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APPH 1050 (WED) The Science of Physical Activity and Health

Spring 2014 Syllabus

Instructor: Linda Rosskopf Graduate Teaching Assistant: Matt Wittbrodt, MS
E-mail: (this is best way to reach me)
Phone: 404-894-6273 (Do NOT leave a message on this phone) ActivityTA: Mike Jones
Office: Rm. 1366 at 555 14

Office for Student Appointments: Weber Rm 110 (building next to Transit Hub adjacent to Skiles)
Office hours: By Appointment

APPH 1050(WED) meets on Mondays from 9:30-10:30 at the CRC for Activity and Wednesdays in room 100,
LeCraw Auditorium, College of Businesfrom 9:15-10:45 for Lecture
(Note: Activity meets 15 minutes later and ends 15 minutes early to allow time for changing into workout
attireYou should be in class and ready to work out promptly at 9:30!)

Required Text: Powers, Dodd, & Jackson. Total Fitness and Wellness 6
edition, Pearson Education.
ISBN 978-0-321-84052-3. I have not seen a previous edition to determine what information has
changed from the previous edition. You will be held responsible for information as presented in
the 6
edition, so I highly recommend you purchase the 6

Course Objectives:
1. Students will develop an understanding of the definition of health, the components of health-related fitness
and how the different domains of personal health relate to each other.

2. Students will understand the basic concepts of behavior change as it relates to personal health habits.

3. Students will understand the relationship between stress management, diet, exercise and weight management
in achieving wellness.

4. Students will be able to identify select chronic diseases, learn appropriate steps to help prevent their
occurrence and understand treatment options.

5. Within the specific activity sections, students will acquire the knowledge, skills and structure necessary to
continue the activity with the ultimate goal of achieving and maintaining a health-enhancing level of
physical fitness throughout the lifespan.

Grading--Lecture Portion:

Exams (3) 25% Each

Exam Dates Feb. 5
March 12
Apr 16

Note: Makeup exams (without penalty) require documentation. In the event of an emergency, contact the
instructor within 24 Hrs.! Makeup exams requested without documentation of a valid excuse will result in an
automatic 25% reduction in score per day taken late. Must be made up within 2 days (50% reduction in score).


Grading--Lecture Portion (cont.)

Homework Assignments
Individual Energy Expenditure Estimate 3 % Due Wed. Feb. 26
Dietary Analysis 3% Due Wed. Mar. 5
Personal Fitness Program (see attached inst.) 10 % Part 1 Due Fri. Feb. 21 (e-submit on T-Sq)
Part 2 Due Fri. Apr. 11 (e-submit on T-Sq)
Psychological Health Surveys 2% Due in class Wed. Mar. 26
CHD puzzle 2% Due Wed. April 16 before exam

Activity Worksheets:
Wellness Assessment 1% Due Wed. Jan. 22
Training Heart Rate Range 1 % Due Wed. Feb. 5 before exam
Estimating a Healthy Weight 1 % Due Wed. Mar. 12 before exam
Sleep Questionaire 1% Due Wed. Apr. 2
Stress 1% Due Wed. Apr. 9

Note: Assignments and Worksheet due dates will be announced in class. Late assignments/ activities will
incur an automatic 50% penalty and must be turned in no later than 1 day after the due date.

Total Grade (Lecture) 100%
Grade (Activtiy) Pass/Fail*

*Student must earn a passing grade in the activity in order to get credit for this class!!
(See Attendance Policy Below)

Keep in mind that you earn your grade; I do not "give" it to you. I also reserve the right to deduct points
from anyones grade for being disruptive in class (this includes both the activity and lecture portions). Be on
time and be attentive!!!!

EXTRA CREDIT (Extra credit is added to your final average. You may earn up to 4 pts.):

1) Blood Profile AssessmentHave your blood drawn and cholesterol level analyzed. Instructions and
forms will be posted online on t-square. Location: Stamps Health Services. Dates TBA. Cost $22.00.
2 pts.

2) Participate in a road race or other organized endurance activity. Must be preapproved by instructor.
1 pt. each.

3) Earn points for perfect attendance in activity section. See activity syllabus for details. 2 pts.

4) Attend a Stress Management workshop conducted by the GT Counseling Center and submit a summary and
impact statement. See instructions on T-Sq. 1 pt.

5) Attend extra credit movie on the last day of class. 1 pt.



Lecture: Attendance is not taken in the lecture portion of class. However, you are expected to attend, take
notes and participate in discussions and class activities.

Activity Portion: The activity portion will be based upon attendance/participation. You are allowed to miss
two sessions without penalty. Each additional absence results in 5 points per absence deducted from your
final grade. Five or more absences (excused or unexcused) results in an automatic "F". If for any reason
you have a questionable emergency that will cause you to miss class, please get in touch with me within 24

The fitness portion of this class is pass/fail, with the possibility of earning extra points for very good attendance.

Honor Code:
Students in this class are expected to abide by the Georgia Tech Honor Code and
avoid any instances of academic misconduct. Note: Cheating on ANY assignments will not be tolerated and
will result in severe penalties. This includes saying you completed an assignment when in fact you did not.

Additional course resources will be provided online using t-square (
Note: user id and password is the same as your e-mail id and password).

Check t-square regularly and refer back as needed. All the details of the course including the lecture schedule
(listing topics/speakers/test dates), extra credit announcements, lecture outlines, etc. will be posted to the course
Also check your GT email regularly for emails from T-Square. Announcements will be posted on T-Square and
an email alerting you to the posting will be sent. All changes and additions to class material will be posted on
T-Square and you are responsible for being aware of same.

IMPORTANT: Occasionally there are technical problems with any website. Therefore plan accordingly and do
not wait until the last minute to download notes. You should be printing out lecture notes in advance and
bringing them to each class. I will not postpone an exam if t-square goes down.


Lecture Schedule

Date Topic Assingments
Mon Jan. 6
[Everyone in lecture both

Wed. Jan. 8
[Everyone in lecture both

Understanding Fitness and
Wellness / Behavior
Course Syllabus
Activity Meetings
General Expectations

Ch. 1

Wed. Jan. 15 General Principles of Exercise

Ch. 2

Wed. Jan. 22
[Everyone in lecture on
Creating Your Fitness and
Wellness Plan
Fitness Project Assigned
(Wellness Assessment due)
Ch. 7

Wed. Jan. 29 Cardiorespiratory Endurance

Ch. 3

Wed. Feb. 5 Exam 1
(Training HR worksheet due)

Wed. Feb. 12 Muscular Strength & Endurance
Ch. 4
Ch. 5
Wed. Feb 19 Nutrition Ch. 8
Wed. Feb. 26 Nutrition
(Energy Expenditure
worksheet due)
Ch. 8
Wed. Mar. 5 Nutr. supplements
Body Composition
Diet Analysis due

Chap 6 & 9

Wed. Mar 12 Exam 2
(Estimating a Healthy Wgt.
Worksheet due)

SPRING BREAK week No class

Wed. Mar. 26 Psychological Health
(Psychological Surveys due)
Ch. 11
Wed. Apr. 2 Cardiovascular Disease
(Sleep worksheet due)
Chap 10
Wed. Apr. 9 Stress
(Stress worksheet due)
Chap 11
Wed. Apr. 16 Exam 3
CHD puzzle due

Wed. Apr. 23 Extra Credit Movie