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History of MCB: MCB bank limited was incorporated by the adamjee group on

July 9,1947under the Indian companies act vii as a limited company. The bank was
established with a view to provide banking facilities to the business community of
the south Asia. The bank was nationalized in 1974 during the government of
zulifqar Ali Bhutto. This was the first bank was privatize in 1991and the bank was
purchase by a consortium of Pakistani corporate group led by Nishat group. As of
June 2008 the nishat group owns a majority stake in the bank. The president of the
bank is M.U.A usmani.
Mian Muhammad mansha is the chairman of the group and also MCB bank and
has played instrumental rule in its success

Organizational hierarchy of MCB:
Business volume: MCB bank limited is public limited company listed on
Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore stock exchange in Pakistan under license
number BCD(1)17_66 dated 8
December 1966 and its external auditors
M/s A.F. Ferguson & Company.(Chartered Accountants). Name of
Regulatory Body is State Bank of Pakistan (Central Bank
Rupee in (000)
Profit before tax 26,253,075
Profit after taxation 16,873,175
Total assets 567,552,613
Total liabilities 488,348,404
Deposits 431,371,937
Investment 213,060,882

Product line:
Product and services of MCB:
Large verity of products and services
are offer by the Muslim commercial bank.
Loans and advances: bank grant loan to the customers MCB also grant
different kinds of loan to different customers.MCB grant
consumer loan
commercial and corporate loan like (pledge, mortgage and
hypothecation )
Deposits: Bank accepts deposits which are sustained by the bank in different
kind of accounts.MCB bank offer these accounts for depositing the funds.
Current account
Term Deposit
Saving accounts

Other services
MCB visa credit card
MCB smart card
MCB rupee traveler cheque
MCB mobile ATMs
MCB SMS banking
MCB mobile
MCB call center
MCB lockers
MCB investment service
MCB advisory service
MCB banc insurance
MCB local rupee drawing arrangements
MCB home remittance
MCB equity capital raising
MCB Islamic banking
Local private bank:
Bank al Habib limited
Bank Al_Falah limited
Askari bank
Faysal bank
Soneri bank limited
Allied bank limited
Atlas bank limited
Bolan bank limited
MCB was founded by ISFHANI and ADAMJEE families in Calcutta on July 9,
1947. MCB is not an overnight success story rather good track of services are
responsible for the leaps and bounds progress. After the partition of the Indo-
Pak Subcontinent, the bank moved to Dhaka from where it commenced business
in August 1948. In 1956, the Bank transferred its Registered office to Karachi,
where the Head Office is presently located. Thus, the bank inherits a 52-year
legacy of trust in its customers and the citizens of Pakistan.
The performance of MCB was badly affected by bureaucrat government.
In January 1974, MCB was nationalized by Bhutto Government following the
bank act 1974 subsequently in June 1974 Premier Bank Limited merged with
In the late 1990 after long period of time newly established Democratic
Government of Pakistan have decided to sell nationalized assets of country for
better utilization. In April 1991, MCB became Pakistans first privatized
bank. The government of Pakistan transferred the management of the Bank to
National Group, a group of leading industrialists of the country by selling 26%
shares of the bank.

In terms of agreement between the Government of Pakistan and the National
Group, the group, making their holding 50% has purchased additional 24%
shares. Now, 25% is purchased by the Government, which shall be sold in the
near future.
MCB besides being money financial organization have rendered invaluable
services in the economics and social developments of our country. MCB today,
represents a bank that has grown with time, experience and Pakistan. A major
financial institution, in scope and size, it symbolizes a fully-grown
tree. Evergreen, Strong, and firmly rooted.
MCB relies on strong, lasting relationship with its customers and on its reputation
for stability and security for its continued process. Its philosophy has been to
adopt steady course. It has pursued small, less risky loans to consumers and
business, and shied away from risky loans. MCB extends its philosophy to its
technology strategy but not perusing technology for technology's sake. However,
MCB learns from the mistakes of others especially in "consumer banking". We let
others get in first, take the hit, and find out the flows. Said MCB officials - and has
installed efficient and effective system for processing and delivering information.
The board of directors has the authority in guiding Bank affairs and in making
general policies. Some directors are the personnel of the MCB Bank and others
are successful businessperson and executives of other major
organization. Nineteen members are included in board of directors.

Mission Statement
MCB Banks team of committed professionals isdedicated to
maintaining long term customer relationships through outstanding
service and convenience