Isabelle Trottier née Falcon. (b.

Isabelle Falcon Trottier was born on June 6, 1819, the daughter of Pierre Falcon Th!e
"ard of the Prairies# and $arie %rant. Isabelle &arried 'ndre Trottier (b. 1816) on $a!
(, 18)9 at *t. Francois +a,ier. -e was the son of 'ndre Trottier and $arguerite
Pac.uette. Isabelle was the sister of "uffalo -unt leader Jean "a/tiste Falcon.
"oth Isabelle and her husband were /resent at the "attle of the %rand 0oteau in 1811.
This battle too2 /lace between a $etis buffalo hunting /art! fro& *t. Fran3ois +a,ier,
led b! Jean "a/tiste Falcon and the 0ut -ead (Paba2sa) 4an2tonai (Ihan2tonwanna),
5a2ota, led b! 0hief $edicine (*acred) "ear, on Jul! 11 to 16, 1811.
6n the first da! of the battle Father 7afleche was in the centre singing h!&ns
and /ra!ing and encouraging to defend the&sel,es and their children, and when Jean
"a/tiste Falcon was going around acting as ca/tain, his sister Isabelle was fighting in his
/lace. *he ne,er left hi& alone during the three da!s battle, she would force hi& to rest
and during that ti&e she would shoot and she was a good shot too. 8,er!ti&e the! would
shoot, it was sure a *iou9 would fall. 'nd the! would shoot fro& sunrise to sunset
Isabelle and 'ndre had an ado/ted son, :illia& John 5u.uette born 186;, and their own
son 'le9andre Trottier born 6ctober 186). 'le9andre died in Jul! of 1881 at age 1( and
is buried at 7ebret.
0o&/iled b! 7awrence "ar2well
0oordinator of $etis -eritage and -istor! <esearch
7ouis <iel Institute
5ictation of Francis Falcon son of Jean "te. Falcon, and $arie =olin. 5ated *te. 'nne des 0henes on
$a! >), 19)8.

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