expertise and achieved good outcome:
Google creates all the adventurous projects that needs to be completed within a time limited
framework .It collects all information through some specific expertise who have ample
knowledge and experience in this field of analysis and research.
The Company selects Team Lead who takes the job as a challenge and wants to lead
adventurous path quite differently from others .They take initiative without caring of others and
make sure that they give excellent impression carrying their job.
All of a sudden my Ex Team Lead left the job for some personal issues and due to the urgent
requirement of the project one of my colleague had been assigned the position of Team Lead
.There was a beforehand visit of the Client to make sure that the project is going smoothly .So, I
being the project trainer and expert ,assisted the new Lead in the preparation of power point
presentation regarding our project and creating of its guidelines to show the project runs.
In the presentation we mentioned the type of tools (i.e. Knowledge Graph and freebase)used as
main source by Google, we would use to run the project and to carry it out successfully using
our analytical abilities.
The Client could now well understood the nitty gritty of the ongoing project .He admired the
team endeavour and simultaneously assigned us with the new project.

Ans. 3 Example showing a time where I helped my colleagues to understand
the working policies and guidelines of our work :
I am currently working as a project trainer and expert in my team. I have been dealing with
different type of projects for the company and been taking them as a challenge to grow as a
better professional.
With the entry of some novice in the project, I had to provide them with the project training ,help
them in understanding of the project guidelines ,familiarizing them with the tools that are used
to give analytical judgements ,solve their queries and conduct few project related tests to ensure
that they had better understanding of the tasks assigned .I also acquainted all the trainees with
the Code of Conduct that need to be followed in office premises .Almost within a month the
trainees well adapted themselves to the assigned tasks and also to the healthy work
After the completion of the training all the trainees well understood the process and were quite
efficient to work on the floor .Within no time, a few of them with their urge to grow at faster pace
came at par with our current employees.
I was highly appreciated by my project manager and team lead for my dedicated commitment
towards my job .And admired me for setting rightful track for rest of the team members.

Ans. 4 Example demonstrating a situation where I responded positively to the
change in the working environment :
As we were working on a US based project ,so due to the project demand and to collaborate
with our counterparts in the USA all the team members of the project had to go in the night
shifts for few weeks. For this we needed to adapt ourselves to the environment to work
efficiently at night and manage our daily schedule.
Being a trainer I had the responsibility not only to carry out my tasks decisively but also had to
take care of other team members performing the assigned task well. During this time period we
were totally cutoff from IT Department and HR Department team as they were working during
So all the technical issues faced by us went unresolved .For resolution to this problem, we, the
team members decided to create a form (carrying out the problem faced and giving the best
solution to it) which could be accessed at home by the IT Department Expertise .At last we
decided to interact with the IT and HR Department Team Leads asking them to spare their
valuable time after their shifts to sort out the problems that we could not resolve by ourselves
from the solution provided by the expertise.
This experience turned out to be a blessing in disguise for me as I could grasp some useful
knowledge of IT sector as well which helped me in turning out to be a better professional.