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Rtools Collection 3.1.0.

This is the Rtools.txt file, which will be installed in the main
Rtools directory. See also the README.txt file there, which describes
the origin of some of the tools. The tools installed in the
Rtools\gcc-4.6.3 directory are from the MinGW-w64 distribution.

Some of the R tools use the Cygwin DLLs, which are included. If you
already have Cygwin installed, you should not install these (but see
This installer doesn't install all of the tools necessary to build R
or R packages, because of license or size limitations. The remaining
tools are all available online (at no charge) as described below.
TO BUILD R PACKAGES, you may optionally want items 1 and 2 below
(LaTeX and the HTML Help Workshop).
TO BUILD R, you need these plus item 3 below (Inno Setup).
Finally, the Rtools installer will optionally edit your PATH variable as follows
(where you will substitute appropriate directories for the ones listed
above, but please keep the path in the same order as shown. LaTeX and
R itself should be installed among the "others".)
1. You may install LaTeX, available from

LaTeX is used to build .pdf forms of documentation.

2. You need the Inno Setup installer, available from

to build the R installer.
This installer includes the MinGW-64 version of gcc pre-4.6.3, compiled by
Brian Ripley, obtained from his
web page as It also contains version 2.0.1 of their toolchain.
The Cygwin tools and DLLs were updated on November 19, 2013. They are taken fro

base-cygwin 3.3-1
coreutils 8.15-1
cygwin 1.7.25-1
diffutils 3.2-1
findutils 4.5.11-1
gawk 4.1.0-1
grep 2.14-3
gzip 1.4-1
texinfo 5.2-1

The bitmap libraries are based on the following versions:

Tcl/Tk is version 8.5.8.
tar is a locally modified version of tar version 1.21.

If you already have a full Cygwin installation, then you should not
install our Cygwin DLLs in the Rtools/bin directory. You should make
sure your existing cygwin/bin directory is on the path (*after* all
the other entries listed above) and use the DLLs from there.
However, this may not work if your Cygwin installation is too old. In
that case the Rtools utilities will fail to run. To fix this, you
should update the Cygwin installation, or (with great care!) replace
the DLLs with the ones from the Rtools distribution. Be very careful,
because if you have incompatible DLLs, your Cygwin tools will stop